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Palace of the Silver Princess Level 1

This is the entrance level for the D&D Module B3 Palace of the Silver Princess by Moldvay & Wells.
The original maps belong to TSR, this is just a fan recreation in a more modern digital format.
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Beautiful map that really evokes the right atmosphere. I especially like the room with the painting (top NW corner).

Love these !! great work !!

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Thanks, I made the SP maps for a friend and then got to run the game for him & his friends. I have done several of the old modules and this one was the best to work on so far. Often the written text and the cartography don't match very well. It is not uncommon to get text that says, "In the room are 3 beds, 3 chests, 2 bureaus, an armoire, 2 desks and chairs, a table with 4 chairs, and a couch." But, on the map is a 10ft x 10ft room with a bed and a chair.

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Is there anyway i could get a I res copy of these maps? Im running a game and would love to use these!
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These are at 70 DPI if you use the Download button to the right of the small image here.  That is the perfect size if you use a VTT like Roll20.  If you need higher res, I do have them in 100 DPI that I could email to you.  Send me a private note with your email address.

I just finished running this game online with Roll 20, it was fun.
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I'm diggin' this map. Nice work yo.
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Thanks, I had fun with these 2 maps.
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Thanks AA!  Glad you like it!
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Brings back memories and makes me want to play again. :Da
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Ah yes, a classic! Nice map Bogie.
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Because this map is much larger than the 2nd level map I posted recently this one is at a resolution of 1"=5' at 75 dpi,  a bit lower res but still pretty detailed.
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