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Leipziger Buchmesse + Manga Comic Con 2018 Summary by boldtSketches Leipziger Buchmesse + Manga Comic Con 2018 Summary by boldtSketches
Every year I visit the Book Fair / Manga-Comic-Con in Leipzig. (They are basically one event but due to its special needs they gave the comic- and manga related exhibition a different name and staff.) Usually it is a nice way to start spring, discover new books, meet wonderful people and visit a lot of interesting talks.

However... this year the Snow Queen paid Leipzig a visit, so on Friday the weather changed drastically. While it has been even around 10°C one week earlier, the temperatures dropped below freezing point and it started to snow a lot. The rail road switches were frozen, so every train from and to the main station had to be cancelled on saturday, partly even city trains. It was chaos considering that we had barely anything which fits the word "winter" in the years before.

Nevertheless the fair took place as expected although some talks had to be cancelled because the speaker was stuck in traffic. I had a really good time and learned many new things, especially on the development of using technology to read and hear books but also on marketing and communication. (Afterwards I heard about some trouble regarding far right-wing publishers but that was barely noticeable at the convention itself.)

So here you see my artistic summary of the event: The mascots MaCoCo and the Messemännchen are enjoying a good book despite the cold surroundings. :)
See you next year!

Artwork was made by Susanne Boldt.
Leipziger Messemännchen and MaCoCo belong to Leipzig Messe.
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.

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