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7 for Windows Media Player 11

By bogo-d
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Windows 7 skin for Windows Media Player 11 (Windows Vista only).

This was not designed to be a Windows Media Player 12 copy, but rather to make Windows Media Player 11 look like a Windows 7 app.

Please read the included pdf before installing (requires Adobe Reader).

This skin requires you to change system files and registry entries. Doing this incorrectly may cause Windows or some of its components to stop working properly. Be sure to make back-ups before actually changing anything.

To 'remove' the black box that appears around videos go to Options > Performance and change the Video border color to (R:249 G:250 B:254).

Note: It is not possible to change the text color for the Online Store tab because it is set by the store itself. If you do change it, it will revert automatically back to white after a while if you are connected to the internet.

Update 1: December 09, 2008

Update 2: December 16, 2008
- Updated taskbar image
- Updated back/forward buttons
- Updated toolbar buttons
- Slightly changed tabs
- Updated mini-mode panels

©2008-2010 Mihaiciuc Bogdan.
© 2008 - 2021 bogo-d
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How we can use virtual machine software?
As we are also into this app developing role therefore want to know as much as possible about it.
Many thnaks!
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Idea: 10 for Windows Media Player 12
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If you dont have Windows 10. Use a Virtual Machine Software. like VMware Workastion (Virtual pc 2007 dont works)
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Thanks for share :thumbsup:
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Are you gonna make one for xp??
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No, but it's already been ported here.
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I know but that does not have the glass effect??
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Yes, this is a limitation of Windows XP.

Only third party utilities such as WindowBlinds will add transparency to XP windows, but these won't work on Windows Media Player 11 because it draws its own window borders.
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Very good looking man!By curiousity, how long it took for you to make it?
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Not that long, really.
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Does this have the original blackish blue taskbar player or a new replacement skin?
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I don't remember.
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Could you make this for vista SP2. When i try to use this, after merging the regirstry changes and running WMP, i get an error stating that version 6.0.6002 was expected but 6.0.6001 was recieved.
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I will.

Until then you can change the version number yourself using a tool like resource hacker or restorator.
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Wow, you're all over the web with this. Respect! It's looking good.

(Only a lot of the dimwits think it's :misaki2009: who made this, because it's in his favourites. Shame, you should get the credit for this you deserve.)
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:) i never said that i made this skin neither i uploaded it on my profile :) i favorite it because i like it, nothing much.

i don't make skins for Winamp or Windows Media Player neither for other applications only for Microsoft Windows 7, Sonny Ericsson Mobile Phones and Kaspersky 2010
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Yeah, I know. :nod: It's just a pity there's a lot of people out there (beyond deviant art I mean, not you :aww:) who don't take the time to look at the details of a site before they open their mouths about it. And so they confuse favourites and galleries. They should be :spank:
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