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Aria Trio 2015

I like to redraw things. I figure I had my paint act together now, so I redrew this mediocre piece from 2012 (again: Aria Trio 2012 R2).

This one is pretty much pose for pose, though, and I think it turned out quite well. 

I think I still need to figure out some things around cleaning up line art, but that's for next time...

Pencil, PS CS2 on Lenovo TP Yoga
Watches, full views, flames and the like appreciated!
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Jan 17, 2015, 2:36:32 PM
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Looks great mate, love the warm lighting. The poses were pretty good the first time around but, how to put it, the somehow feel like they've more life in this new version.

Man, it's been ages since I watched ARIA... mostly because I usually have stuff to do and starting the series is a good way to write off the day...
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Thanks for your thoughts! I could never really put my finger on what I didn't like about the first one: everything seemed to be okay by itself, ie lineart, color, etc, but it just didn't come together.

Your gallery makes me want to do a sci-fi piece, but it takes sooo long for me to fill in a background...

PS. I haven't watched it for years either; go figure :(
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Heh, I feel you on the background issue. To be honest, I tend to only really start a background piece if I know I've some time up my sleeve because, however long I think it's going to take... it'll take longer. ^^;
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That's very nice,  like it quite a lot!
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totally rad style'n K_K
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