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more people really need to play these games.
I wonder if Kura5 shtuff is appropriate, if yall don't know it, its a fangame project, and its going strong as ever! Met so man other boktai fans because of it <3
Is fanarts like this one acceptable? It's not particularly for Boktai, it's for the MegaMan and Boktai Crossover since this is my OC's (Ember.EXE's) Sol Cross.

The other form...quite a lot to explain there from my google group ("A Buggy Wolf" and "Return of the Cybeats" are the fanfics)
To put it short lol... That is Sol Cross, but Ember's been taken over/corrupted by something.

Also, thanks for accepting me guys, Boktai is one of my fav games I'll always love!

Ember.EXE and her Boktai Cross(es)! by JaneValentine007  
Hhhholy Sergio Leone, 20 arts in ONE day? Yes please.
Glad to see this group is starting to come back to life once more! :D 
How's everyone doing?
Sorry for late reply. You know, bust. Having jobs, the works. But still lovin' Boktai.