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Please tell me what's wrong, it will help me and take a load off your mind.

Well It's been a while since I've drawn a Sonic.

I love my new drawing surface, I took the glass out of a portrait in my room and used that. Blending is now 300% better and not gritty.

I also wanted to play with darker colours/shades so I put an evil twist on this one. :p

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I look at her face, and think of :iconricharddjamesplz:.

I like the way you shaded with only pencil...very smooth blending.
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Thanks, it all just takes time to master.
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the things I noticed image:
1) I think you should practice how to draw fingers.

2) Amy's legs are too short.

3) A boot is bigger than the other

But the rest of the image I like

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1) I know, I've been sucking for the last 2 years at that son.

2) What? This isn't Sonic boom.

3) That's because it's closer to you, Also notice that it's tilted upwards because she's walking forward.