An animal Crossing Story

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The sun had gone down on the residence of Catsvill, and most of the citizens of the quiet town had gone to bed. The stores on Main Street had closed for the night, except for the museum and the post office. The cafe on the west was still open, and a few of the shop owners could be seen inside as they gossipped and talked about their day while they drank their coffees. There were night time crawlers out and about, though the wandering citizens who refused to go to bed did not mind, for they enjoyed trying to catch them. It was all in good fun, especially when one was spotted by a tarantula and had to run inside a building. One citizen, who happened to be the mayor, was passing the time by catching bugs and collecting bells when he saw a tarantula.

    The mayor tried to pull out his net from his pockets to catch the spider, but accidentally pulled out his watering can. Before he could put it back and pull out his net, the arachnid turned around and spotted him, jumping back from shock before darting towards the guy. Knowing he had no time to pull out his net, he quickly turned around and started running to avoid the tarantula’s wrath. He ran through the quaint town, running as fast as he could as the twinkling stars in the sky observed from above as the spider chased its “attacker” through the flowers in the town that sparkled with joy that the mayor had gave them water. Boris, the mayor, had to act quickly, for he knew he would eventually run out of breath and would pass out once the spider got to him. He then remembered Main Street, a place where no bugs went, even when attacking someone. He ran from the south side of town and headed north, the spider quickly gaining ground on him as he huffed and puffed, running out of breath. He was beginning to sweat in his red warm up suit and red racing pants, the sweat slowly going down his face as the stone staircase to Main Street appeared in the distance. Boris began to lose speed, and the tarantula was at his heels. Boris was about to give up, but just at that moment, he stepped onto the train tracks and gained new speed! He ran up the steps as if it were nothing, finally reaching Main Street. He looked back to see the tarantula watching him, just on the other side of the tracks before he fell to the ground.

    He sat down, breathing rapidly, trying to catch his breath as he wiped the sweat from his face. He smiled as he stared at the spider, happy he didn’t trip or crash into anything, or the tarantula would have gotten him. He would have felt embarrassed if his friends found him passed out on the ground and had to be carried home. He was the only human living there, as the other residents were anthropomorphic animals, meaning they stood on two legs and were able to speak. He didn’t mind that everyone else were animals, for he had no plans to get married or to have children. He also received letters from his mom, and his sister lived just a short train ride away, so if he wanted to talk and spend time with another human, he could visit his sister, even if they argued a lot. The animals were all friendly, though sometimes they were rude, and they all get their shots when the time came. They played games and traded furniture, and even wrote letters to each other. Boris thought fondly of them and had grown attached to them, even though his parents protested against it at first. He had grown attached to them because of how they went to him when they needed something or needed someone to confide in. He sighed, thinking about the future, knowing that he would move away someday, though he knew he could always write letters to them.

    Boris blinked a few times, remembering where he was and realized he lost track of time. He was supposed to be meeting someone in the shoe store and gasped when he saw it was almost time to meet them. He needed a change of clothes and a quick shower, so he quickly stood up and dashed down the steps and ran to his house, which was on the south side of the town, which was somewhere between medium and large. He had new breath in him as he dashed past the train station and passed  Elvis’ house. He ran across the brick bridge and made right, past the event plaza until he came to his house. He quickly ran inside and slammed the door shut in his haste to change into something more suitable. He found a business suit and took it out of the closet as he zoomed to his dresser and pulled out a towel. He went to the bathroom and turned on the water, shivering and flinching from the coldness. He didn’t have time to wait for the water to turn warm; although, it was warm outside. He washed his hair and scrubbed his body until he felt and looked like. His body shined in the light as the water washed over him before he turned it off. He quickly got out and wiped the dripping water off of him and put on the suit before going to put on the shoes. He put them on the wrong feet, and his appearance was less than dapper. His hair was a mess, and his coat was buttoned wrong. Some of his coat was tucked into the pants, but there was no time to fix it there. He quickly stepped out of his house and closed the door before dashing back to Main Street, fixing his coat along the way as the warm breeze blew through town. Frit, one of the residence of Catsvill, saw him and tried to get his attention, but Boris ignored her because he was already five minutes late. He sprinted up the stairs before slowing to a power walk to the shoe shop. He was trying to catch his breath as he made his way over to the shop, located East of the shopping area, and looked around to see if anyone was watching him. When he saw the coast was clear, he took a deep breath in and let it out before opening the door.

    Kicks, who was a skunk, turned to see Boris enter his shop and blushed, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. He did smiled a little before he spoke as Boris turned to face him.
“I didn’t think you’d come,” he said, the blush still on his cheeks. Boris blushed as well, only it was deeper. He walked over to Kicks, lust in his eyes as he looked at the skunk, who seemed to be breathing a little excitedly.
“Are you ready?” he asked, lust in his voice as he spoke. He saw Boris silently nod his head.
“Awright!” he said, cheerfully. Boris’ heart raced with excitement. He couldn’t believe they were going to do what they were about to do. Kicks turned around and bent over, reaching under the display table as Boris reached into his pocket. Boris began to get nervous, shaking a little as he tried to relax his breathing. Kicks pulled out a box and turned around to face Boris, who smiled deviously as if he were up to no good.
“Here it is, chum,” he said, removing the lid from the box. Inside the box was a pair of shoes. They were made shined to be tip-top shape, and had a small pump in the back of them. Boris gave kicks three-thousand bells, the currency they used, and took the shoes, with a grin spreading on his face. Boris nodded again as a gesture of thanks and placed the shoe box into his pockets, happy his mission was complete. What a scandal this would be if word got out that he bought something from Kicks’ after it was closing. Kicks smiled as he waved Boris farewell.
“Thank you. Come again!” he said before he went to put the bells away in a secret safe before exiting his store.
This story came to me in a dream last night... well... only the ending of the story. After I woke up this morning, I felt the need to type up a story and this happened... not sure if you'll enjoy this, but here it is.

Animal Crossing belongs to Nintendo. Frita is a sheep. Brewster is a bird. They belong to Nintendo as well.
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