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The Extinction-Jurassic Park B

The next movie in the Jurassic Park series! Second poster I make for the movie!

Artwork © Bombillazo
Jurassic Park © Universal Studios/Amblin Entertainment.
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© 2010 - 2022 Bombillazo
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Well, at least we had JP:TG in 2011.
pete8680's avatar
summer came & went! where is my dam movie!
Bombillazo's avatar
I know!!! We need a good JP movie now!
115spartan's avatar
Love it :)

Jurassic park was all time Fav Movie, if JP4 movie is comming i don't Care if they Made mistake or that stuff :D
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Creative logo, I like the slanted edges.
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r-heinart's avatar
I don't want to put a damper but Steven's remaking the first three before a fourth. Half the family in movie buiz, that's how I know.
CarnotaurusKickAss's avatar
No ffense, but wow you fail.
r-heinart's avatar
How do I fail? Wouldn't you be more excited about seeing remakes instead of something Steven doesn't even direct?
CarnotaurusKickAss's avatar
NO. A remake of JP? That would suck! You can't remake those...
r-heinart's avatar
At least the third one . . . besides in the the lost world book there was a carnotaurus.
CarnotaurusKickAss's avatar
The third one maybe...but not the originals
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar
Macronian's right. he told me about it before school ended.
Stomac's avatar
I think that's gonna happen but I am not sure if it will be a good movie :/ Nice poster, anyway ;)
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13's avatar
All I have to say is that Sam Neil is the fucking BOMB! No JP movie will ever beat the first, classic one.
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar
(Spinosaurus chomps off head)
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
I hope they don't make any more JP movies... the franchise is over, for god's sake. Let it die with some dignity. Last thing I heard, the proposed plot for JP4 was "The government trains a bunch of deinonynchus to be super-assassins". No thankyou.
matador-ninjaLover's avatar
Actually the whole stupid idea of "dino assassins" was just some dumbass hoax somebody started. But dont be so negative, this new trilogy in one way or another will seperate itself. By that I mean it wont be too different while given them the freedom to change things up alittle. All Im saying, it better have more action. Im talking about pumping their motherfuckin dino asses full of lead. YEAH BABY! Sorry, I grew up on videogames where you had to do that. And although I love Goldblum and Niell, there are far too old and probably not capable of that kind physical action. There needs to be some room for new guys to take this stuff on.
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
They need to let the franchise die is what they need to do. Indiana Jones 4 was terrible, the Star Wars prequels need no mention, and now they're going my OTHER favourite childhood movies.
matador-ninjaLover's avatar
HEY! I dont see how the Star Wars prequels are bad. Yes, they are not as good as the original which goes without saying, but dont dis them. I like em for establishing back ground that is rather acceptable.IMO, they made me feel that the Star Wars universe got bigger with more planetary systems and histories. I know the acting and retconned story was kinda underachieved, but I thought majority of the continuity fits rather well. As for Indy comment. It wasnt God awful, but it wasnt that decent either. So many things wrong with that film, man. Dude, I LOVE Jurassic Park, with a passion. But I see your point, with something like Indy 4, it makes me wonder...can they be successful? Its just I dont want it to end at Jurassic Park III, do we really need to explain how BAD that was. Ugh, I hate it. Idk man, Im always welcome to the idea of a new installment.

Ever heard of a JP related game called Trespasser? I think they should use that as a foundation for a story. Think about it. :)
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
Funny that you should suggest Trespasser considering how much of a flop that game was xD Revolutionary, though. And better that than anything else they could come up with, probably.
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