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Copic Colors for Artrage

As anyone who has worked with Artrage knows, the artpen tool is one of the best imitators out there for those who want to simulate either Prismacolour, Copic or Touch markers.

Yet, so far, we have only had Copic colour palettes uploaded for Photoshop ( [link] ), Corel Painter ( [link] ), and GIMP ( [link] ).

(Incidentally, thanks to :icono0katriana0o:, :iconflareon-jupiter: and :icongatogirl12345: respectively for their hard work on putting together their colour palettes for the above programs.)

But now for Artrage...

I have included two colours schemes in the attached zip file. The first is made from actual Copic Sketch markers on bristol board. So, while they are paler, they should come out closer to the real thing. The other bigger colour scheme includes all the colours produced with the exception of the fluorescent markers and is my attempt to match digitally as close as possible the colours in their product listing.

How to Set It Up:

1. First download the zip file by clicking on download above.

2. Next, unzip the contents (the two .col files) in the zip file into C:/Program Files/Ambient Design/ArtRage 2/Resources/Colors

3. Lastly, start up Artrage - and activate the Color Sample Panel.

4. Click on the arrow and "Load Colors". It should open to the Colors folder where you can see the two Copic colour palettes.

5. Select one and click on "Open" and you are ready to go.

Drop me a line and let me know if they come in handy. :-)

Happy painting! :painter:

EDIT: I have added a Prismacolor set that can be found here: [link] , a Tria marker set which can be found here: [link] and a Crayola swatch that can be found here: [link]
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Hi, come back to say that i installed and it´s all ok! Love all colors  ^-^
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Oh no the photoshop link is not working OTL
Can u please upload? > <
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Ah!  That particular Copic colour palette was done by another person, who is no longer with dA.  Unfortunately, I can't help you with that one.  Unless I do one myself.  (I might just do that this summer.)
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Awww i see Q v Q
Thank you for telling me~!^^
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Cooool! Thank you!
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oh nevermind, i found it *facepalms* thank you so much 
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No problem - it works all the way down to AR 2. :-)
does this work for anything below art rage 4? i cant seem to find the "load colors" option
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You seem to know what you're talking about with Artrage. I have version 3.5.11 (the latest download, before 4, allegedly), but I can't find the free-handed lasso tool. Is there one, or am I just not looking in the right places? Any help would be sublime. :/ 
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Sorry about the delay in responding.  In Artrage 4, there is no lasso.  But you do have the ability to do a freehand selection of an area.  It is located in the same place as the dashed box (on your Tools Panel located in the bottom right corner of your screen).
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Artrage 4 doesnt seem to have a colors folder in Resources D: any help?
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Luckily I got a copy of Artrage 4 a month ago, so I know what you are talking about.  More than one way to fix this, but I find the easiest trick is this.  Open Artrage 4 and then open your Sample Window.  If you look at the menu attached to the Sample Window - you will find an Option for Add Sample and Load from Disk.  Click that option and then either copy and paste or drag your new colour samples into that section. :-) 

For some reason, the designers decided to put the Samples will be in your "My Documents" folder under "Artrage Paintings -> Custom Content".  Hopefully this helps. :-)
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thank you c: you definitly know your stuff about Artrage 
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wow , just what i was looking for - i love the copic !!
thx for sharing !
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No problem. Happy to oblige. :-)
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you be a life saver and money as well
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Oops nevermind I already knew XD
BloobyKitty's avatar

Whats the Color Sample Panel? :O
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Thanks for the upload. Now I just have to figure out a way to draw decently with this new tablet to actually color with these :D
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You're welcome. Best of luck in learning how to work with the tablet. It does take a bit of practice. (Heck, I'm still learning. ;-) )
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i don't understand plz speak english!!!!
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