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MHAOC: Hearts and Villains by PenMia, literature

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Looking for members in discord for a Hero Academia OC RP. Theme is Hero Academia but you need to create your own character and create your own quirk. Character image is optional. We are just starting out so there are still few characters. Here is the discord link:

Quick suggestion; add a Crossovers folder too. Many people, including myself, draw crossover stuff with the MHA characters.

BNHA Izuku and Kazuki (story)IzukuToday is the first day of schoolat Yuei and I'm super excited!!After receiving the One for all' Ihaven't stopped training evenfor a minute to strengthen myself and to become familiar with this new quirk, even if I don't feel ready enough to take theoof pratical exam.I put on my uniform, grab my backpack and a snack and run to school.The courtyard is super busy! My anxiety is already rising, so I try tosocialize with someone to not think about it.I see Kacchan in the distance but better not, so I looked aroundand I notice a very pretty girl with lightbrown hair too.I decide to approach:Izuku: < h-hello... >Unknown: < hello, are you okay? >Izuku: < y-yes, I'm just I-slightly upset about the exam...aren't you?>Unknown: < yes a little but I try not think about it >Izuku: < W-What's your name? >Unknown: < Ochaco Uraraka. You instead? >Izuku: < Izuku Midoriya, please >Ochaco: < I think we go to class together >Yes luckily mlmlml(how straight!)Izuku: < Ah nice >Ochaco: < Alright then, see you after the exam >Izuku: < Okay see you later! >Damn how beautiful she is.(Yes Yes sure)KatsukiObviously due to my intelligence and my very strong quirk I decidedto enroll in the most famous high school for heroes in japan and in theworld!I'm in the courtyard waiting for a call for the pratical exam whenI see a brocc- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHITTLE NERD DEKUDOING HERE!?!?How did he sign up if he doesn't even have a quirk? AHAHAHAHHI'm sorry. What does that one do on the exam? does he die?PerhapsI don't realize that I was staring at him that at one point he turns aroundto me.I immediately turn away with visible embarrassment and nervousness.I was so caught up in thoughts that only after a few minutes therewas a guy who was trying to talk to me.Unknown: < Hey hello! My name is Kirishima Eijirou nice to meet you! >Katsuki:< Yes oknow get the hell off>Eijirou:< I just wanted to talk->Katsuki:< I SAID FUCK THE FUCK OUT OF THE SHIT!! >Eijirou:*leaves*Finally gone!It's already pissing me off(and From here began a great friendship)This is a piece I wrote in the English version so it's not written by me 
Suggestion - Add a 'Crossovers' folder.