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April 3, 2009
7 for Digsby version 1.3 by ~bogo-d I've never heard of Digsby. It's a chat client that works a little like Miranda and Trillian by allowing you to log into all your IM's at once. Not only that, but it alerts you to your emails AND keeps track of facebook, Twitter etc. Hell, it even works on Macs and Linux. Bogo-d has created a skin for it that looks like it's a native Windows 7 skin and matches it perfectly. Awesome skin for an awesome program.
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7 for Digsby version 1.7.2

NOTE: The latest Digsby alpha appears to delete some of this skin's files. This will cause the skin to be unusable. To fix this, reinstall the skin. Thanks to ~no1Joel for pointing this out.

7 skin for Digsby. This is different than the new default skin.

Please read the instructions before using. If you find bugs please write about them here.

Note: Default skin changing is no longer supported as of version 1.7.2. If you have used a previous version to change the default skin and you have gotten an error, you need to restore your back-up or get a new, unmodified default skin.

Some of the icons were created by Yusuke Kamiyamane and are part of the Fugue set.

For a Windows Vista variant check out Aero for Digsby.

For a Mac OS X skin check out Aqua for Digsby.

©2009-2010 Mihaiciuc Bogdan.
© 2009 - 2021 bogo-d
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Great Work!!! Thank You. ;)
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This is awesome but there is a problem with the Twitter + Facebook InfoBox definition . The separator between tweets / facebook posts is a big grey box.
To fix it I had to create a new 1px image and change InfoBox: Shortseparatorimage: to use this image.
I'm using build 30151
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They updated the InfoBox behavior several times and each time it broke the separators.

Thanks for pointing this out, I will update the skin with your fix soon.
It's awesome :) I only have two problems with setting it up...

My buddy list window doesn't have the windows 7 frame with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons on the top right corner.

And in the conversation window, there's an icon for group chat that I can't get rif of.

Do you know how I can fix those issues? Thanks. :)
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Could you give me a screenshot of the buddy list window?

As for the group chat icon, there's nothing I can really do about it. Skinning it involves editing the default skin file, which is replaced after every update and if edited incorrectly can prevent Digsby from starting up entirely.
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sal, am gasit un bug. nu se vad icoanele pritetenilor din lista de messenger. poza aici: [link]
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Deschide o fereastra de IM, da click dreapta pe toolbar si alege Text only.
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am ales, nu stiam de optiunea aia. :) apropo de problema de care ti-am zis, cateodata apare problema, cateodata nu.. ciudat :)
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there's a little bug :P i don't know if it's a bug or not, but you know when your friend have a long name and you use the "alternating (slim header)" chat box, the name overlayed the time :) hope you know what i mean xD :P beside that, great!!! :D
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I know about this, I hoping it wouldn't be a big issue.

I guess I will have to truncate the names so they don't overlay the time.
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or you could put the time at the very right :P i don't think you can put the time as the "hide" button right :P so yeah :P thanks anyway ;)
bogo-d's avatar
I will try to think of something.

If I have to move the time to the right side, I'll probably make a different substyle entirely.
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i just downloaded Digsby am loving it's very easy to use wow better than msn and others,where can i download more themes?thx.
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Hi! There seems to be a bug with an MSN contact's info in the side window that appears after you hover over them, it is cut off at the right..
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Open a message window and disable the icons on the action bar.
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Thank you for this great theme!
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I love it!!

But when I hover on my twitter/facebook account and get the small preview,
there's a thick, ugly gray bar showing up that doesn't look like it should be there.

Hope u can fix it!
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