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EDIT 5/16/2013: In a move to simplify my Terms of Use and make my stock more accessible, I have decided to adopt a Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported.

You are free:

:bulletblue: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit my work

:bulletblue: to Remix — to adapt my work

:bulletblue: to make commercial use of my work

Under the following conditions:

:bulletblue: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by me (but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your use of the work).

More specifically, you are required to credit and link back to me and the image used from my deviantART account.


That is all concerning my newly revised Stock Rules. Thank you kindly for the support, your feedback has been very helpful when I asked you about the possibility of switching to Creative Commons :) In the end I hope it will make life easier for you to read less rules, while encouraging a little more fair use and artistic merit by including credits. And yes, this also means you are free to use my stock in premade backgrounds! =D


Nicolas Raymond
© 2007 - 2021 boldfrontiers
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Beliagal's avatar

I'd like to use one of your pictures (Ancient Dolbadarn Castle) as cover for one of my rpg modules.
Something like this:

I'm thinking about selling it in "" if you let me use it.

In the pdf, shall I mention your DA account or your Website?

Thanks a lot!!

(Sorry for my English ^^')
boldfrontiers's avatar
Yes, that sounds fine as long as you mention me in the credits. Better to link back to my dA account where my images are uploaded as stock. 
CounterCulture119's avatar
I would like to use your stock photo Akranes Shipwreck for my featured image on blog post on wordpress.  May I do this as long as I mention photo credit of your real name and the link directly to the same equivalent image on your website?  I have been looking for hours for something.  I am relatively new to both, more DA, but wanted to inquire since I was not sure.
boldfrontiers's avatar
Yes that's fine as I am credited with a link to that image on my dA account here. 
Wallie2709's avatar
Wow, very clear, thanks!!
boldfrontiers's avatar
Welcome, thank you for appreciating my stock and using it for inspiration :)
Littlekitty09's avatar
Hi! Is it okay to use this as a manip with a horse and used on a sim game called equiverse? as a horse image with this beautiful background. I would credit you on the image and on my DA credits under the image. Let me know thanks!
boldfrontiers's avatar
Yes that sounds fine as long as you credit me for the photo used
Littlekitty09's avatar
Thank you as soon as I figure out their rules I will use it thanks again!
rachelillustrates's avatar
Does permission include using it as reference for a place in a comic? :)
boldfrontiers's avatar
Yes just as long as I can be credited in the process. Obviously not embedded in the illustration itself as I would see that as distracting, but you can include credit in your image description if posted online or in a "bibliography" section for a hard print.
rachelillustrates's avatar
Okay awesome, thank you so much!
Kholoured's avatar
Beautiful artwork thank you here's what I used it in
Hello Somadjinn,

Per the above rules, I will be doing the following. I would like to use the below picture, augmenting the tower to have a red wash. I will then be using it as the cover of my nanowrimo novel. My Id there is AAremeth. I will link and credit the original picture at the bottom of the synopsis where it will be easily visible. To anyone that is bothering to look at my novel. I appreciate your openness with your work. if by some wild turn of events this novel becomes more than a simple trial by keyboard. we will renegotiate my appreciation for your inspiration. ;)

 Lorient Tower I - HDR

My link to keep me honest.…
boldfrontiers's avatar
Sounds great, thanks for letting me know :)
SerenAletheia's avatar
I have been on Flickr for years and Creative Commons is the way to go. :) Also don't post anything on Instagram you don't want stolen, because art has been stolen and re-used from there, and the poster has no control over that.
boldfrontiers's avatar
Glad I went with Creative Commons :) Posted a grand total of 1 photo on Instagram as it seems I can only submit there via third party software on a desktop PC, thanks for the head's up. 
SerenAletheia's avatar
Kal-Vizsla's avatar
Hello! I have a question concerning your stock. I wish to use a piece from your website ( I just want to know if you want the credit to be in your professional name, your Deviant name, or both?
boldfrontiers's avatar
Hi there :wave: Sorry for the waaay late response, I was on the road when you asked and this has been buried under an avalanche of messages. Anyways I would prefer to be credited by my real name, Nicolas Raymond.
I'm a new member of deviant so I have some silly questions. 
What I need to do if I use your stock for private use ?
For example I use your sky stock and edit it for profile picture.
boldfrontiers's avatar
For private use you're allowed to use my stock to edit in your profile picture.
Amarantheans's avatar
Thanks for offering this beautiful stock. I was able to use it for a contest here on DA

Used and given credit here... Dinomanip by Amarantheans
EvelynnGraceDoodles's avatar
Would it be alright to use some of your stock for a book cover? With due credit to you, of course.
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