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The magic of coffee by boldtSketches The magic of coffee by boldtSketches
Celebrating a new year also means everyone received their Christmas presents and I can finally show you the stuff I made! :happybounce:

I wanted to make coasters for quite some time but couldn't find a good copy shop that offered it. A few months ago a friend suggested using the photo printing service from the drug store Rossmann and I gave it a try. While I am more a tea person my relatives prefer coffee, so I used coffee stains as an inspiration. However, I didn't want to drive them mad by making them think the coasters are dirty. So I made sure it is abstract enough to spot the difference and actually enjoy them. (At first I thought of cat paw footprints, because... cats! Butterflies are in my opinion more associated with creativity, life and evolving from a small slow piece of DNA into something beautiful though. And isn't that what drinking coffee is about? :D )

They turned out quite nice though the colours varied a bit and while editing that photograph I also noticed some black dots at one edge. Eventually I will print another set for myself and then I'll see if this is occuring more often, maybe as part of the production. Anyway, I am happy with it and so are the dear people who got them!

(In case you wonder: I added the small stain-like signature after I already sent the files to the store. That's why they look different. They are gifts after all. ;P )

Artwork was made by Susanne Boldt.
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.
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January 6, 2018
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