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Feanor Spirit of Fire

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Fëanor, light of creation, fire of destruction.
The flamey disgruntled one is shown here with both the sword he forged and scale armour inspired by Bronze Age equivalents, (too early in Elf history for anything similar to our medieval), and holding his smith's hammer. Above him the light of the silmarils wax and wane as though at war with the redder light of war that's also within him.
(guess which won.)
Portrait for a (probably over-ambitious) project I'd like to do.

Prints and flaming things here:…

2018 Soni Alcorn-Hender
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Oh my god... oh my god... *breathes*. This looks so amazing I can't even! He's gorgeous, and the effect is absolutely stunning! I love this so much! <3

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D'aww, thank you. :love: 
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damn, that bastard looking real good!!! I love the affect^^
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That effect is so cool! I was not expecting that when I clicked the picture. Very nice work.
BohemianWeasel's avatar
Thanks! It's just a shame it got a bit crunched with compression, the original version was smoother.
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So beautiful lines and awesome effect!
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This suits his character so much. I think it's amazing! 
BohemianWeasel's avatar
Thank you! :)   Though it might have suited his character even more if it was just biting people and screaming. ;)
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Haha, after a certain point in his life, yes indeed! :P
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ooh girl godDAMN Fangirl Emote 
as my granny would say, you put your foot in it
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It looks stunning!! :heart:
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Amazing work.:) (Smile) Heart 
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Wonderful work =D
LadyMordor's avatar
Amazing ! <3 Although, at first... I thought I had gone crazy, or that my vision was failing :p ... Awesome effect, thou :D
Enthalpie's avatar
His face !!! wow
NordicLynx's avatar
That's really cool :)
Wasserwaldnymphe's avatar
a glowing sword is more impressive than I thought
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This is absolutely breathtaking. You did a fantastic job O.o
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That is some excellent work! :D
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This is fantastic! I love the angle on the face!
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