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Developer Folder

Windows Vista-like developer folder.

Package contains :
- Windows Vista-compatible icon
- 256x256 PNG icon
- Back/Front PNGs for adding custom content to folder
- Mask for bluring items behind the folder

- Fixed the bright white line at the bottom of the icon
- The top white edge is smoother

©2008-2010 Mihaiciuc Bogdan.
© 2008 - 2021 bogo-d
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please share complete pack my brother. are the best icons MsOS for anywhere system. 
I still don't know how to apply it
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thank you very nice
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awesoeme man thnx a lot
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hi, its very nice... but when i change the icon, i cant use it on more than only 1 foldeR.. why?
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Good work! :D
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Do you know if I'd still be able to see folder previews by using this icon in windows vista?
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You would need to make back and front icon files from the PNG files and then either replace those icons in Windows' imageres.dll or use an icon-changing program that supports changing those two icons.

I can make the back/front icons for you and if you want modify your imageres.

I'm not sure which icon program supports changing these icons but I'm pretty sure you can find one with Google.
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Thank you for the help.
I converted the two front and back .pngs (they were already in the compressed folder) into icons, and will be using the program IconPackager to make them work. ;D
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