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It's disappointing when you finally find an artist you've admired for so long, only to find out he's a sick pedophile! I'm beyond disappointed and disgusted!
I hope you die in jail.
I hope your asshole is busted in the cells you sick fuck
I'm deeply ashamed I even have the same name as this repulsive pedophile.
Still, why have DA kept this furry child molester's account active?  For all, we know he has access to a computer in prison.  I dislike the fact that prisons have TV and even computers.  These people are in prison for a reason and it does not play on the computers or watches TV. That privilege activity for people that is not in prison!

The other thing is prisons needs need stop allowing prisoners that are the artist have art supplies to art and sending him his commission orders. They are in prison to do time and be punished  for a crime. What I heard some his art friends sends him art supplies so he can art and sell the art. Again that is a privileged activity for  people not in prison.
Why do DA still keep this profile up? This guy molested children and he's in prison for a long time.