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Mega Beast Death Match 2012 Heats 4 5 6

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The Second three heats of the Mega-Beast Death-Match 2012. Heats 1,2,3 ([link]). Heats 7,8,9 ([link])

Survivors: Luck-Billed Platypus, The Dreadnaughtilus, Squarrel.

Row 1
Mourning Dove, Bat El Ex, Sphynxtaur, Swanflict, Luck-Billed Platypus

Row 2
Onsloth, The Dreadnaughtilus, Slammoth, Trilofight, T-Wreck

Row 3
Nuclear Mole Rat, Racoontaur, AI-Aye, Squarrel, Carpybara
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Luck-Billed Platypus, Onsloth (really, what's better then a sloth 20X its normal size) and The Racoontaur
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Sphinxtaur, Dreadnaughilus and Nuclear Mole Rat
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Row 1: Luck Billed Platypus. It's a new power not seen before in megabeasts (I think)
Row 2: Dreadnaughtilus.
Row 3: Nuclear Mole Rat
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Luck-Billed Platypus, Onsloth, and AI-Aye!
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PaulBrozenich Photographer
Row 1: Luck-Billed Platypus. The others are deadly but it has luck on it's side, and since it's a platypus it's poisonous.

Row 2: The Dreadnaughtilus. Damn Bo, this was another category where I had trouble picking; they're all so kick ass... And despite my rabid love of all things T-Rex I think that Dreadnaughtilus is best equipped to win a monster fight here. It's cephalotastic.

Row 3: Nuclear Mole Rat. It's a nuclear mole rat. In my eyes he could only be challenged by AI-Aye's regeneration powers. Sheer brute force and grossness on the part of NMR will overcome that advantage.