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Guessing character games

By Bogswallop
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Someone will probably get em all on the first go but what the hell, this was fun to do.

EDIT: Sharpy got em;
1 - Ben Grimm/Thing
2 - Harley Quinn
3 - Scrooge McDuck
4 - Blackadder (the fourth)
5 - Magic Carpet
6 - Team Rocket
7- Uncle Iroh
8 - Mojo Jojo
9 - Amy Pond
10 - Mr Snrub after a shave.
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Mr. Snrub after a shave? Hilarious! Is he still sad for not convincing the town to return the three million dollars back to the nuclear power plant?
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For putting both the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing, Uncle Iroh, and Mojo Jojo, I SALUTE YOU!!!!!!
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Iroh looks so pimp :u

if he was on Magic Carpet he'd be a magical pimp.
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1 - Thing
2 - Harley
3 - Scrooge
4 - Blackadder
5 - Magic Carpet
6 - Team Rocket
7- Iroh (Spelling might be off there)
8 - Mojo Jojo
9 - Hardest one. Think it's Dr Who's sidekick, I forget her name though. Amy?
10 - Mr Snrub after a shave.
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You got them all :>
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Sonic the Hedgehog
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James, Jessie and Meowth are the only good characters in Pokémon.
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I would do this but naaah

and actually i do not know who the guy with the mustache and the girl are, it is hard!
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no one does woooo~
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The only ones I don't know are the dude in the top row in the green, and the girl directly below him...
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They are indeed awesome.

And I don't think anyone will get them. I'm not good at drawing real people :(
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Woah that's colourful.
Also I too, like Mojo-Jojo, Uncle Iroh, and Team Rocket.
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1: The Thing
2: The Joker's bitch
3: Scrooge McDuck
4: IDK
5: The Magic Carpet from Aladdin
7: That child-molester from Avatar
8: Mojojojo
9: IDK
10: Mr. Burns

Where's my cookie!?
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