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… or Werwoll for the German folks

Stories of big hairy creatures who attack humans during full moon have been popular for centuries. There are plenty of books, movies, games and even a role-playing game system about werewolves. Some also feature other wereanimals like cats, rats or even sharks. But why should the predators have all the fun? Why don't we let other animals go wild, sheeps for example?

Somewhere on a farm in Germany a little lamb was born. Innocent, fragile-looking, sheepish (obviously). After a while though she became quite curious about the world she lived in. While curiosity kills cats, the lamb didn't die when her nosiness brought her in contact with the world outside of the fence. A close encounter with a very aggressive and special mouflon changed her life in a very drastic way. Whether for the worse or the better – that's something she still has to figure out. Turning into a werecreature once in a while is already challenging for grown-ups. How is a lamb supposed to deal with that?

How did all of this happen? Will she ever manage to walk on two legs? And what about the myth that the grass might be greener on the other side of the fence? That are just some questions she tries to answer in her every-day life as lamb – or werelamb. The changes of her body, her instincts and new cravings she can't explain often cause troubles. And then there is still this strange "normal" world she gets to know from a very different perspective. How she handles her situation and what she discovers is what this story is about. Although it has its serious and scary moments the overall mood will be rather cheerful.

The project started during a course about making comics at an adult education centre ("Volkshochschule") in 2014. At first I planned a way more complex plot, just to find out soon how much work it already is to just tell the reader about Melody's first steps towards her new destiny. During my time at the Mediadesign Hochschule we developed many storyboards but drawing an actual comic was new to me. A lot of things have changed since my first concept regarding both the characters and the plot in that course and I really fell in love with the concept.

There are many considerations I have to make after learning more about comics and character design over the years. However, it will be published as a comic, preferably a webcomic, with both story arcs and short panels. Before I can actually do the first image I still have to make a decision about the visual style, other characters and panel arrangements. Therefore I can't say when this project is going live. It might be this year, it might be in five years. But I will show you the progress I make right here on deviantArt and I definitely won't discard the whole project for good.
I haven't decided yet if I'll start the project in German or English first. That's why it has two working titles. In the long run I hope I can do both.

Art Examples
Melody's Character Design process
Werewool: Design of Melody by boldtSketches
Storyboard of a comic page from 2014
Melody - Storyboard by boldtSketches

That was the last of the three personal projects I am working on. My focus so far is on Werewool but you might see pictures from the other ones as well. The demon project needs a lot more consideration though because of its serious background and the larger number of main characters, so I don't want to squeeze it into my timetable just for the sake of working on it. It needs to be handled properly and not in a rush.

See you!
Hello everyone!

Last November and December I visited an adult education course about drawing, painting and breaking out of your comfort zone. We did many interesting experiments and learned a lot about different ways to create art. At the end we had many drawings with pencil and charcoal, water colour paintings, collages and even cardboard sculptures. Visiting the course was much fun and a welcome change to the every day life for everyone. But principally it helped me really much to look beyond my own nose and I'm sure visiting this course will result in many interesting artistic experiments this year. :)

Every evening had a special purpose, a specific topic we wanted to examine. Therefore I decided to upload the pictures not picture by picture but evening by evening. Please be aware that many pictures were made on a format larger than DIN A4 and done with very sensitive tools, so I couldn't just scan them right away. Most of them are either photographed with my tablet or partly scanned and because of that they might be cropped at the edges. Of course I'm adjusting them in Photoshop a bit before I upload them but there are limitations. However, I try to get the most out of it, so it looks on dA as close to the original as possible!

Click and enjoy!

Drawing Course I: A very special still life
Drawing Course I: A very special still life by boldtSketches
Drawing Course II: His face is a landscape
Drawing Course II: His face is a landscape by boldtSketches
Drawing Course III: No Outlines!
Drawing Course III: No Outlines! by boldtSketches

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I'm going to do my second official art stream on!

This time a new character will be developed. It's another protagonist from my "Inner Demon" project I told you about earlier in an older journal entry. It won't be a classical monster though but more a counterpart to another character. (If there's the time I might do first sketches of him, too, because they have a very close relationship.) And he will be human-like.
Any ideas who I might refer, too? :)

Join me at Picarto to get in touch with him!

Date: 20.09.2015
Time: 6pm / 18:00 o'clock (UTC+2)

I'm going to do more art streams in future but I don't want to spam around on dA with "maybe I'm going to do a stream this week", I won't write journals until date and time are set. (And that will be probably pretty short-dated at the moment.) I'm going to tweet basic information on Twitter and Facebook however, so please follow me there for earlier information about possible streams. :)


See you!
Hello everyone!

Today is a big day because my online portfolio finally went live.

Feel free to pay it a visit:
(English and German)

Now I'm browsing through the social networks to change my website links and my headers, too. Currently they are referring to this deviantArt gallery. :D

Talking about the gallery: It's still a great opportunity to show unfinished pictures, doodles and of course finished pictures, too that may become outdated sooner or later. The webpage will updated from time to time to present the latest and best artwork in each category.Therefore it makes sense for you to have an eye on both pages.

If you don't want to miss anything but also don't want to bookmark the pages and visit them regularly, you can follow one of my social media accounts:


Thanks for your attention!

Have a beautiful day,
Today I'd like to present to you the second personal art project I've been working on. 
(I'm also going to submit other artwork, other creature designs or practices, but as they are standing alone without a larger context the commentary function is serving well enough to tell more about them.)


On a walk in a forest or near a field you might have met them unknowingly. You might have heard them scurrying around in the grass. Maybe you even saw one for a second and confused them with a mouse or a bunny. These little creatures, mostly called "Blopps", are as friendly as dogs yet as shy as little birds. They are connected to the nature and take care of their villages and the surrounding environment. So be careful when you visit the forest nearby: There are probably some of them living right next to you.


The first concepts of the Blopps as forest creatures were created by me in November 2013. 
It started when I decided to practise drawing facial expressions. I needed simple dummies to protect me from worrying to much about anatomy instead of focusing on the task. So I combined a common shape and a head with a simplified cat-like face.
A little cat-like Blopp

After doodeling and practising a lot, I decided to develop a creature with a background, a story, and a more or less defined appearance. Not to replace the dummies but to get something I could build a world with and to give them more substance, more meaning. (The dummies are sill in use and from time to time you are going to see them as well when they assist me with something artistic.)
In the end I had many sketches of a critter based on a hedgehog, a lion, leaves and a bouncy bowling pin. 


Blopps are around 15-20 cm tall. Their body is mostly covered with fur and flexible like a water balloon. A Blopp's ear doesn't just look like a leaf - it is a leaf! They don't belong to a specific plant but in middle Europe their look is similar to the leaves of an oak tree. (They may vary in other vegetation areas.) 
Around their neck they wear a branch with one bloom. Newborn Blopps get spiritually bound to a new grown branch during a very important ritual. On that day, the little Blopp isn't just connected to the flower but to all plants and animals around. It becomes not only part of society but of a greater energy which surrounds everything. When they grow older, the branch and its flower are doing, too. And when it's time for the Blopp to leave this world, it will fade with it. 
Blopps aren't little critters like mice but more like spirits who keep the forest or meadow clean and healthy. To fix what is wrong they need to notice where and when and without this connection this would barely be possible.

Blopps live in groups of 5 to 15 members. They build houses out of herbs, branches, leaves or even stones and bones, sometimes with 2-3 floors when needed. On their diet aren't only herbs and berries but from time to time also leftovers from a predators' meal.

Game Concept

While the design of the Blopps was in progress I considered what medium would be appropriate to tell their story. I was deciding between a book for children and an educational game. Though the setting would fit both in one way or another, I started to see their life and their duties as game mechanics and developed a basic game design which offers further potential to teach about science in an easy way, primarily topics about biology and physics. It's not supposed to be played chapter by chapter along with the curriculum but to offer a first contact with topics like gravity, the basic needs for a plant to grow or how ecological systems work. 
With such a wide range of variations and topics it would be split up in several games or alternatively published on a medium which offers regular updates.


Unfortunately I don't have the possibilities to realise this game concept at the moment, so there is not an actual game to play. Aside from technical reasons I'd also need a teacher and a scientist to make sure the educated information is correct and transfered in an understandable way.
There still are many design questions open I'd like to examine further to complete the concept by adding new features and improving existing parts. I probably won't publish the whole design document here but from time to time some sketches, e.g. of a level, UI or assets might be submitted to this gallery. 

Art Examples

Forest Blopps: Basic Design by boldtSketches
Forest Blopps: Huh? What's that? by boldtSketches

Two concepts presented, one more to go. After something creepy and something cute it's time to mix that up! A very special sheep called „Melody“ will tell you more about that soon. :)

Have a nice day!

Hello and welcome to my deviantArt account! 

Today I want to give you a short explanation to some things you can see in my gallery and the personal projects they are related to.
(I'm also going to submit other artwork, other creature designs or practices, but as they are standing alone without a larger context the commentary function is serving well enough to tell more about them.)

(All titles are working titles at the moment, so they might change in future.)

Inner Demons

Do you know this situation when you are doing something you shouldn't do because you just can't let it go? Do you remember the last time someone excused for his bad behavior with "It's not my fault, my inner demons forced me!" or even said it yourself?
Well.. what sounds like a silly saying to express personal failures might be actually true. The inner demons forced you into this and there was nothing you could do about it.

What if your personal fears and worries are actually incarnated demons who lurk in the shadows or sneak around, waiting for their next opportunity? That's the thought behind this project. It's not meant to be a completely dark horror story about human fears though. Demons have a sense of humour and it's a pretty morbid one. So I'm going to show the demons backstage in their villanious hideout (a city appartment) and following their work from their point of the few. However, the project is not supposed to be a funny comedian thing which makes you laugh for a week either. Fears, especially so extreme they become psychical health problems are a really serious topic and I'll do my best to treat it properly. In the end, behind all the drawings and morbid jokes and creepy situations it might even help some uninvolved people or relevants to understand the situations of their friends and family members better. As far as I can tell from my personal experience with people with mental health problems, their biggest problem is being misunderstood and therefore not taken seriously by others because their point of view is so hard to understand. So I'm glad if it helps the communication about the struggle they are constantly living in and that a depression is not just a bad mood. (I'm not a studied psychologist though so if I get something terribly wrong please inform me about it, so I can change it immediatly.)

This project is ment to be a combination of single artworks and short comic strips. At the moment there are six characters planned with two sharing their range of duty. Their concept is still in progress and there might occur a few changes sooner or later because many of their tasks are currently overlapping.. (It's not completely avoidable, this topic is pretty complex after all, but without clear definitions they are hard to catch as persons.) 

Art Examples
 FEAR - Demon of Harm
Fear was so kind to introduce the project on this account. This is the second design of him, maybe I'm going to upload older things later but to keep it clear I'm rather staying with new work examples.

That's it so far. Next time I'll tell you all about Blopps, who live in a more colorful and pieceful environment. ;)

See you!
Good evening!

I'm about to start streaming my artwork. I did stream before and a few friends were watching, but this is the first "real" stream with announcements and stuff.

Tonight I want to sketch out a few ideas and develop the basic arrangement for the "real" artwork. So it's no doing-pictures-from-the-scratch-to-pure-finished-awesomenes-Stream but more like a brainstorming. ;)

There is also a chat, so if you have any questions or hints, feel free to use it. English and German are fine, just as the usual netiquette. 

Ok, enough talking!

Stream URL:…
Stream length: 1-3 hours (starting in ca. 5 minutes)

Kind regards,

Edit: Aaaand offline again. See you next time!