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The Fright of the Kennies
Location, TianJin China.

Time, after the invasion of China.

        The EDF's invasion of China would become the event that shocked the world, the battle raged for days, the city was utterly blown to hell, rubble and debris lie scattered everywhere, destroyed Hyper super/mega heavy tanks sit in many different positions of destruction, downed and crashed aircraft dot the moonscape, sunken war ships fill the blocked harbor with wreckage, the civilians took cover during the war of generals and monsters, but in the aftermath, they emerge angered and ready for war, the children of the city however, take up arms and begin to attack the EDF's own super/mega heavy tanks known as BOLOs, but soon the supply vehicles then become the true targets. 

Hell Bel Air : Its been a year and a half since the war began and things have only gotten worse with full on global conflict and huge disasters, atleast while hunkered down in the "beneath", the underground tunnels that the EDF uses to move more effectively around the world, attacking anyone down here would be suicidal, but you never know so we are prepared for that in any case, then we hear, :  


Hell Camaro : Mk 2 BOLOs roar past us toward the ramp where their hit by AT-rockets repeatedly, their damaged badly but try to fight back, yet my rockets and even grenades are fired at the giant tanks, we begin to back off when a horde of kids, yes kids rushing at us with HE based weapons, we scatter and hide behind the support pillars as we defend ourselves from destruction, we fire off at them but they toss rockets and grenades into the pillars that are our cover, these damned kids seem to think we'er the main enemy and not the EPC, well we ain't gonna just take it lying down, we unleash AP ammo on them. 

Blood and guts are sprayed all over the walls and across the floor, they yell and scream at us for shooting them, but we NOT going down without a fight, we keep on sending belts down range, we turn off the lights and use thermal optics, they fire wildly at where they think we are, we launch grenades and flares that wipe out yet more enemy troops, but they keep on coming so we retreat to a better firing position and lure them into a killzone deeper and further into the ongoing maze of the "beneath", they follow us till the flame throwers fry a large amount as they walk over the leaking napalm, they burn intensely for seconds when another group finds the mines laid down weeks in advance of the invasion. 

Soon more BOLOs arrive to mop up those who try to escape, but hundreds if not thousands more are swarming this place in order to stop our war against the EPC but we know how to slaughter them in droves and the longer the distance they go, the more booby traps they'll run into and the more losses they'll take and the more BOLOs they'll find, bigger and nastier than the ones they disabled earlier, we then hear of the "chomper-BOLOs" locating a battalion strength enemy force, they wipe them out by chewing on them, literally due to their giant mouths and claws, the enemy is torn to shreds and left for dead, this is our war, not theirs'. 

It looks like we'er fighting against youtuber Brandon Tenold's worst nightmare.   
Only the Insane Can Survive
We can't bring them home. 

We fight and fight and fight, we have fought with no end to the carnage, we clash, we knock out, we wipe out, and we destroy in order to protect those who don't deserve to die for no reason, we wage war forever in the need to save our friends and family but all we get is torture and horror with terror mixed in and death all around, we charge headlong into the face of the enemy's true force, we feel the fire and steel lash at us with fury, we shoot back without mercy and little care, we watch as those who fought along side us die in flames and sarrow, they scream for us to come to their aid, but we aren't fast enough, they perish as we try to reach out, we can't make it. 

We survive countless engagements somehow, we know not the why or how but just the slaughter that beckens us to continue on, whole armies fall before us, man, machine, and even nature have stood against us, yet we are the victors, nothing seems to hold or stand in our wake, we fight to protect and save yet are the bringers of hell incarnate and the grim reaper, our biggest foes try to end us but we overcome their size and strength with ease, we push forward into the very depth of the abyss and stared down death many, many times, how can we move through the hell with no delay and no cause for alarm, many times we'er hit but not straight on or right through, we go and come back, burnt but not burned down or out. 

We head the attack, we ram, we fire, we survive and win in the face of all out destruction, with what force backing us do we make it out everytime puzzles us, but we have no time to understand the ways of whatever, we just fight until we can fight no more, beaten, battered, and almost broken but never down for long, the world explodes in flames and fire but don't feel the true heat behind it, we are washed in it, we support those who can't escape, we lead them out while we ourselves stand and stay till the end, the body aches, the mind falls away, the fighting goes on without let up and surrender, true victory is hard fought and heavy on those who battle the wills of the ones who wage war on grounds of nothing. 

We keep the charge going, we crush the defense under us, we can't stop until we bring those we need to save out of the doomsday, we are called many things, even being called the enemy is the main one that those who we tried to help long ago have said about us when we were just trying to shield them from the genocide of the innocent, but somehow and in someway that was the wrong thing to do, so we can't hold back the rage or anger, we just need to keep going into the inferno of it all, the enemy vanishes into the fire after we shoot back at them, they are ripped from the sky in hail of steel, copper, and brass, they get hit and sink far into the dark blue deep by the shells we hurl at the hurricane of flame. 

We watch the planet burn under the strain and grind our way over the debris of the wreckage, we yell in fury for the lost and fallen that will never return to us but we must go to them,  only they know the end of the genocide, they knew our struggle and depression, they helped us stand to hold against the insanity, we honor them with our resolve to remember them and never ever forget what they did for us when we needed that support, one million throw themselves at us but we fight with our backs against the wall, we don't relent in our power and position, we don't let them see us weak and unable, they will only see the devastation that they started and caused ever since the beginning, we wont stop until we see the lost again.    
BOLO, Rebel A.I. the Missing Code
The Kaiju horror and terror continues. 

     HellCat : I watch two Challengers roar past me, then I see "Smush" slide into a large puddle, I start to chase after the two Challengers while the others check on "Smush", the two Challengers are both HellCat upgrade models while I'm actually an SRT 8 model of Dodge Challenger even though my name say otherwise, but "E.G." named me that so I am really a Dodge Challenger HellCat Demon, the fully suped up version but I got 1,000 horsepower though and 1,200 torque to add to the insanity as I chase the enemy Challengers through the tortured landscape of a devastated America, then things get a little more "hellbound". 

As we race down I-95 southbound, the ground suddenly erupts close to the highway and BOLOs burst from what humans call the grave, to us it must be from the "beneath" and they'er very angered too, the two Challengers slam on their brakes while the titanic Mk 11s emerge and scream into action, they tear up the terrain and race to the coast line then others follow up and head inland to who knows where, the two Challengers vanish in the chaos as I try to keep out of the way of these monster tanks, they'er tracks sling mud all over while they travel over the highway and crush debris in they'er path, the others catch up but can only watch the hordes move around

We then head to a depot close by where we see EDF personel loading supplies on to our heavy truck family members, we find out that this is a global operation and those hordes of BOLOs need to be reloaded and refueled daily, so we are also needed to be carriers of spare parts and are reassigned to head into the "beneath" and drive torward Siberia, yes, Siberia in a massive convoy that will support a huge armored force in its efforts to finally put an end to the EPC once and for all, but the shear amount of BOLOs needed to do this is insane beyond the scope, 80 million BOLOs are now in operation, yeah you heard right about that number, and they'er all ready for combat, to defeat the EPC for good. 

We then head back down into the "beneath" and join the rest my siblings and my aunts and uncles of the 3rd AD, our parent "E.G." tells us that we will be heading to a hellish warzone of what once was.............Mongolia, the center of the EPC civil war that has destroyed the whole of the EPC's territory, we are going right into the "guts of the enemy", the war will now enter a new stage of carnage and brutality with increased savagery, this is a new and lower level of hell and blood.    
BOLO Terror, the Battalion Genocide 2090
     The Mk 3 : I activate as always everyday, my commander's vitals are stable which is good due to her health, my stasis pod and the nanites that flow through her blood streams and her body, repairs the damage done, she's only been my commander for a short time now, but I feel I've know her all her life through the helmet interface, I look into her past and memories, they reveal a terrible struggle with her illness, the nanites and my stasis pod keep her well and will one day bring back to strength, she is my commander for the time being. 

My commander orders me to move out and head toward the construction site, but we encounter unknown tracks left by tanks, we think they must of moved on, so we just keep going to the massive trench we are helping to dig, my front bucket goes to work while my rear bucket holds its place, I begin to load up dump trailers with dirt and rock, nothing seems to be wrong but my commander doesn't like the quiet very much, no one else is around, strange, then I'm hit by an AP round that impacts my flank, I dump my bucket out and engage the enemy, OP-RE 3s appear out of nowhere and start to fight me. 

I fire at the enemy T-series tanks without emotion, my KX/10/HR hits hard and obliterates T-34s through T-14s, then other modern tanks pop up and shoot me point blank, but my armor shrugs off the onslaught, many different designs throw themselves at me, all I do however, is just fire and reverse and flank, nothing the enemy can do, damages me, but they try hard and fast, a M1A3 Abrams rams me and tries to push me but my bulk stands against it, I ammo rack many different tanks or wreck engines, the smoke billows high and the fires burn very hot, I use my front bucket to shove dead armor out of the way from my path. 

The enemy doesn't give up and forces me to take cover but I unleash my gun's true power on them, they'er armor can't take the "bore core" rounds and explode into nothing more then flames and slag, my magazine start to drain but I keep up the hell incarnate, shoot and scoot with great speed and smash the enemy under my treads and weight, they don't escape my rage and my commander's fury, they run but not fast or far enough away, they don't hold well against me, they are destroyed with impunity and anger, I win this battle for the war of survival and understanding.  
Mounting Losses, the Return of Smush
Smush :

I'm on I-95, racing against a horde of droned vehicles that are trying to stop me from warning high command about enemy strength along the highway, so I do the only thing I can think of, I will lead my pursuers down in the "beneath", let them deal with the idea of "anywhere, anytime", the Blue Ridge hills are close to my current position, the massive armored doors remain closed till I blare my horn enough, they begin to open up to reveal the deep, dark entrance to hell of a sort, I floor it and roar right into the darkness while those who choose to follow me enter a whole new world, let them embrace it. 

I hit 208 MPH going down the tunnel while the enemy tries to keep up with me but they can't handle the slope very well, I reach the main cave system and race around a corner, there I encounter "Charge", a '67 Charger, "Orange" and "Deep Blue", two Mustangs, an '05 and '07 who tell me that a column of BOLOs is headed for those following me, the droned vehicles run straight into Mk 3 construction BOLOs that were heading to the tunnel to clean the U.S. east coast, but the enemy meets them head on, most of the drones smash against the bulk of 300 ton heavy movers, then we see two Dodge Challenger HellCats scream through the wreckage, their now loose on our home turf, so lets get them. 

The four of us chase after the two Challengers who are going at a pretty good speed, due to the smooth, long roads, you could reach high speeds down here, I try to stop the yellow with black stripes Challenger, but the blood red colored one blocks me, we haul ass down the long path of the road, the main cave system's roof is 400 feet high while being big and wide open for even the largest BOLO mark ever to be thought of, the bright lights look as if a blur while we keep speeding up past even 200 MPH, our screaming engines echo through out the massive expance, soon though we race past supply depots where we have trailers loaded up waiting for trucks to collect them, we punch it to over 220 MPH as the road goes on. 

Its insane to travel at these kinds of speeds but we got no choice as the chase continues through the caves, soon huge BOLO depots come into view, the monters tanks sit idle until needed but look on while we appear as insects to their giant size, how can we keep this speed up for so long until a Mk 6 "mole-BOLO" rounds a corner, the two Challengers race between the huge treads, I follow, but the others have to take a side tunnel to get past, then the two Challengers see another entrance tunnel and head back up to the surface, I keep hot on they'er tails, they roar up, the doors open up due to a convoy waiting to enter, I know this by the warning lights, damn it, I gotta catch up now. 

The two Challengers fly out of the opening, I fly as well but I land on very wet pavement and over steer, sending me into a sliding drift and hit a large puddle, the water stops me hard though, I hate this BS, if it hadn't been for that "sub-BOLO" with the giant air bag on top of its turret, I would of hit the Miami bay, now I gotta deal with non sense, well no way, I can't give up now, I need to do this for Brian, I reverse and start to pursue again, but the two Challengers are gone from my sight until "HellCat" spots them up the road and races after them, I gun it to link up with "HellCat" and finish this pursuit, we can't afford the enemy knowing to much of the "beneath".  
Everyday it seems our falls apart ever more due to people not wanting to actually do the right thing and help, not all people don't help out but a lot just don't feel its their job to understand the world we live in now, the "SJWs" who are my generation (gen Y) and generation Z are focusing to much of their ideas, energy, time, and well understanding on all the wrong things.

Why am I saying this, well both "gen Y" and "gen Z" are only going after their own "supposed wrongs" when the true issues aren't on the home front, but around the world like all of the wars across the globe, Syria is still in full on conflict, the battle of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the UAE, Iraq is still messed up badly by the war with the US and now the its fight with ISIS and other terrorists, the refugee crisis that stems from all of that, the EU breaking to pieces and its hard to tell if they can take the strain of the refugees. 

Ukraine is also still at war with its own rebels and worse yet, Russia, and no one is giving any kind of damn because they feel it doesn't mean anything to them, but they do forget that a lot of what happens around the world effects the U.S. most of the time, so world war is close at hand, but where and when that "spark" might come from is hard to say, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America or even state side which means we'er all screwed, so people have to get a freaking grip on the REAL issues of life, so the "SJWs" just have to shut the hell up all ready or enjoy all the "pretty mushroom clouds". 


United States


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