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Werewool: Design of Melody by boldtSketches Werewool: Design of Melody by boldtSketches
A few years ago I visited a course about making comics at the local adult education centre ("Volkshochschule"). As a great fan of the tabletop system "World of Darkness" I decided to make a comic with a shapeshifting creature. However... Stories of that setting usually focus wild and violent animals, usually predators or at least omnivores. So let's feature a true underdog (pun totally intended) and what would fit better to that than an incarnation of peacefulness?

Welcome to the world of "Werewool" and say hello to Melody! She is a cute little lamb on a farm somewhere in Germany and is confronted with a whole new world after an unexpected encounter. I'm going to make a journal about that later. I already uploaded a few images of the project year in 2015 and 2016. Due to a lack of time I couldn't focus on that project, so I decided to work on her design again. (The two werelambs at the bottom are from 2014). In this picture you can see old and new sketches for her character for both her normal form and here were-form. It's not supposed to be a horror story though. :)

Time will tell when I will be able to produce an actual comic with her. Most of the sketches for her "How this began"-story arch had been done already but I still have to find the style which fits the project best. So far I plan on publishing her adventures as a webcomic with both larger stories and short scenes but I don't know if I can start it this year. There might be some single pictures from time to time and I'll inform you about the development!

Werewool/Werwoll and all it's related contents,
creatures and artwork belong to Susanne Boldt.
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.

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February 28, 2018
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