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Draw this Again: Bengosha

By Bomu
I drew the cyberpunk ninja Bengosha a long time ago. He was originally created for a character design contest and then used as a character example in the book 'The Art of Drawing Manga'. This year I started working on a new book about digital techniques due for release in 2014 and decided to include a Bengosha revamp.

I still like a few aspects of the original, even if it is a very old piece, although I hope anyone else agrees that the new art is an improvement! I've never been an amazing artist and probably never will, but I still like to think I'm pretty good at busting out a cool picture here and there when I put in a lot of time and effort :)

This meme was created by: check it out and join in the fun.
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Honestly surprised how few comments this page has considering this image has achieved memehood

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The hair is better in the first one
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I'm sorry but in my opinion the first one looks much better, I think it seems to have style, or character, or just something like that. While the new one looks a bit generic, along with replacing a kickass katana with a laser one. Meh.
old one actually has character, the new one looks soulless and generic
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I remember this guy from the book.

Here is my meme as well. :)
8 Year Difference - Meme by Tranzopus

When you do make your book, please don't make it big as you did to the other. Make it normal by 8.5 x 11.
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Hehe, I remember him. Very nice progress!
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I bought that book when I was 10! Omg I loved that book, Great job and nice improvement!
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The last one looked great, but the new one? FABULOUS!!!! :D
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Love the effects~ Your new style is amazing! Also, what does it say on the sword in the first one?
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Thank you. It says 'Murasame Katana' in Katakana Japanese, which means 'Village Rain Sword', hence the water droplets coming from the sword. The new version also says 'Murasame' in Kanji near the base of the sword, but it's a bit too small to see on this version and obscured by the glows. Also it doesn't really make sense to have an orange 'Murasame', but I changed it in the new version just to complement the design as I felt everything would have been too blue otherwise :)
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I love it! :D That's brilliant- I never would've guessed why there were droplets on the sword. That explains it and it's a pretty sweet idea. :)
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Damn! great progress!
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Definitely some great progress from one to the next!
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From lvl 100 to Level 999 :D
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wow I still have that book and was the first one I bought on how to draw manga :D you wont believe I was just thinking of this character when you said you were reviewing styles and gosh this is just great and your light sources and colour technique has always been amazing but this is too fabulous for words. thanks for sharing 
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