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Transformers Protectobots WFC style

By bokuman
Well, its a fanart of of Protectobots team, in War for Cybertron style :)

Enjoy! :D


I open for commissions!! :D

Check my slot list --> [link]

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Bet you'll never get this out of your head.…
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I love this Artwork

Please do the Aerial Bots
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Awesome! Your art looks like the real deal! Superb work!
SeaofFallingStars's avatar
HeroicC300 of TFW here.

Can I use your Protectobot designs (with one change: Groove as a Chevy police car on earth) in my fan 'verse?

I haven't full figured out what their earth modes are yet.
dbjc13's avatar
Wow Awesome Loving it.
Megadump's avatar
Instant FAV! I love the design aesthetic of the WFC/FOC Transformers, far more than the movie trilogy and the new show, TF: Prime. What you have done here doesn't look like fan art, doesn't look KINDA official - it looks 110% professional, official and as though it was lifted right from the game itself! Undeniable skill in drawing, designing and colouring; it's because of images like this that I LOVE DeviantArt. Simply stunning, great job!
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O_O Protectobotssss! My favourite G1 combiner team!

I had the whole team/Defensor when I was a kid...then my neighbour stole my entire TF collection in the confusion of our moving house, when I was 6. T_T
+ fav!
Those guys look so good! I'd say with that detail I could believe those were official designs!
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Love the classic robotic style for TF!
UltimateOshima's avatar
Love these!Very cool.
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Wonderful job on all of them! They look GREAT!! :D
Yondercat's avatar
Awesome group shot!
flynn1978's avatar
Cecihoney's avatar
Just WOW! Seriously!
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Really like the G1 cartoon style heads. Nice work!
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Good stuff right here!
Hergman's avatar
transformers!!!! machines!!!!!!

....i really need to calm down
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Really awesome work, bokuman. I used to own the Protectobots when I was a kid so this was really great to see. ^_^
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WOOOW se ven espectaculares en ese estilo de WAR OF CIBERTON :clap:

espero que tambien hagas a DEFENSOR me imagino lo genial que sera si tu lo haces
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