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My Presidential Roommate Ch 26 - My Hero Academia
For the next four weeks, the temperature in Tokyo had significantly gone down. The streets, roads and trees are now enveloped in white snow, and the lakes and rivers are frozen in solid ice. Right now, even at night, the busy residents of Tokyo are braving through the freezing temperatures by wearing thick and warm clothes and carrying umbrellas above their heads as they walk around the city to do their last minute shopping before one of the most important holidays of the year arrives in just a few more hours.But for Izuku, Ochaco, Shouto and many of their friends, they do not worry too much during the final hours before the holiday, as they are spending the night of Christmas Eve having dinner and resting snuggly in the warmth of Shouto's home.While Shouto and his siblings are inside the kitchen, busy preparing the last of the food for tonight's dinner, Izuku, Ochaco and all the guests he had invited are gathered inside the large and wide living room located at the right side of his home. At the back end of the room, there are a few tables placed next to each other in a horizontal row. Several metal trays filled with all sorts of food are placed on top of them and there are two dispensers placed at the left end of the tables.As the guests patiently wait for dinner to begin, Denki, Jirou, Momo, Neito and Itsuka gather around Izuku at the center of the living room, welcoming the newest member of the music club."Welcome to the school's music club, Midoriya." Itsuka said, shaking hands with Izuku with a cordial smile."We're happy to have another member in our band." Neito said to Izuku as he stood beside Itsuka."Arigatou. Even though I have never played the guitar before, I look forward to learning how to from the best musicians in the school." Izuku said."Don't worry, Izuku. You're going to love playing it." Jirou said, winking an eye at Izuku as she places her hand on his shoulder."Whoo!" Denki suddenly squeals as he throws his fists into the air. "Now that we have three guitarists in the group, we have finally become the Iron Maiden of Japan!""Iron Maiden?" Izuku said with a chuckle."It's a famous heavy metal band with three guitarists." Momo said."Yup. And who knows? If we can recruit one more guitarist and another vocalist next year, we'll be just like Slipknot." Denki said to Izuku."Does this mean we'll have to wear clown masks too?" Neito asked."What?" Izuku said in bewilderment."No, of course not." Denki said, waving his hands at Neito. Jirou laughed as she walks over to him."Okay, Denki. Don't get too excited now, especially in someone else's home." Jirou said as she grabs his hand. Denki lets out a sigh before he turns to Jirou and tightens his grip on her hand."Alright." Denki said as he and Jirou smile at each other. Izuku and Momo smile at the two before they are interrupted by Mirio."Hello Izuku." Mirio greeted as he walks over."Hello, Togata-senpai!" Izuku replied to his senior as he and the other members of the music club turn to him."Nah, don't need to refer me that anymore since I've graduated." Mirio said as he waves his hand at Izuku. "Anyways, I just wanted to give my final gift to you."Mirio holds up his other hand, revealing what he had been hiding behind his back. Izuku perks up as he sees his senior holding up a paper bag in front of him."Candy apples?" Izuku asked."Yup! Here you go!" Mirio laughed."Arigatou!" Izuku said as he takes the paper bag from Mirio's hand and looks inside."This may be my last time making them for you before I start focusing on pursuing my dream career next year. But I will still be at Izu Oshima every summer to visit my grandparents and volunteer at the festival. So, if you and any of your friends are thinking of visiting the island again in July, you can still find me there." Mirio said, finishing with a wink of an eye.Izuku nods his head. "Good luck in your university, Togata. I'm sure you will go far.""Likewise, Midoriya." Mirio said as he extends a hand to him. Izuku grabs his hand and they both shook.Meanwhile, at the left front-end corner of the living room where there is a large black piano, Ochaco had just finished her briefing with Tenya and Tsuyu. Both of them look surprised for a moment after hearing from Ochaco that after two years, she will be retiring from the student council, and will hand over her presidential duties to Tenya Iida."Are you really sure you want to step down as student council president?" Tsuyu asked."Yes." Ochaco nodded. "I believe serving as both president and vice president for the last two years is good enough for me. Besides, after spending time with all the friends I have made throughout the year, I've realized how much I miss being a normal student.""I respect your decision, Ochaco." Tenya said as he adjusts his glasses. He places his hands behind his back as a wide smile now plasters across his face. "I promise, as the next student council president, I will not let you down.""Arigatou, Tenya." Ochaco said before she turns to Tsuyu and places her hand on her shoulder. "And make me proud too, vice president Asui."Tsuyu nods her head as she smiles confidently at her friend. "You can count on me, Ochaco."As Ochaco releases her hand, Tsuyu and Tenya turn to each other. "I look forward to working with you." Tenya said to her."Me too." Tsuyu said as they give each other a solemn bow.Meanwhile, Izuku walks over to the right side of the living room, where he sees his classmates Hanta, Sato and Setsuna sitting on the sectional sofa together and watching whatever is on the widescreen television in front of them. The three of them turn their heads and wave their hands at him."Merry Christmas, Izuku!" The three said to him in unison."Merry Christmas to all of you too!" Izuku smiled and waves back as he walks past them. He looks back to the front and heads over to Eliot and Melissa who are both standing behind the large glass window, just in time to see them planting a kiss on each other's lips.After breaking away from each other, Eliot and Melissa turn around to see Izuku. They gasped as they see him staring blankly at them as he stood there."Oh! Midoriya!" Melissa said, adjusting her glasses while Eliot rubs the back of his head. "What are you doing here?"Izuku shakes his head and chuckled. "Nothing, Shield-sensei. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to having you as my English teacher again next year." He said."Yes, I look forward to it too." Melissa smiled cheerfully at her student. "And Izuku, thank you so much for everything you and your friends have done for me this year.""You're welcome, Shield-sensei." Izuku nods his head to her before turning to Eliot. "And Eliot-san, you look a lot happier now.""Yeah. I'm still feeling a little bummed over how The Rise of Skywalker turned out." Eliot said, frowning for a moment until it is quickly replaced with a wide smile as he wraps an arm around Melissa's waist and pulls her closer to him. "Until Melissa cheer me up by telling me we can finally go on our first actual date together in Sapporo during the New Year!""Really? That's great! Have fun over there, you two!" Izuku said happily to them."We sure will." Melissa said as she wraps her arm around Eliot's shoulders."Oh, and before I forget, Merry Christmas Eliot-san." Izuku said to his friend."Merry Christmas to you too, Izuku." Eliot replied while giving him a salute. Izuku smiled at him before he turns around and walks away, leaving the couple to continue spending time together.Izuku walks over to the right back end corner of the living room where Bakugo is talking with Kirishima."Wow, you're amazing, Bakugo!" Kirishima said in awe while Bakugo smirks as he rubs his nose."Hey guys." Izuku said."Oh, hey Izuku." Bakugo said as both boys turn to him."You two seem to be getting along well." Izuku said."Yeah. I was just sharing with Kirishima about my days in our middle school's karate club." Bakugo said."And I shared with him my experience in our high school's judo club. I never knew we have so much in common! You have such a manly friend, Izuku!" Kirishima said to Izuku with a grin, causing him to laugh in response. He looks back at Bakugo and said, "Dude, we totally gotta meetup after school some time.""Sounds good to me. I can show you some of my moves." Bakugo said."Awesome! And I can show you the art of Judo in return!" Kirishima said excitedly before both boys shake hands with each other."I'm glad you've made a new friend, Bakugo." Izuku said to Bakugo."Arigatou." Bakugo replied with a small smirk. "And I hope you and Ochaco will continue to be happy together for years to come.""Arigatou, Bakugo." Izuku smiled sheepishly for a moment as he rubs the back of his head. "Merry Christmas.""Merry Christmas to you too." Bakugo said as he and Izuku shook each other's hands. They both wave to each other before Izuku turns around and walks over to Ochaco, who is now talking with Tomura and Himiko at the center of the living room."Are you sure we'll be alright in vocational school?" Himiko asked Ochaco worriedly."You know how low our grades were, right?" Tomura added."You'll be fine." Ochaco said, smiling reassuringly at them. "Even if you two aren't going to a prestigious school, that doesn't mean it is the end for you.""She's right." Izuku said as he walks over to them. "Just remember that you are still a great artist, Himiko. Continue focusing on your talent and I'm sure you'll go far."Himiko smiled at Izuku and nods her head. "Okay!" She said cheerfully."And Tomura, you said your parents need you to help them in their family company in the future, right? Don't let them down. Make use of your time in vocational school to improve your skills and prove to them that you can still be a worthy successor." Izuku said to Tomura.Tomura stares at Izuku for a moment before he manages to give him a wan smile. "Alright. I'll do my best." He said before extending his hand to him. "Thank you for believing in us.""You're welcome. Good luck in your future endeavors, you two." Izuku said as he shakes Tomura's hand."And remember, if you guys still need anything, you can always find us, right?" Ochaco smiled. Himiko and Tomura nod their heads to her."Come on now. Let us have a good time, shall we? It's Christmas Eve." Izuku said as he gets out his phone. The four of them huddle close to each other and they all smile at Izuku's phone before he takes a picture of this golden moment of their lives.Meanwhile in the kitchen, Fuyumi puts on her gloves before she kneels down and carefully removes a metal tray of chicken wings out from the oven. She stands up and turns to Shouto."Here you go." Fuyumi said as she hands the tray over to her younger brother."Arigatou, Fuyumi. We'll definitely save some for you later." Shouto said as he takes the tray from her with his gloved hands."Thanks." Fuyumi smiled back at him."Are you ready to go, Shouto?" A young adult man with white spiky hair and gray eyes asked Shouto while holding two bottles of coke and orange soda which he just took out from the fridge."Yeah. Let's go, Natsuo." Shouto said as he and the man walked out of the kitchen together. Fuyumi turns around and joins the two servants of the Todoroki household in making the desserts for the guests."I'm relieved that you return back from your work in Australia just in time to celebrate the holiday season with us, nii-san." Shouto said to his older brother."Me too. Australia is great but I still prefer being with my family here in Japan." Natsuo replied to Shouto with a small smirk."Shouto, can I have a word with you?"Just as they arrive at the foyer of their home, Shouto and Natsuo came to a halt and turn to see their father standing at the bottom of the stairs."Go to the living room. I'll join you later." Shouto said to Natsuo."Sure." Natsuo responded before he turns to his left and walks away. Shouto goes over to Enji while still holding the tray of chicken wings in his hands."What is it?" Shouto asked."Listen, while I'm relieved that you've passed your final exams, I've just finished having a call with the president of the University of Tokyo and he has agreed to enroll you into their school in 2021." Enji explained. "So I was thinking if this Saturday, we can pay a visit to the school-""No thanks." Shouto replied as he turns away from his father."What?" Enji replied incredulously. "Shouto, this is your future we are talking about!"Shouto sighs and looks back at his father. "Dad, I appreciate what you have done for me. But I still have my senior year to go before I could even think about university, right? We can always pay them a visit in the summer next year." He said."But Shouto-""Dad, please. It's Christmas Eve. You should be relaxing like everybody else." Shouto said firmly to Enji. His father could only stare blankly at him as Shouto turns away again and makes his way to the living room."What's wrong, dear?" Rei asked as she walks down the stairs and stands behind her husband. Enji turns to his wife and sighs heavily as he droops his shoulders."It just feels so surreal to be lectured by my own offspring." Enji said."I thought you always wanted Shouto to become like you?" Rei asked with a smirk, causing Enji to groan in frustration. Rei chortled in response as she places her hand on his shoulder and escorts him up the stairs. "Come on, dear. Just let our children have their fun."Meanwhile, Shouto arrived at the living room with the tray of chicken wings in his hands and he calls out to everyone happily, "Sorry for the wait but the chicken wings are here at last!""Alright!" Denki said enthusiastically as he, Izuku, Ochaco and everyone else in the living room make their way to the back end of the room. Shouto places the tray of chicken wings down on the tables alongside the other food while Natsuo pours the bottles of drinks into the dispensers. The guests go to the right end of the tables to grab a plastic plate. They queue up in an orderly fashion and slowly walk their way to the other end of the tables as they pick whichever food they wish to eat and place them on their plates. When they reach the other end, Natsuo passes each of them a plastic cup and pour whichever drink they want into them from the dispensers.After everyone have pick their food, they stand around the living room again as they eat their dinner and talk to each other. Eliot and Melissa are discussing what things they plan to do and places they wish to visit when they are in Sapporo.Denki, Jirou, Neito and Itsuka are talking about what they plan to play at next year's presentation day. Although Denki is a little nervous in trying to think of another original song again, Jirou reassures him that this time, she will have his back.Kirishima introduce Bakugo to Hanta, Sato and Setsuna and they are all having a good time conversing and getting to know each other. Bakugo also has his arm wrapped around Tomura who is standing beside him and listening into their conversation. Tomura looked nervous as he vividly remembers his last encounter with Bakugo. But for now, he is doing fine and seems to be getting along with Bakugo and the others.Natsuo introduces himself to Tsuyu, Tenya, Himiko and Mirio and shares with them about his life in Australia and many memorable moments he had over there.Finally, Izuku, Ochaco, Momo and Shouto are standing together at the left front-end corner of the living room, where the latter is sharing them the latest news he just received from his father."So, my dad just told me that he has negotiated with the president of the University of Tokyo to enroll me into that school in 2021." Shouto said to them."Seriously? That is the most prestigious school in all of Japan!" Izuku said as he, Ochaco and Momo stare at him in awe."Well, that's the privilege of being a child of a National Diet member." Shouto shrugged. "Izuku, I'm glad that you are staying here in Tokyo. But there is a possibility that after our senior year in Nerima Academia comes to an end, we may have to go our separate ways.""Yeah, that's true." Ochaco said grimly as she lowers her head."Come on guys. Cheer up." Izuku said to everyone. Ochaco lifts her head back up as she, Shouto and Momo stare at him in bewilderment. Izuku kept a wide smile on his face as he wraps an arm around Ochaco's shoulder."At least all of us will still be here in Tokyo, right? And even if we don't see each other much like we used to, we'll just find a way to keep in touch. Because we'll always be friends." Izuku said. As Ochaco, Shouto and Momo remain silent, Izuku's cheeks blush as he turns his head away. "S-Sorry if I sound kinda dramatic."But suddenly, Ochaco, Shouto and Momo burst into laughter, causing Izuku to look back at them. Shouto smiled at him as he places his hand on his shoulder."It's okay, Izuku." Shouto chuckled. "Like you said. We can't be pessimistic, right?"Izuku smiles back at Shouto and nods his head in agreement. "Hai."After Shouto removes his hand from Izuku's shoulder, Momo grabs it and they both look at each other. "Even if we end up in different universities, we'll always stay in touch." She said to Shouto."Thanks Momo." Shouto said before he plants a kiss on Momo's cheek. Izuku and Ochaco smile at each other for a moment before they, Shouto and Momo walk over to the other guests in the living room and continue conversing with them for the next half an hour.----Later that night, when everybody had finished eating their dinner, Fuyumi and her servants walk into the living room to give each of the guests a cup of parfait. While Fuyumi goes to the sofa and eats her dinner which Shouto and Natsuo have saved for her, the others are amazed at how delicious the parfaits were.Izuku and Ochaco both share their parfaits by scooping a piece of them and place their spoons into each other's mouths. After removing them, they smile at each other until Ochaco notices something."Izuku, there's a piece of parfait on your cheek." Ochaco said."Oh? Which cheek? Here?" Izuku asked as he rubs his hand on his left cheek."Nope. Here." Ochaco said before she suddenly leans forward and plants a kiss on Izuku's right cheek. Izuku, completely taken off guard by this, just stares blankly at Ochaco before they both burst into cheerful laughter.When all the guests have finished eating their parfaits, the servants go around and collect their empty cups. After the servants leave, Fuyumi instructs all the guests to come over to the left front-end corner of the living room. As most of the guests gather and stand behind her, Fuyumi sits down and plays the piano as she sings the first Christmas carol of the night. Natsuo and Shouto sing along with her to encourage the guests to join in as well.While everybody else is now holding hands together and singing along with the Todorokis, Izuku and Ochaco are both at the right front-end corner of the living room where they are standing behind the large glass window and clinging onto each other's hands. They watch their friends sing for a moment before they turn their heads to each other."Merry Christmas, Izuku." Ochaco said to him."Merry Christmas to you too, Ochaco." Izuku said. "And I look forward to seeing you in school again next year."Ochaco giggled in response, but her smile later turns into a worried frown."What's wrong?" Izuku asked concernedly."Izuku, I know you're right when you say that we'll always keep in touch even as we go our separate ways. But for me, I want to stay by your side, always." Ochaco said."Me too. And we will." Izuku said firmly to her. "I swear we will never be separated again, even after our senior year and graduation. No matter where we go next, we'll always find a way to stay together by each other's side.""You seem confident about our future." Ochaco said."Because I'm not afraid anymore." Izuku said as his lips form into a wide smile. "And it's because I've learnt from the best."Ochaco smiled back at Izuku before the two lean towards each other and share a kiss on each other's lips.They break away from each other a few seconds later and Ochaco said softly to Izuku, "I love you, Izuku.""I love you too, Ochaco." Izuku said."Come on, you two! You're missing out on the fun!" Bakugo calls out to them while holding onto Tsuyu's hand."Coming!" Izuku replied to Bakugo before he looks back at Ochaco. They flash a smile at each other before they go over to everybody else at the left front-end corner of the living room. Izuku grabs Bakugo's left hand and they, Ochaco, Shouto, Denki, Jirou, Momo, Tsuyu, Eliot and Melissa all momentarily smile at each other before Fuyumi began playing the next Christmas carol on the piano. Everyone sang along with her and enjoy each other's company for the rest of the night.It was a moment for all of them to remember.----6th January 2020Izuku groans as his alarm clock rang early in the morning, and sooner than usual too now that he is living further from his school. He gets up from his bed and spends the next fifteen minutes taking a shower, brushing his teeth, and wearing into his school uniform. He steps out of the bathroom to see his mother already placing their breakfast onto the dining table."Good morning, mom." Izuku said to Inko as he walks over to the table."Morning, Izuku." Inko replied before they sit down and clap their hands together."Itadakimasu!" They cheered before they quietly eat their breakfast. When Izuku finished eating, he gets up from his chair and goes back into his bedroom to grab his schoolbag. After putting on the straps over his shoulders, he steps out of his room and turned to see his mother walking over to him with his lunchbox and scarf in her hands."Thanks mom." Izuku said as he takes his scarf from her hand and wraps it around his neck."Enjoy your first day in school, Izuku. And always be happy." Inko said, smiling at her son."I will." Izuku smiled back at her before he leans forward and plants a kiss on Inko's cheek. He takes his lunchbox from her hands before he stands back up. "Goodbye mom.""Goodbye Izuku." Inko said. They wave their hands at each other as Izuku steps out of his home and closes the main door behind him.----In the Uraraka household, Ochaco steps out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth and putting on her school uniform. She turns and sees her parents placing their breakfast on the dining table before taking their seats."Good morning, mom. Good morning, dad." Ochaco greeted them as she walks over to the table."Good morning, Ochaco." Her parents replied in unison as Ochaco sits down on her own chair.They all clap their hands and said together, "Itadakimasu."Ochaco begins eating her breakfast faster than usual, causing her parents to look at her in confusion for a moment. It is as if their daughter is now feeling spry and enthusiastic than before. When she finished eating her breakfast, Ochaco gets up from her chair and bows to her parents."Thanks for the food, mom and dad!" Ochaco said before she turns around and goes over to her scarf and schoolbag which she had placed next to the door to the bathroom."Ochaco, wait!" Her mother calls out to her. After putting on her scarf and schoolbag, Ochaco turns around and sees her parents walking over to her."What is it?" Ochaco asked. Mr. Uraraka places his hand on her shoulder."Ochaco, we just want to let you know that even if we don't show it to you as much as before, we really still love you as our daughter." Mr. Uraraka said to her."We are very proud of you, Ochaco. Keep up the good work and always be happy." Mrs. Uraraka added.Ochaco smiled back at her parents. "I love you too, mom, dad." She said before she steps forward and wraps her arms around them. Her parents smile as they hug their daughter back.After breaking away from their warm embrace, Ochaco goes over to the main door and opens it. She turns back to her parents and waves her hand at them."Goodbye mom. Goodbye dad." Ochaco said."Goodbye honey!" Mrs. Uraraka said as she and her husband wave back at her."Be home before dinner!" Mr. Uraraka added. Ochaco nods her head before she steps out of her home and closes the door. As she makes her way to the elevators, Yagi opens the door to his household and sees her walking by."Good morning, Ochaco." Yagi greeted her with a smile. Ochaco stops and waves her hand at him."Good morning, Yagi-san!" Ochaco responded as she notices him dressed in his sweatshirt and track pants. "Going for your morning exercise?""About to. And you, going on your first day of school?" Yagi asked."Hai!" Ochaco nods her head."Take care of yourself then. And say hello to him for me, will ya?" Yagi asked with a smirk."I sure will." Ochaco said, smiling back at him before she continues walking her way to the elevators and makes her way down.----Ochaco later arrived at a crossroad, and she came to a halt at the edge of the pavement when she sees the pedestrian light showing red in the distance. As she stood there and watched a few cars drive by, she contemplates over what she might expect when she arrives at Nerima Academia. Although some people she knew including Hado and Himiko have left the school, at least she can look forward to seeing Tsuyu, Shouto, Melissa and all the new friends she has made last year again. But if only there is someone who can make her first day of senior year more memorable…"Good morning, Ochaco."Ochaco perks up and turns to her left to see Izuku walking over to her with a wide smile on his face."Good morning, Izuku!" Ochaco greeted happily.Izuku stands beside Ochaco and extends his hand to her. Ochaco firmly grabs onto it and they both stare into each other's eyes until the pedestrian light turns green. They look to the front and cross the road together.Izuku and Ochaco have no idea how their senior year will go, and how the other students of Nerima Academia would react when they learn the identity of the former student council president's boyfriend for the first time. But no matter what happens, Izuku and Ochaco are eager to face the future together.As both have learnt from their experiences in sharing the same room together, things will always turn out good when you keep moving forward.THE END
My Presidential Roommate Ch 25 - My Hero Academia
Inko stares blankly at her son for a few seconds before she asked incredulously, "What? Why?""Because I have changed my mind." Izuku said."But I thought you said staying in Tokyo-""Made me upset and uncomfortable, yes." Izuku finished for her. "But not anymore. I've since changed my opinion of this place.""But Izuku, don't you think that moving out of here will be better for-""No, it won't!" Izuku protested. He places his hands on Inko's shoulders and they look straight into each other's eyes. "Mom, don't you get it? I'm no longer the same person as I was eleven months ago.""Eleven months ago?" Inko murmured before widening her eyes. "Wait, you mean ever since Uraraka-""Yes." Izuku nods his head as he cuts his mother off once again. "Ochaco changed me, and I'll always be grateful towards her for what she has done for me." He paused for a moment before he finally builds up the courage to tell her the truth. "And honestly…we have fallen in love with each other.""What?" Inko said incredulously."Yes, mother. I do love Ochaco, and she too loved me in return." Izuku sniffled as he could feel tears forming in his eyes again. "And that…that is why…it breaks my heart…that we may never see each other again…when we moved out of this city."As Izuku began trembling, he removes his hands from Inko's shoulders and collapses onto his knees in front of her."I know we only have three weeks left…and it will be troublesome for us…to find an alternative in such a short time…" Izuku whimpered between his sobs. "But please, mother…I don't want to leave this city anymore…I don't want to leave my friends…especially her…Ochaco needs me…and I need her too…" He finished by burying his face onto his mother's skirt and continues his weeping.Inko stares wordlessly at her heartbroken child for a few seconds before she frowns and gently places her hand on top of Izuku's head. She could feel her heart aching as she watches her son giving her the awfully similar display of inconsolable grief. She wished she never had to see this, but it is happening all over again.As Inko recalled, Izuku did not enjoyed his first year in Nerima Academia at all. Although he was still good in his studies, Inko noticed the drastic change in her son's behaviour every time he returned from school as time goes on. The chuckles and cheerful grins that she used to see frequently from her son whenever he is reunited with her after school during his elementary and junior high years are gone. And as the year went on, Izuku slowly became less than a remnant of the confident and energetic boy he once was. It became obvious that whatever Izuku is going through in school is utterly traumatizing for him, and Inko hated seeing what her son had slowly turn into.Eventually, when his first year at his new senior high school came to an end, Izuku finally broke down and confessed to her how much he grew to despise living in Tokyo, and Inko, wanting nothing more but to see her son's old self again, quickly thought that the best solution for them was to leave the city and begin their lives anew somewhere else.But then, as she reflects on what had happened during the last eleven months, Inko finally began to realize something. She did not need to do that anymore. Ever since Ochaco moved into their household, Izuku was smiling again. All the times they had meals or did housework together, during their time in the Skytree, and that three-day long weekend they spent together on Izu Oshima with their friends, Izuku had found his happiness again. And with Ochaco gone, he was back into his sad and depressed state once more."Izuku…" Inko murmured sadly before she closes her eyes and tries to remember a day from her past. "If only you are here right now, Hisashi…"----17 Years And 2 Months Ago…After crossing another day off with her red marker, Inko turns away from the calendar on the wall and walks back to the sofa in the living area, where her husband had been watching her. She carefully places herself down on the sofa and her husband gently wraps his arm around her shoulders. Inko lets out an anxious sigh before they rest their heads against each other."Only sixty more days, Hisashi." Inko said as she pulls up her shirt to exposed her enlarged belly and gently rubs her hand around it."It's okay, dear. When the day comes, everything will be fine, because I'm here for you." Hisashi said to her soothingly."I know, honey." Inko replied before she and Hisashi look at each other. "But every day, I still keep worrying to myself, what if we're not good enough? What if we end up failing as parents?" Inko frowns concernedly at her husband."Hey, it's alright." Hisashi said to Inko with a warm smile as he gently pushes a strand of hair away from her eyes. "We won't fail. I promise."Despite the reassuring tone of his voice, Inko continued staring worriedly at her husband. Realizing that his words did little to calm her down, Hisashi leans his head closer to her."Look, I completely get how you are feeling right now. I too have no idea what the future will hold for us. But you have to stop doubting yourself. Worrying too much will only make things worse for us." Hisashi said. "And know this, even if…I'm not there for you…" He paused for a moment as he gently places his hand above Inko's hand which she put on top of her belly. "No matter what, you must always keep our child happy. Do it for him…and for me…"Inko took a gulp before slowly nodding her head."I…I will." Inko responded nervously as they continued gazing at each other."Arigatou." Hisashi said. And just a few seconds later, his teeth break out into a cheerful grin. "And with that…" Hisashi suddenly removes Inko's hand from her belly and gently lies the side of his head on top of it. Inko finds herself laughing as she could feel his hair tickling her while he rubs the side of his head against her stomach. "Ooooohhh, my dear boy. I sure can't wait to see how you look like.""S-Stop it!" Inko struggled to speak through her incessant giggling. "Your h-hair is t-tickling me!"Hisashi ignores her pleas by continuing to rub the side of his head around her belly, causing his wife to laugh harder."Cootchie cootchie coo!" Hisashi replied."Ahahahahaha! P-please! Stop! Stop it!" Inko cried."Okay, okay! I'm done." Hisashi chuckled as he sits back up straight on the sofa. Inko catches her breath before smiling back at her husband. "I love you, dear.""I love you too." Inko replied before they lean towards each other and share a tender kiss on the lips.----Inko opens her eyes and wipes away a few fresh tears after remembering what her late husband said to her all those years ago. Now knowing what she had to do, she looks down at her son and said softly to him, "Izuku…"When he heard his mother's voice, Izuku manages to bring his sobs to a halt and slowly looks up at Inko with tearstained eyes. Inko pursed her lips for a moment before she said soothingly to him."Everything will be alright."----20 Days Later…"Ochaco, we're here!"Ochaco groggily opens her eyes upon hearing her mother calling out to her. She sits up straight on the backseat of their car and looks out the window to see that they have arrived at a public carpark near to their new apartment building. She gets out of the vehicle and moans as she stretches out her arms while her parents close the doors of the car for her.While her parents go to the back of their car to take out their luggage, Ochaco turns to the apartment building where the Midoriyas originally lived and sadly gazes at it from where she is standing."Izuku…" Ochaco murmured as she gently places her hand on her chest."Come on Ochaco. Grab your stuff so we can head into our new home." Mr. Uraraka said to her as he closes the trunk of his car. Ochaco momentarily closes her eyes to get herself out of her thoughts before she turns to her parents with a wan smile."Yeah, of course." Ochaco walks over to her parents and grabs the handle of her silver luggage which they had already placed down on the road for her. She pulls it up and drags it along with her. After leaving the carpark with their luggage, Ochaco and her parents carefully cross over to the other side of the road and arrive at the apartment building. When they reach the top of the small stairway, her father takes out his card which they all receive a few days earlier and scans it on the security panel at the side of the entrance.The Urarakas take an elevator up to the sixth floor and walk to the end of the hallway. They soon find themselves standing in front of the familiar apartment and Ochaco lets out a heavy sigh as she gazes at the door. Her father unlocks the door with a key and they all step inside to see their furniture placed neatly inside their new home."Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous." Mrs. Uraraka said as she and her husband smile blissfully."We've just moved here, but it already feels like home." Mr. Uraraka said as he wraps an arm around his wife's shoulders.Ochaco looks around the apartment as all the memories of her stay with Izuku and Inko soon came flooding into her mind. She lowers her head and said softly, "Yeah.""Now then, let's get to work." Mr. Uraraka said to his wife. Mrs. Uraraka nods her head to him before they turn around to face Ochaco."Ochaco, you can go to your room now and start unpacking your stuff." Mrs. Uraraka said to her daughter."Okay." Ochaco simply said with a nod. With that, her parents briskly go their separate ways, with her mother going to the kitchen to prepare lunch while her father grabs his and her luggage and head into the bedroom which originally belongs to Inko.Ochaco turns to the door of the room formerly belonged to Izuku and walks over to it. She opens the door and steps inside to see her bed placed beside the right side of the room. As much as she enjoys sleeping on it, she still missed the warmth and comfort of Izuku's bed. Her bookshelves, working desk and computer set are placed at the left side of the room, but she is also painfully reminded of Izuku's own shelves of comics, action figures and posters of All Might, which she had grew accustomed to during her days of being his roommate. To her parents, it feels like home for them. But to Ochaco, this place is filled with memories that are tainted by the day she and Izuku are separated.Yesterday, Ochaco and her parents took a day off from school and work to focus on moving their furniture into their new household, which was actually good for the student council president as she needed the time to get her mind off of her duties. But she never stops thinking of Izuku and how heartbroken she was that they have stopped communicating with each other for the last twenty days.Ever since she left the Midoriya household, she and Izuku never spoke to each other in school. And every time they do see each other, Izuku never bothered to say a word to her, and rather stay quiet with a look of hopelessness on his face, as if he had already accepted his defeat to fate. Not even any of Izuku's classmates, Melissa, Momo and Tsuyu could tell her what is going on with him. One time, she even pays a visit to Eliot's comic book shop to ask him how Izuku is doing. But to her dismay, he explained to her that Izuku had not been visiting his shop lately either and recently cancelled his monthly comic subscriptions with him, mainly because he and his mother are preparing to leave Tokyo. As much as it hurts that he may never see his friend and regular customer again, Eliot is already prepared for Izuku's departure as well.Since last week, Ochaco was conflicted with herself. On one hand, she told herself that she should forget about Izuku and move on with her life, like what Shouto, Eliot and probably everyone else had already did. But on the other, she blames herself for not being able to stand up to her parents that she never wanted to stop living with Izuku, as well as admitting her true feelings for him. And because of her guilt, she could never stop thinking of him no matter how hard she tried to.Eventually, the 22nd of November came. By the time they return to the former Midoriya household yesterday, it was completely emptied, and both Izuku and Inko were nowhere in sight, probably because they already had the movers carry all their furniture out the previous day, and they both left very early in the morning. This obviously made Ochaco more despondent as they could not have a proper farewell before the Midoriyas leave Tokyo, and she spent the rest of that day quietly helping her parents move their furniture into the household, neither of them noticing the tears that are furiously trying to pour out from her eyes.Suddenly, tears began rolling down her cheeks freely like tiny rivers. Knowing that she cannot fight them back any longer, Ochaco releases her hand from the handle of her luggage, rushes over to her bed and throws herself on top of the mattress. Ochaco howled in anguish as she buries her face into her pillow and weeps. She just could not bear any more pain. First, she and Izuku were separated. Then, they have cut off all forms of communication with each other. And now, Izuku has left Tokyo and probably at the other side of Japan by now. Despite being the tough and vigilant student council president of Nerima Academia, she still could not handle the loss of someone close to her, and she will probably never find another person to replace Izuku in her heart and mind.Ochaco adjusts herself to the side and stares at the area of the floor where Izuku originally slept. Curling up in her bed, she closes her eyes and begins to remember all the times they had together."Izuku…" Ochaco managed to choke out. "I miss you…"----The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. After letting out her sorrows, Ochaco removes all her clothes from her luggage and arrange them neatly in the wardrobe. Afterwards, she spends the rest of the day as she normally would, though the pain of the loss of Izuku never left her.The next morning, Ochaco slowly opens her eyes as soon as sunlight began shining brightly through the windows of her room. She gets out from her bed, grabs a new set of clothes from the wardrobe and makes her way to the bathroom. After putting on her clothes and brushing her teeth, she makes her way to the dining table to have breakfast with her parents."Good morning, Ochaco." Her father greeted her at the other end of the table with his eyes still glued to the newspaper in front of him."Good morning, dad." Ochaco replied flatly just as her mother steps out of the kitchen holding a tray with three cups of orange juice and three plates of scrambled eggs and bacon. "Good morning, mom.""Good morning, dear. Here you go." Mrs. Uraraka said as she places one of the cups and plates in front of her daughter. After placing down the other two cups and plates down on the table for themselves, her father puts away his newspaper while her mother sits down on her own chair across Ochaco."Itadakimasu." All three of them said before they begin eating their food."So Ochaco, what are you planning to do today?" Mr. Uraraka asked."Nothing." Ochaco said sadly."Okay." Mr. Uraraka said bluntly as he resumes his eating."What about you two? Would it be okay if we can go out together later?" Ochaco asked."Sorry, we have work to do." Mrs. Uraraka replied."That's true." Mr. Uraraka added. Ochaco groans miserably before she takes a sip of her orange juice. How she missed Inko's overconcern towards her and Izuku.When they finished eating their breakfast, Ochaco quietly hands her now empty plate over to Mrs. Uraraka. As her mother heads to the kitchen, Ochaco gets up from her chair and briskly makes her way to her room where she would resume her sulking for the rest of the day.But suddenly, she snaps out of her depressed thoughts and stops right in front of the door to her room when the radio on the wall suddenly rang. She turns her head to the radio and sees her father hastily walking over to it and pressing the button."Hello?" Mr. Uraraka asked."Hi. Is this the Uraraka residence?" A voice responded from the other side of the radio. Ochaco gasped upon recognizing the voice."Yes, it is. Who is this?" Mr. Uraraka inquired questioningly."My name is Asui Tsuyu. I'm a friend of Uraraka Ochaco." The voice replied."Yes, it's true. She is a friend of mine in school." Ochaco said to her father. Mr. Uraraka nods his head to her before turning back to the radio."I see. Are you looking for her?" Mr. Uraraka asked."Yes. I was wondering if she would like to go for a walk with me." Tsuyu said. Mr. Uraraka turns back to his daughter who gives him a wan smile."Of course." Ochaco nodded.----Tsuyu patiently waits outside the apartment building until she sees Ochaco stepping out through the door, now dressed in a brown long-sleeved jacket, black pants, brown shoes, and a red scarf wrapped snuggly around her neck."Hello Ochaco!" Tsuyu greeted as she waves her hand to her friend."Hi Tsuyu!" Ochaco replied as she makes her way over to her. "I'm actually rather surprised that you dropped by today."Tsuyu smiles at her for a moment before looking up at the apartment building before her. "So, you are actually living in Izuku's old apartment now." She said sadly, causing the smile on Ochaco's face to quickly disappear."That's right." Ochaco replied dejectedly. "I can't believe he's gone.""Me too." Tsuyu replied as she looks back at her. "Do you miss him?""More than anything." Ochaco said softly with a slow nod. Tsuyu gently grabs her hands and held onto them."If I hadn't met Izuku at the library that day, I never would have become who I am today." Tsuyu said frowning. "So, to hear him say that he is leaving Tokyo that day really breaks my heart.""It's my fault. I was the one who encouraged him to tell you all the truth." Ochaco said sadly as she lowers her head."Don't blame yourself, Ochaco. Even if we had not known, there is nothing we can do to stop him from changing his mind, right?" Tsuyu said."Yeah…" Ochaco murmured."Ochaco, whatever happens, I'm still here for you." Tsuyu said reassuringly. Ochaco briefly looks back up at Tsuyu before she wraps her arms around her friend, pulling her into a warm hug. Tsuyu closes her eyes as she hugs Ochaco back."Arigatou." Ochaco whispered sadly into her ear. The two friends break away from their hug a few seconds later and Ochaco lets out a heavy sigh. She strokes the side of her hair as her lips form into a forced smile. "So, where exactly are we going today?""You'll see." Tsuyu said as she places her hands behind her back and playfully winks an eye at Ochaco. Her friend chuckled in response."Alright. I'll go along with you for now." Ochaco said as she extends her hand out to her. Tsuyu grabs her hand and they both walk down the pavement together.The two friends travel through the streets of Nerima for the next fifteen minutes, and Ochaco soon realize they are entering a different part of the ward that she had never seen or visited before. It is a quiet neighbourhood area about a mile away from her new home, and three and a half miles away from her school. The buildings in the area mostly consists of two-storey terrace houses of various designs and built closely to each other. But there are also several small stores, cafes, a playground, and a few small apartment buildings similar to the one she is now living in."Tsuyu, why are we here?" Ochaco asked in confusion."Oh, I just wanted to stroll through here for a nice, relaxing walk. That's all." Tsuyu replied."Can't we just do that in the park?" Ochaco asked, arching an eyebrow."Even a park still has plenty of people. But rarely do we see any people walking around in these parts, right?" Tsuyu said to her with a smirk."I guess…" Ochaco said in bewilderment.Before Ochaco knew it, they find themselves standing in front of a small, rectangular-shaped redbrick building. It is about three storeys tall, complete with a small parking lot for a few cars and a small metal shelter for several bicycles located at the left side of the building. At the right side of it is the entrance which is a pair of glass sliding doors and has a security panel mounted on the wall beside it, like the one at her own apartment building."Okay, seriously. Why did you take me here?" Ochaco asked her friend with her arms folded."You'll see." Tsuyu said as she removes a card from her pocket. She walks over to the security panel and places her card in front of it. She and Ochaco soon heard a click as the entrance unlocks itself. Tsuyu goes over to the door, slides it open and turns her head to Ochaco. "Come on in."Ochaco sighs before she walks over to Tsuyu and said, "Okay, I get it now. This is where you live, right? I didn't realize you live quite far away from the school.""Nope. This isn't my home." Tsuyu said with a wide smile."Oh? Then whose house is it?" Ochaco asked as she starts to get anxious."Just get inside and you'll soon find out." Tsuyu said, trying to hold back her laughter as she gently places her hand on Ochaco's back and escorts her into the building. They walk over to the staircase in front of them and make their way up to the third and highest floor. When they arrive, Tsuyu escorts her to the end of the hallway and they find themselves standing in front of a wooden door. Ochaco stares at it in confusion for a few seconds before Tsuyu places her hand on her shoulder. She turns to her friend as Tsuyu gestures her to press the doorbell."Go ahead." Tsuyu said.Ochaco looks back at the door with a slight frown. She still has no idea why Tsuyu had brought her all the way here to a mysterious apartment building she had never seen before and located at the other side of Nerima. But eventually, she takes a deep breath and presses the doorbell, preparing to face whatever is coming for her next.A few seconds later, Ochaco could hear the knob being unlocked from the other side of the door. The door soon opens, revealing the mysterious occupant who lives in this household.Instantly, Ochaco's eyes widened and her jaw dropped in complete shock. And for the next few seconds, Ochaco takes a closer look at the person standing before her. No. It couldn't be. Is her mind playing tricks with her?No. It isn't. The messy dark green hair. Those gentle dark green eyes. Ochaco bites down on her lower lip as tears pour down her eyes unchecked, while the boy standing inside the household smiled tenderly at her."Good day, Ochaco.""IZUKU!" Ochaco screamed in unbridled joy as she immediately jumps briefly in the air and throws her arms around him. Izuku quickly grabs Ochaco and they pull themselves into a tight embrace as he turns around and brings her inside his new apartment. He gently places Ochaco's feet down on the floor and the student council president looks up at him with tears continuing to cascade down her cheeks."I-It's you. I-It's really you." Ochaco stammered and ends the sentence with a sniffle. Even as tears began forming in his own eyes, Izuku kept smiling at her as he places his hands on her shoulders."Yes. It's me." Izuku said as Tsuyu steps into the apartment."B-B-But I thought you left Tokyo yesterday." Ochaco said."No. He did not."Ochaco briefly widens her eyes upon hearing Shouto's voice. She whirls about and looked surprised to see Shouto and Momo sitting together on the sofa in the living area, as well as Jirou, Denki, Bakugo, Eliot and Melissa sitting and standing around the dining area."Guys!" Ochaco cried. "What's going on here?"Momo giggled and replied, "It was all Izuku's plan.""That's right." Izuku added. Ochaco turns around to face him and Tsuyu. "Three weeks ago, after you left the apartment, I told my mother that I didn't want to leave Tokyo anymore. And despite only having nineteen days before the time comes, we were able to cancel our moving arrangements to our previous new home outside of Tokyo and find another one located right here in Nerima. And even though it's an additional mile away from our school, at least we are still in the same ward, right?" He finished by giving a cheerful grin to Ochaco."And remember that we told you we have no idea what is going on with Izuku for the last twenty days? Guess what, we lied!" Denki said, shrugging his shoulders as he smiles sheepishly at Ochaco."Yup. While Izuku and his mother were busy finding a new home here in Nerima, he wanted to keep the whole thing a secret from you until they did so, and all of us agreed to play along with him when he told us his intentions. That is why every time you tried to get information about him from us, we pretended not to know a thing." Jirou explained as she stood behind the sofa."Sorry we kept you sad and confused for the last three weeks." Tsuyu said to Ochaco apologetically. The student council president chuckled at her."It doesn't matter." Ochaco said before looking back at Izuku. "I'm just so happy to see you again.""Me too." Izuku said as he and Ochaco gaze at each other with tears freely rolling down their cheeks."You actually did all of this for me." Ochaco said softly to him. "Arigatou.""You're welcome." Izuku responded before they wrap their arms around each other and pull themselves into another warm embrace.All their friends inside the household smiled blissfully at them as they stayed in their hug for a few quiet and peaceful moments. When Izuku and Ochaco finally break away from their embrace and briefly smile at each other, Melissa lets out a chuckle as she stands up from the dining chair."Alright you two, aren't you forgetting about us?" Melissa asked."Yeah man! We're so delighted that you're staying here in Tokyo after all, Izuku!" Eliot cried enthusiastically as he, Melissa, Shouto, Momo, Denki, Jirou and Bakugo make their way over to Izuku. Meanwhile, Tsuyu goes in front of Izuku and wraps her arms around him."Thank you so much, Izuku." Tsuyu whimpered happily as she rests her chin on his shoulder and sheds tears of joy. Izuku closes his eyes as he hugs her back."You're welcome, Tsuyu." Izuku replied. As Tsuyu backs away from him, Izuku looks up to see Bakugo walking over, and he places his hand on his shoulder."Well done, Izuku. I knew you had it in you." Bakugo said to him with a smirk. Izuku chuckled and they both bump their fists against each other. Bakugo moves aside to allow Shouto to walk up to Izuku."It's good to have you back, Izuku." Shouto said as his eyes are brimmed with tears of happiness. Izuku nods his head to him before they give each other a warm embrace. He gives a pat on Shouto's back before they break away from their hug."IZUKU!" Denki sobbed as he rushes over to Izuku and gives him a crushing bear hug, causing him to wince. "I'm so happy that you changed your mind about moving out! I don't know how I could possibly continue on my life without you!" He cried melodramatically."Y-You're welcome…D-Denki." Izuku responded as he struggles to breathe. Denki quickly realizes his blunder and removes his arms around him."Sorry." Denki chuckled sheepishly at him before his lips form into a warm smile. "Arigatou."Izuku smiled back at Denki for a moment before he turns to Jirou, Momo, Eliot and Melissa."Welcome back." Jirou said as she wipes a tear away from her eye."I'm glad you made the right decision." Momo added, nodding her head to him."Thanks buddy." Eliot smiled at Izuku as he and Melissa wrap an arm around each other."I'm happy to have you back in my class, Midoriya." Melissa said cheerfully."You're welcome." Izuku bows solemnly to everyone around him before he stands back up with another wide smile on his face. "All of you."Suddenly, the door to the kitchen slides open and Inko steps out while carrying two plates of pieces of fried chicken stacked neatly into small piles."Alright everyone! The chicken karaage is ready!" Inko calls out to everybody in her household as she makes her way over to the dining table. Ochaco gasped upon seeing her."Inko!" Ochaco squealed as she rushes over to her."Hello Ochaco!" Inko greeted happily as she places the plates of chicken karaage down on the table before she and Ochaco give each other a warm hug."Oh, it's so good to see you again." Ochaco said."Likewise." Inko replied before the two back away from each other."Thank you so much for deciding to stay here." Ochaco said to her."Don't thank me. Thank my son. He is the one who convinced me to change my mind after all. And I'm glad I did." Inko said with a wide smile.Izuku walks over to Ochaco's side and they both smile at each other again. They later turn around to face Shouto, Bakugo, and the others, and Izuku said to them, "Come on everyone! Let's have a bite!"Everyone soon gathers around the dining table and both Izuku and Ochaco took the first bites by each picking up a piece of chicken karaage with their forks and place them into each other's mouths. They widen their eyes as they love the taste of Inko's food, and they both look at each other and titter. The others soon join in on eating the food, and they all spend the rest of the day celebrating the joyous occasion of Izuku's return to Tokyo.And both Izuku and Ochaco could not be happier.
Wait For You (Kaminari Denki x Reader)
Kaminari Denki heard the sound of his footsteps pounding into the pavement echo in his ears, deafening as it was amplified by the sound of the war cry of the pro heroes as they charged into the battle against the liberation revolution. “In order to protect our world, we must attack!”This was a war on an unprecedented scale, one that required even the students training to become pro heroes to become involved in the fight. But why? Why was it him who had to be on the front lines? Why couldn’t he have stayed in the back to prevent the enemy from fleeing with the rest of his classmates...with you? He was scared out of his mind! He was only a student, so how could he possibly fight against trained villains who were willing to give their lives for their cause? Kaminari jolted as he felt a crackling sensation by his feet. Was an enemy preparing to unleash an electricity attack? If it succeeded, it would inflict tremendous damage on the heroes. He had to do something! Gasping in fright, Kaminari tried desperately to recollect his thoughts. What could he possibly think of to calm himself down? In this moment, what—!“Kaminari.”Huh? Just now, your voice…~♡~•~✿~•~♡~“Kaminari, why are you sitting here alone in the dark?” you asked, flipping on the light switch to the common room of the dorms. You moved to sit next to him before asking, “couldn’t sleep?”“(Name)” Kaminari said before looking back down at his hands, “I was just thinking about some stuff.” “About what?” you asked curiously, “I know we just started dating, but I still want to know if something is bothering you.” After a moment of hesitation, Kaminari answered, “recently I’ve been thinking, I can’t really manipulate electricity, so it’s hard to fight with other people without hitting my friends around me...or turning stupid” Kaminari added a little ashamedly, “I keep saying I want to be a hero, but I end up showing my pathetic weak side a lot, especially to you.” “So that’s what you were worried about?” you asked, leaning back into the couch, “I thought it was something serious.”“Huh? I’m being totally serious right now, (Name)!” Kaminari complained, “I’m not like you, who has really great control of a strong quirk. Even if I were to become a pro hero, would someone weak like me be able to do anything by myself?”When you began to laugh, Kaminari turned to you in surprise. Was this really a laughing matter?“Sorry, I just found it funny you were saying such things” you lifted your hand to your mouth, covering your smile. “How could you call yourself weak?”“Huh?” Kaminari was startled by your reaction, “but as soon as I use my quirk, my brain short-circuits. I’m also stupid. Haven’t you seen my grades? Haven’t you ever thought you deserve better than me? I know everyone else does.” At this, you dropped your hand from your mouth and looked at him, tilting your head. “I don’t care.”“Eh?”“I don’t care if your grades are worse than anyone else’s in the class or if your quirk leaves you more vulnerable after overuse” you said, turning to place a hand on his chest, “I didn’t notice you for how strong your quirk is or because you’re smart. You’re someone who cares deeply about the people around you.” With a smile you said, “that’s why I love you so much, since I can see your sincerity from the bottom of your heart.”  At this, Kaminari felt his eyes tear up. What had he ever done to deserve you? He grabbed your wrist before you could pull your hand away from him and dragged your forward into his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around you. “Kaminari?” you asked, your voice muffled by his clothing. “I’m sorry, (Name), for thinking that way” Kaminari said, placing a hand on your head, “I’ll make sure to get stronger and get better control of my quirk, so I can proudly stand by your side.”“Idiot” you sighed, reaching out your arms to wrap them around his neck, “I told you I didn’t need any of that.” Lifting your head, you caressed his face with one hand and kissed him. “But...since you insist on improving” you gave him a smile, “I’ll be waiting for you to show me how great of a hero you can be.” ~♡~•~✿~•~♡~Closing his eyes briefly to cherish the memory, Kaminari exhaled slowly. He was different from back then. Since he had made a promise to you, to show you how capable he could be, that he would become stronger, for your sake as well. Then he couldn’t simply back down now. “Wait for me” he murmured, feeling electricity crackle from his fingertips, “(Name).”Then he lifted his hand to the sky just as the enemy attack rippled through the air, neutralizing the attack with his electricity. “One commander totally neutralized!” Kaminari yelled loud enough for the others to hear, “now let’s mop up the others real quick so the guys we left behind don’t need to worry!” With a grin on his face and unwavering determination in his heart, Kaminari made one more silent promise to you. That he would definitely succeed and return to you.~♡~•~✿~•~♡~
All Might
My Hero Academia: All Might vs Nomuboo by TitanXecutor
Happy Birthday All Might! by My-Senpai-Eren
Toshinori Yagi [All Might] - My Hero Academia by Ariyuusu
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Deku and Eri by Princessemeralds
[ KNY X BNHA ] Midoriya Izuku as a Demon Slayer by 19wereWOLF87
All Might plushie by SakuraYagami
Happy Birthday, Izu-kunThe sun started to rise into the sky and shine its life giving light across the land. The light also filtered through the windows of the 1-A dorms, but one in particular was what mattered.The green-haired boy, who normally would wake up early to get in some exercise and training before classes, really wanted a few more minutes of sleep. Especially since it would mean a few more minutes with the purple-haired girl snuggled up against him.Their eyes fluttered open at the same time and emerald green met with amethyst purple.“Hey,” said Izuku softly, giving off a tired smile.“Hey yourself,” replied Kyouka just as softly, returning the smile. “Happy birthday, by the way.”“Hm?” questioned the boy as he looked up and towards his calendar. “Is it really July 15 already?”Kyouka rolled her eyes before placing a kiss on his freckled cheek. “Only you could forget your own birthday.”“In all fairness, we’ve been swamped with schoolwork and training and I’ve been working really hard at Endeavor’s agency, so my mind’s been elsewhere.”“Fair enough,” said Kyouka, snuggling up closer to her man. “So any plans for after classes, birthday boy?”“Why? Did you have something planned?”“Well…I figured you, me, and Eri could go out for dinner tonight to celebrate,” replied the shy rocker with a smile.Izuku smiled as well as he thought of their daughter. “I can already see how excited she’ll be over this.”“Of course she will be. It’s her Papa’s birthday.”“And I wish I could say I’ll be looking forward to that dinner.”“…But?”“…Promise you won’t get upset?”The rocker girl had a bad feeling about this.-:-It took everything Kyouka had not to scowl. Classes were done for the day and Class 1-A were currently at a party being thrown for Izuku’s birthday. That wasn’t what she was upset over. What she was upset over though…“Hey, Midoriya! Who would have guessed we shared the same birthday?!” exclaimed a smiling, muscular blond who slapped Izuku on the back in a friendly gesture.…The party was also for the pervert that was their sempai. Why did he have to be born on the same day as her Izu-kun?Apparently, from what Izuku told her, Nejire and Amajiki had come to him a few days ago asking for help to set up a surprise birthday party for Mirio. It then became a double birthday when Izuku let slip that his birthday was the same day.Word then got out to the rest of Class 1-A and they couldn’t wait to celebrate. So right now the party consisted of Class 1-A, the Big 3, and a few teachers. Of course that wasn’t all of guests just yet.The door opened and in walked Toshinori and Izuku’s mother, Inko. Upon seeing her son, the mother made a beeline right to him.“Izuku!”“Kaachan?” wondered the boy before being engulfed in a hug. “Wh-What are you doing here? You didn’t have to come out all this way. I would have come home to visit later.”“I know you would have, Izuku, but I thought it would have been a nice birthday surprise if I came to visit you,” said Inko with a smile that reminded everyone of Izuku’s.Kyouka watched with an amused smirk as her cinnamon roll of a boyfriend blushed brightly. She was about to greet Inko, but Mirio beat her to it.“Hi! So you’re Midoriya’s mom, huh? My name’s Togata Mirio! Pleased to meet you!” exclaimed the tall teen as he held out his hand. He then pointed to his friends, who were walking up to them. “And these are my classmates Amajiki Tamaki and Hadou Nejire!“It’s actually Togata-sempai’s birthday, too, Kaachan,” added Izuku.“Oh! Happy birthday, Mirio-kun! And hello, Tamaki-kun, Nejire-chan!”“Thanks/H-Hi/Hello!”“Yeah, it was quite the surprise finding out that Izu-kun and Sempai shared a birthday,” said Kyouka with a hint of disdain that only Izuku could hear. He knew how much she hated “the pervert”.‘I’ll have to make it up to her somehow,’ thought Izuku with a sweatdrop.The green-haired mother turned her smiling visage to the rocker girl. “Kyouka-chan! Have you been doing well? Is Izuku treating you right?”“Kaachan…” said Izuku with a slight whine.Kyouka let out a giggle, knowing that Inko was just teasing her son. “I’ve been doing fine and yes, Izu-kun treats me right. In fact, he treats me like a queen even when I tell him he doesn’t have to.”The shy rocker grinned slightly while Inko giggled as Izuku blushed up a storm.“Should you really be teasing me on my birthday?” questioned Izuku, glancing away.“We tease because we care, Izu-kun,” replied Kyouka as she stood on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek before she latched onto his arm. This caused him to blush even more.Inko and Nejire let out some giggles while Mirio gave a thumb’s up and Amajiki just wanted to hide. Things got better for Izuku though when his red-eyed daughter arrived with Aizawa.“Mama! Papa!” squeaked out Eri as she rushed towards her parents. Aizawa took his time following after.“Hey, sweetie,” said Kyouka as she scooped up the little one into her arms. “We were wondering when you’d get here. Did you miss us?”“Hai!” chirped the little one before turning to Izuku. “Happy birthday, Papa!”Izuku let out a chuckle as he reached out and patted her on the head. “Arigatou, Eri. That means a lot to me.”Nejire and Amajiki blinked in confusion while Inko and Mirio beamed happily at the scene. Aizawa, for his, part, held his tongue.“Mama? Papa?” questioned Nejire, tilting her head.Amajiki turned to his friend. “Did you know about this, Mirio?”“Yup!” replied the blond with a laugh. “Eri’s really grown attached to those two. Makes sense considering everything they done for her.“Aww! That’s so cute!” gushed the aura wielder, her hands cupping her cheeks. “Eee! I wish I could be a mommy too!”Amajiki’s eyes widened in fear and Mirio, even though he was still smiling it was clearly strained.“Don’t rush into something you are clearly not ready for,” stated Aizawa, looking at Nejire, who pouted.“Aizawa-san is right, Nejire-chan. A child is a big responsibility and you shouldn’t have one if you’re not fully prepared for one,” added Inko with a firm, yet motherly tone.Izuku and Kyouka glanced at each other, knowing full well that when Eri came into their lives that they weren’t prepared to become parents. But they did everything they could to make the little girl that they held in their hearts as happy as possible and raise her right.“Wait, then how come Izuku-kun and Kyouka-chan get to be parents when they’re younger than me?” questioned Nejire with a frown. “…Aside from Eri’s circumstances that is.”“That’s because they have me, Toshinori, Kyouka-chan’s parents, and Aizawa-san to help them,” replied Inko, earning a glance from the always-tired teacher. “I also believe Izuku mentioned that some of his classmates also help when they can.”“Th-That’s right,” said Izuku. “Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu have been a big help.”“I got to help Shouto-ojichan and Momo-obachan make an apple pie once and Fumi-ojichan is teaching me how to use a sword!” squeaked the six-year-old with a beaming smile.Upon hearing that last part, Inko blinked in confusion while Aizawa had a blank look on his face.“…What?”“We’ll explain later,” replied Izuku and Kyouka.The party continued on as everyone mingled and wished Izuku and Mirio a happy birthday before it was time for cake and presents with Izuku getting a rare All Might statuette that everyone in his class (including Bakugou, albeit forcibly) chipped in to get and from Eri a colored drawing of him and their little family, which he liked more than the statue if he were honest.Being surrounded by family and friends, it was one of the best birthdays Izuku’s ever had.-:-Later that night, after the party winded down and everyone said their goodbyes, Izuku ready for sleep, but there would be a change of plans.He was currently on his way to Kyouka’s room after she had sent him a text asking if he could come by real quick. Upon arriving, he knocked a few times to let her know he was there before letting himself in.“Is something wrong, Kyouka?” asked the boy with a worried look in his eyes.“No, nothing’s wrong, Izu-kun,” replied Kyouka as she sauntered up to him. “I just wanted to give you your birthday present.The boy was confused as she led him over to the bed. “Wasn’t that statuette partly from you?”“Hai, but what I’m giving you now is from me and only me.”She then gently pushed him onto the bed before climbing atop of him to straddle his waist and wrap her arms around his neck. He currently resembled a tomato at this point.“K-K-K-Kyouka!” stuttered out the future Symbol of Peace, knowing full well what she was planning now. “Wh-Wh-What are you doing?!”“What does it look like, Izu-kun? I love you and I want to give myself to you fully,” explained Kyouka, laying her forehead against his as amethyst eyes stared directly into emerald ones.“A-Are you sure about th-this though?” questioned Izuku, still red-faced. “I m-mean we’re still in school. Wh-What if y-you get…”“Izu-kun, I haven’t been this sure since I decided I wanted to become a hero. I love you and you’re the only one I could ever want.”“And I love you, Kyouka. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else.”He closed the gap to kiss her fully, the two of them showing their love and passion for each other in this kiss before releasing for air.Kyouka had to catch her breath slightly before she spoke again. “As for your other concern, Izu-kun, while I’m sure Eri would love a little brother or sister to play with, today is one of my safe days.”Izuku was still nervous as he grabbed hold of her hips. “And you’re absolutely sure about this? I don’t want to force you into something just because it’s my birthday.”Her mouth twitched into a smile. Most boys would jump at the chance being presented to them. Not her Izu-kun though. He was more concerned for her wellbeing and that was one of the reasons she loved him so much. She gave him a light kiss to the lips.“I’m sure, Izu-kun.”After a moment, he kissed her once more, not as fierce but just as passionate as he lowered her onto her bed.It was a very good thing her room was soundproof.FIN...
Katsuki Bakugou
MHA:DOFP - Kacchan Smokin' by edCOM02
FANART // BNHA: Bakugou by wispbe
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Listen Up Villains!! (FAN SPIN-OFF)
Alright! So since we have quite a few heroes for class 1-L, we need some hardcore villains. What I want you to do is go all out with creativeness and do whatever you want when it comes to these characters. I still need you to fill out this form however! Then I can know everything I need to know to be able to write them!

Now! Please fill out the application below! Maximum of 10 OCs! We will keep tabs on who is in the hero course. Once the maximum has been reached, we will closed this journal down. Alright! Tell us all about yourself!

(This is for ocs. Please fill out everything below! Read carefully! ALSO ONLY ONE OC PER PERSON SINCE THERE ARE ONLY 10 OPEN SPOTS!)

Alias: (So what do they go by instead of their actual name?)

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Age: (How
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Listen Up! Class 1-L!! (FAN SPIN-OFF)
Alright! We’re holding some exams for a new Class 1-L that’s being added to the hero course! But first, we need you to tell us about you! We noticed that the hero course only has two classes compared to the three for the other courses. We know very well that the hero course is very popular. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a hero if you have a quirk!
Now! Please fill out the application below! Maximum of 20 OCs! We will keep tabs on who is in the hero course. Once the maximum has been reached, we will closed this journal down. Alright! Tell us all about yourself!
(This is for ocs. Please fill out everything below! Read carefully! ALSO ONLY ONE OC PER PERSON SINCE THERE ARE ONLY 20 OPEN SPOTS!)
Name: (So, what’s their full name? First and last! Middle if you’d like!)
Namesake: (Why do they have this name? What is the meaning behind their name if it has one? Were you inspired by a canon character?)
Hero Name: (What name do you want them t
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