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Hips Tutorial

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Pretty good and very simple!

ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Yup. Definitely useful. THANKS
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Nice, there's never too many hips to draw :)
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Yeeeaaahhhhh I'm just gonna leave this stuff to you.
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hips are just a I with a V in the middle, its that simple.
Lingerie-Thief's avatar
Can't wait for,part 2!
KinoDiamondblack's avatar
Well this will be useful for me 
If I want to get it 
To the level 
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Thanks... very nice.
One of the trickier things for me- I'm always leaving out the "dip" because it looks wrong every time I draw it (I draw pretty thick or muscular women anyways, so that obscures it). I tend to simplify the anatomy as well, resulting in big round "Hartman Hips" even in my more realistic style.
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my friend, nice work.
Shinjojin's avatar
Thanks a bunch for this, man!! :D
Nesjosh935's avatar
How do you draw chubby girls?
Shadowz596's avatar
Very educational.
Huzzah for hips!
YoshiCrusader's avatar
Thicc! I approve of this! XD
alzang676's avatar
handy, but even the first step is a good long time of learning on its own
hybridmink's avatar
super handy, saved!
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Hips don't lie.
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