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All Hail Megatron, 7 to 12

Part two in the All Hail Megatron in One Page series. Yay.

I won't be doing a part three for Coda -- Coda doesn't lend itself to this sort of thing.

PArt one is here: [link]
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I wish I'd read this instead of AHM
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Oh man, this is amazing! XD
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God, I hated what Sideswipe did. Yeah, I can see his point of view, but .... arrrugggghhh ....
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Lol 'Kill Beloved Character' 'Yes' XD
'Doing the same will KILL ME!'

that was pure epic win and srly accurate xD
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Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

"But me doing the same will KILL ME."

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the same way about these things.
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Yeaaaah... The communication between the art and the story in All Hail Megatron was pretty terrible. How do you sell the idea that you need to sniper the bomb when Perceptor does that 'cool' "Look at me, I can shoot behind my back!" thing?

It tried to have it both ways so many times. OH NO! THERE'S ANOTHER BRIDGE! Stupid.
(And seriously, Guido, would it KILL you to have a long shot somewhere?)
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You Win the entire internet for this. AHM was pretty dissapointing, and confusing, kinda like Final Crisis but without a magical wish machine. I mean what the FRAG was up with the ending. It was like, lets steal the end of DW's Prime Directive and top it with emo sauce.
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absurdly dead-on... genius.
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I think what gets me is that there was so little plot in AHM that this summary actually manages to hit almost every bit of it despite being one page.
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What got me, when I was writing it, was realising that basically I didn't even need to think about the DEcepticons. They don't do ANYTHING of significance until the very final issue.
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Yeah, that was another one of my gripes with the series.

I have a friend who's a Decepticon fan who's been really excited to read the series because she likes the idea of the Cons winning and getting spotlighted. So far my warnings that the series spends about 80% of the time focusing on the Autobots for some screwed up reason have not quite sunk in...
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I take it you're not a fan of headmasters. I love how you translated AHM.

Can't wait for the Percy Coda to come out soon. :)
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I LOVE Headmasters... but boy, All Hail Megatron HATED them.
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Or rather AHM loved them a wee too much. I guess it depends. At least they didn't do the kiss player thing.
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I've heard horror stories about TF Kiss Player.
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So painfully accurate...
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