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Mega-Beast Death-Match 2012 - Round 4

By BoKaier
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The fourth round of the Mega-Beast Death-Match. Necromander vs Barracade vs Mr. D'Ed. Powers in comments. Comment with a name to say which you would win a fight to the death! Only 1 round left after this!

I'll decide a winner from vote totals Monday July 9th. Voting happens here, facebook, and the Drabblecast forums.
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
Necromander took this round, he took a significant majority of the facebook votes. About to launch the finals with his 'evolved form' to use pokemon terminology, Necromanster. Should be here later tonight.
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Barracade. He can just smash through the compotition.
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
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Mr. D'Ed! He'd take out Necromander at the speed of light right when the match begins, keeping Necromander from getting even a single spell off, leaving him to attack Barracade, which I think would be focused on the eyes, the only weak point on his body that I can find.

Barracade couldn't hope to catch Mr. D'Ed even with functioning eyes because the horse is just so much faster. After enough hooves to the eyes, I think Barracade would be unable to either defend himself or do any sort of effective attack, so, it might take a while, I think Mr. D'Ed would triumph.
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
Well reasoned and totally plausible. Your vote for D'Ed is noted. Thanks!
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I'd think Necromander would be smart enough to let Barracade and Mr. D'Ed fight it out and resurrect the loser to fight for him (along with the horde of undead bystanders killed from the ongoing brawl).

Is Barracade's impregnable body surface immune to magic attacks? Could Necromander resurrect the mutilated body parts Barracade just ingested and have them claw him from the inside out?

If yes to both of those questions... Necromander for the win!
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
In the MBDM, I try not to spoil the ambiguity with too many direct answers. BS'ing crazy fight scenarios is the MBDM's primary purpose.

I would say that it's safe to assume Barracade doesn't have magic countering abilities of any kind. Additionally, I find the reawakened limbs idea far too enjoyable to throw water on. I'll not stand in the way of a Necromander vote.
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Go Go Barracade!!
I would love to vote for Necromander, but Barracade looks so so epic xD!
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
Fair enough. No clear leader has arisen - it will be an interesting round. I think the round 4 meta-beast will be a dark horse to win the finals!
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Fuck yeah, I like the sound of that =D!
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BoKaierProfessional Digital Artist
Beast 1:
Size: 5' (Tall) 7' (Long)
Weight: 250 lbs
The familiar of an ancient warlock, breed for sinister purposes. An alligator-sized salamander, whose patterning resembles runes. A practitioner of the dark arts: utilizes curses and spell-casting over physical means of combat. Able to raise and subjugate the recent dead.

Beast 2
Nature: Pangolin (scaly anteater), Barracuda
Size: 4' (Tall) 8' (Long)
Weight: 2.5 tons
Steel scales create an impregnable body surface. Sharp, steel teeth. Can breathe underwater or on land. Hunger is insatiable, will rip and tear for the thrill. Voracious, opportunistic, capable of bursts of speed.

Beast 3:
Mr. D'Ed
Nature: Horse
Size: 10' (Long) 8' (Tall)
Weight: 1.25 tons
An unbelievable talking horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Mr. D'Ed! Time-bending speed fostered his return from those thrilling days of yesteryear! Will talk you down then hove your noggin.'
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