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Palace of the Silver Princess - Level 2

This is a reproduction ( Fan Art ) of the 2nd Lvl map for the 1st Ed Module Palace of the Silver Princess.
It is at a resolution of 1"=5' at 100 dpi and should work well on Virtual tabletops such as Roll 20 or Maptools or it could be divided up into pages and printed.
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Once again, incredible effort on this map of Palace of the Silver Princess. Really ignites the imagination with extreme attention to detail -- and has been very carefully painted. I will be sure to use your maps, and appreciate the high quality and resolution.

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Thanks Dave, the Silver Princess maps were a lot of fun to make and to use during the game. I appreciate the nice comments!

Very, very nice! Thanks for providing the maps!

I'm doing an RPG Retro Review on Palace of the Silver princess for my youtube channel. Hope don't mind me using these in my review.

I'll provide a link to your deviant art page of course.


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Cool, glad it helps. I'm sure you know that this is not the map from the original recalled version.

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Is a wonderful map :) But i have a problem to align the grid on roll20. This map is 51x76 squares?
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I fixed a new version of the map that should align properly.  Check the newest upload on my gallery for it.
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What a masterpiece! The unique color and patterns in each room; the details of each unique chamber seem to come to life! I never would have imagined it so vibrate and awe inspiring. What memories this brings up of the grand ol' days of the old system... Long live D&D
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Thanks Mike, Glad you like how it came out.  We had a lot of fun playing this adventure module.
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Most exciting to see. The second module I ever DMed. Looking forward to the other maps from the module. Thank you for sharing Bogie.
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Thanks, glad you liked it.  I will post the first level as well.
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First Level now posted.
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Nice! Love the old school modules!
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Awesome Bogie. Love your work :)

I find you on Dundjinni forum ^^
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Thanks Kirom502, glad you like it.
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What a creepy chapel! Nice work Bogie.
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Thanks, everyone in the building got turned to stone at the same time.
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