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Prehistoric Little Life

scoot palgram
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Scott. Look out. It's that one dino.
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I knew Ramona really got around, but i never knew she was also into giant Dinosaurs.

What a slut.
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Hi there, this is awesome! I hope you don't mind I posted this to my blog [link] :D
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that's completely fine. Glad you liked it : )
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I just downloaded the game, this is so freaking hilarious (the pic, cuz the game rocks!).
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this made me laugh. I will share it with friends
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Hilaaarity~ Can't wait to see the film! :iconimevenhappierplz:
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film is awesomesauce
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Hahaha, that's hilarious! :D
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I fav'd this...just so i could unfav it and fav it again!
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yeah, i liked it that much x3
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Her other evil Rexes include: Rex Morgan, MD; Rex the Runt; Rex the Wonder Dog and the city of Rex, Georgia.
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Holy crap, it's Scott Pilgrim but on SUPER HARD mode. :noes:
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No pussys allowed
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Damn straight lol
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great concept.
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MISTER PILGRIM! *Stomps on floor* I'm a Ramona's FIRST Evil Rex! xDD
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