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Type: Rock / Ground
Ability: Sand Force
Height: 1,5m
Weight: 259.9kg
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densonnic's avatar
wait. this isn't mega sandslash?
How about Adaptability as its ability? Would be amazing, considering its typing.
MEVVX's avatar
oh dear. hes ready now. HIS BODY IS READY!!!
Teresa-Tsareena's avatar
Love this! Great design for Mega Golem. Love 
KigenKitsuneOokami's avatar
Dear Arceus he's naked 😆😆 honestly though good job
BVBARMYGIRL318's avatar
I would love to see my Golem like this
JustinNuggets's avatar
I've always wondered what was under that rocky exterior. Well done!
pepon99's avatar
BogyHiro's avatar
Glad you liked it ^^
IcyEthics's avatar
This idea is great. That's really well drawn too. Favoriting this!

Also, would you mind if I tried to sprite this? With full credit to you of course.
BogyHiro's avatar
KojoDorcoo's avatar
wow the face looks like mine! Relatives
BrokenFin369's avatar
I have never thought of golems mega to ever look like that, that's really cool.
BogyHiro's avatar
I’m glad you like it :D
gravityuniverse's avatar
I live how it is similar to its original. All the other golem megas are like fire and psychic and weird typing. Yours is original I can see it as a real mega. Great work :)
KojoDorcoo's avatar
then check out mine!
gravityuniverse's avatar
Your welcome dude, you deserve good comments
Jai-Ti's avatar
The face looks a little bit like Rhyhorn, but now could we see whats under the stones! Nice concept! :)
BogyHiro's avatar
Thanks. It's what I imagine it should be the Golem to mega evolve. I'm glad you liked it.
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