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Concrete jungle

A fun matte painting exercise to take my mind off school. 
Point Right  You can download the version with letterbox here -->…  Point Left 
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This is ablosutly perfect!

Could I buy the picture as a jpg.picture in high defenition, without using the buy option? As a download for example? thx for an answer in advance:D

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I love what you did with the city-escape. Keep up the good work!
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Hi JJ, My name is JJ too but is JJCHAN ! Can i get your permission for using your picture for my song? BTW i'm from Malaysia!
I love this!! btw, Im working on a song and I hope that I can have ur permission to use this art. thank u :)  
Update: The track is done:…
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this is awesome btw :D
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Hi ! 😊
Do you mind if I use this as cover art for one of my songs ? :) (I will give you credit) 👍
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Hey! Sure, as long as you're not making money off of it. :)
this is amazing, please may I have permission to use it as the wallpaper on one of my songs on youtube? I will credit you and make sure there are links to your work.
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Sure, go ahead!
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OMG it took me a minute to take my eyes of it. It's so captivating its digital art but it the buildings.... its soooo ahhh. 
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Do you use digital or traditional? If you use traditional, I'm shocked. I could never ever get any of these details down if I was this skilled..
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Whoa! Such a nice picture! :-D Is it ok if I use it as coverart to one of my tracks? As long as I give you credit/ link this? (I don't want any copyright issues) :-)
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Hey, I loved it! Can I use this on the cover of a book on Wattpad?
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Oooohhhhh!!! Most impressive! :nod:
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Inspired by GIS (ghost in the shell)?
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jeez, this is impressive, do you have a process of this? I'm so interested! how are making these!
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Thank you! :) Unfortunately, I didn't document the entire the process but it's a complexed one to begin with. I can send you a note here to explain the workflow I used for this piece if you want
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