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WFC Streetwise CA

By bokuman
Well, its a fanart of streetwise of Protectobots team, in War for Cybertron style :)

Enjoy! :D


I open for commissions!! :D

Check my slot list --> [link]

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Looks official! Well done!
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The design is done well, it's not too much or too less, it's balanced nicely with all the body parts shaped blocky a nice upgrade from his original design but also respective resemblance. Fantastic work! I'm hoping to see the other Protectobots members now from you in WFC style!
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Very, very nice. :D
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very amazing colours and design! Streetwise looks cool and I hope you do superion!
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gonna go out on a limb here and say the Protectobots are your faves?

to that I say... "BUT WHAT, ABOUT, SIXSHOT?!"
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Beautiful work. Where did you learn to pain like that? Could you perhaps linkg me to any tutorials to do similar pain qualities?
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GREEEAATT~!~ Love this!
Chest resembles G1 Power Rangers Megazord's Chest piece.
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Transformers is WIN
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so good!

argh, too many machine to draw, so little time
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Very Nice, Keep up the great work.
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Not only is this awesome, but I TOTALLY called it! XD X3
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Didn't notice these until I saw you post them on TFW lol

It's good to see you doing Transformers artwork again!
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