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G1 Megatron In One Page

I know I said I wouldn't be doing any more of these... but this idea was sorta nagging at me. So here it is. Megatron in one page.

I used a few harsher swear words than normal -- but I feel that both of them were justified by the gag they were related to. Yes. I said the naughty, naughty word SHIT.

Here's a set of links to the other IN ONE PAGE strips I've done, just so you can get on board with this massive internet phenomenon.

Megatron Origin In One Page:

All Hail MEgatron In One Page, part 1:

All Hail Megatron In One Page, part 1, in colour:

All Hail Megatron In One Page, part 2:

Time Wars In One Page:

The Wreckers In One Page:

Tell IDW to start paying me to do these. Or something. I dunno. Tell the fan club to start soliciting them from me... SOMETHING!
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I'd be so willing to petition the fanclub to have you do Shattered Glass in One Page.

Also, I love how you emulated Su's omnipresent facial style. :3
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I love how you emulated Su's omnipresent facial style.

Yes!! I knew it reminded me of something!
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:3 I love Su's art for the most part, but yeah. The faces. Although to be fair he has gotten a bit better about them in recent times.
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I know what you mean... I love his work too, but some of the closed mouths have a bit of a perpetual frown. Which, I dunno, probably is realistic... but some of them look so grumpy! lol!
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I'm thinking you should have put oh so pretty Origins Megatron in the Cadillac. But Kareoke works so well too.