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If you like our plushies and want to see WIPs, tutorials and more, please support us on Patreon

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Commission info


We still have commissions to work on, but we hope to finish soon and take new ones soon.
Even if we have our commissions closed, feel free to ask for prices and any other question!


Here you have two journals explaining our commission Policies and Pricing. Please read them before asking us for a plushie! :)

Commission info and policiesIn this journal, you will find all the basic information you need to read before asking us for a comission. We tried to explian everything the best we could, but if you have any doubt, feel free to ask us! 
* All our plushies are completely handmade, and we put a lot of effort and love on each one. 
* Our style is making the plushies as close to the design and realistic as possible. If you want a more “chibi” styled plush, you should tell us before making us a comission.
* Our plushies ARE NOT TOYS. They are adressed yo adult collectors or cosplayers. If you want to give it to a kid, please tell us so we will put extra care in making it as durable as possible. But please keep that in mind, since these plushies are not meant to be played with.
Commission prices and optionsIn this journal you will find all the pricings for our plushies, with all the options we have and extras you may want in your plush. If you have any question, please feel free to ask!
Please remember to read our commission info and policies before making us a commission.
The price is approximate. It depends on the difficulty of the design. If it's very simple or very complicated, it may differ from the price.

-If the plush has a lot of colours,  it may have a higher price.
-The prices are the same for both polar and minky. If we have to use any other kind of fabric, it can have a higher price.
For each commission, we will discuss design and difficulty in private, so we can tell an accurate price for each plush. Even that, the final price may sometimes increase up to 20 euros if we find it more difficult than expected


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Boira Plushies
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
Former Artesanías Iris

This account is only for plushies and other commissions made by us.
You can check our gallery to see all the plushies we have made, and feel free to ask us! We take commissions! We can either make new plushies or repeat the ones we have made.

If you want to contact us, you can comment on journals, deviations, private notes or ask via our facebook: or our twitter:

We are two engineering students who love pokemon and plushies over all!

Our personal accounts:

As you probably already know, since we've commented it in our social media in the last months, we've wanted to change our name and logo for a while. Artesanías Iris (translation: Ecruteak Crafts) has meant a lot to us; back when we decided the name, we were excited to use the name of one of our favourite Pokémon cities together with the idea of the tower and Ho-oh's wings. And after all this time, it's hard not to get fond of something that has been with you for so long. 

But sadly this name doesn't suit us anymore. First of all, "artesanías" (crafts) doesn't describe us. We decided this name because when we started we made other stuff like kigurumis, cosplay, paper lamps apart from the plushies. But we quickly specialized in plushies, and this name can lead to confusions.

In second place, it's not a "universal" name. Many people don't know what "Artesanáis" means because they don't speak Spanish, so many potential customers may not have seen us because of that. 

Also, even if both our name and logo made reference to Pokémon, and mostly Ecruteak City (Ciudad Iris is how it's called in Spain), most people didn't get the reference and just thought that one of us was called Iris, which is a rather common name.

Finally, and one of the most important reasons, is  originality. Even if "Artesanías Iris" is a good name, it's not original. It's completely based on Pokémon, in one of its cities to be precise. And even though we love Pokémon, we've reached a point where we want to have more freedom and diversity when making plushies. We want to make not only plushies based on series and games, but also original designs. So we think that our name should be original too. 

Without anything else to explain, we announce you our new name: Boira Plushies

If you want to know where this comes from, Boira is mist in Catalan (the language that is spoken in Catalonia, the region of Spain we live in). Our pet bunny is called this way, so it's a way to include our pets in the name, and one of us has always liked fog and mist too. And "Plushies", well, it's self explanatory, right?

And, obviously, the pictures show our new mascot: Slunny. We designed it time ago, based on the sea bunnies (sea slugs that look like bunnies) and it was one of our original Pokémon (fakemon) designs. We've always liked sea bunnies, since Rabbits are our favourite pets. In fact, our other name option was Slunny Plushies, but we think that Boira looks prettier.

We hope you like it :3 <3

Look at this cutie <3

We also have some great news... And it's that we decided to make some labels for our plushies! We ordered two sizes, for small and medium plushies. The big plushies will have our logo embroidered in a less visible spot (like the back paw pad or a sitting plushie's butt). 

We ordered them on Ribbon Design, we're excited to use them on the next plushies!!!



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Hello! Sure :) you can send a note asking for prices ^^
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