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Adventure Time - The Vampire Queen!

By BoKaier
A piece of fan art for Adventure Time, my favorite cartoon on TV. Finn, Jake and Beemo are ambushed by Marceline the vampire queen. Oh deer glob!

Seriously though, if you don't know AT, check it out. It is bursting with wonder and enthusiasm - it will melt your cynicism like Arks melt Nazi faces. I put it against Rocko, Ren & Stimpy, Thunder Cats, Ninja Turtles, any of those nostalgic touchstones of a 20 something's youth, and it it holds up.
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Jake's face here is priceless! hahaha!
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Waaahh... Hoooo... nice job! :+fav:
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How did I miss this one of yours? Awesome job Bo! And yes, it's the best animated show on. I've seen every episode. :)
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Thanks! Yep, top notch show. Also great for shaking something loose if you have artist's block.
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That's a good idea for curing artist's block! I like sketching the Adventure Time villains while watching it with my kids. I also have an unfinished manip of my son as Finn that looks too funny. Maybe I'll get around to finishing it someday. :)
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It'd be popular - people on Deviant are gaga for Adventure Time content.
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Wonderful piece! ;___;
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Adventure time is great, because it reminds me of 90's cartoons.
Long live AV.

( great job by the way )
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I like the 3D feeling of the coloring, and the whole expressions set XD!
It's an awesome show indeed... so sweet, so zany, so cute, so tetric, so charming, so everything XD!
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Thanks, I'll have to do another sometime, there are so many characters to hit. I left Lumpy Space Princes out (she was in my pencils), maybe next time I'll do something with her and other weird princesses from the show.

They make up their own slang (like tetric), a huge part of why the show is so ridonk!
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This is great! I just watched this last night B]
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Thanks, and cool, I love that show. It brings me back up from whatever low Game of Thrones dumps me in to on Sunday.
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That's fantastic !
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Great work Bo, and with a recommendation like that I will definitely check this show out. :thumbsup:
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It has not. I've been heavily watching it and it's awesome. This piece now takes on new awesomeness.
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It will not disappoint!
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I love this with all of my heart parts.
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