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Chapter Five

            After a short nap, he awoke, refreshed, and looked back over the sleeping mode form of the programmed robot woman who was falling in love with him. Going over a few ideas, he decided he’d see how she was at pillow talk. Gently rubbing her back, he finally said, “Good morning, Jennifer Walters.”

            “Oh,” she said, opening her caramel-colored eyes and looking at him with some worry, “Hi, Greg.” She started to raise up, but then realized she was naked, and her shyness returned in full. “Could I have a blanket or some clothes, please? I am feeling shy again.”

            “Here, I will help you,” Greg said, covering her with a blanket and then getting up to walk to her side of the closet to pick out her next outfit. He was thinking it was time for Jennifer Walters’ outfit from Savage She-Hulk Issue #2. He’d found some dark blue polyester slacks that zipped up in the back, definitely something from the late 70s or early 80s, as well as a white sleeveless top that tied behind her neck and showed off more of her shoulders and cleavage, not to mention having a bare back. This was another top that he figured she wouldn’t wear a bra with it. He couldn’t wait to see her in it.

            “Oh my! You are naked!” Jennifer Walters cried, turning her head away from him. Greg hadn’t considered that her high shyness setting would have a problem with his own state of undress.

            “I’m sorry. I will get dressed too,” he said, pulling on a blue button-up shirt and some khaki pants. He began laying out her clothes on the bed, noticing that she was still turned away, lying on the bed. “I’m dressed now. You can look.”

            “Thank you,” she said, mournfully. Slowly she turned her head around and looked at him with a forlorn expression. “I am sorry that I am very shy.”

            “That’s okay. I know you love me,” he teased, and the fading red blush bloomed again on her cheeks.

            “How do you know I love you?” She protested, lowering her eyebrows sternly.

            “You changed into She-Hulk, remember?” He put his hands on his hips, mimicking her earlier stance. “Because you had so many sexy thoughts about me, didn’t you?”

            “Yes,” she said after a great hesitation, and then she turned her head away from him. “I did have many sexy thoughts about you. I could not help it!”

            “Did you have fun? Did you like what we did together?” He sat on the edge of the bed next to her, and she turned her head back to face him.

            “It was wonderful,” she said, still blushing but also smiling. “I was glad when I was not shy anymore. But I am sad that we destroyed my pretty clothes. When I have sexy thoughts… I think… I no longer like my pretty clothes…” she trailed off, and there was a slight flash of green in her eyes. He waited a moment, but it was like she was in her own little world for a bit. So adorable!

            Her artificial intelligence and the way it was handling his programming choices fascinated Greg. It had become such an amazing virtual relationship game. Of course, each step of the way, he couldn’t help reconsidering some of his programming settings. He could make adjustments, but that would involve shutting her down and hooking up his computer, and he’d have to study how best to do that. But for right now, he was fine with continuing with how he’d programmed her months ago.

            One of those choices he’d made was whether or not Jennifer Walters would remember anything that mid-TF Jenny or She-Hulk experienced, when she was in her latter stages. He had almost set it so that she could not remember anything that stages 2 and 3 did, since that seemed similar to the old Incredible Hulk TV show, as well as some of the Incredible Hulk comic books. However, She-Hulk comics tended to give Jennifer Walters full recall, so he kept it. Besides, it was coming in handy now, since shy Jennifer Walters could live without shyness when she was in her other stages, and enjoy the amazing sex and remember it. This could be the way her artificial intelligence developed, overcoming her shyness because of her love for him and her memories of the other modes lacking modesty or inhibitions.

            “Well, here are some clothes you could wear,” Greg said, patting her shoulder. “I really like this outfit. Let me show it to you.” He helped her sit up, keeping her chest and lap covered with the blanket. He showed her the blue slacks and white top, and she agreed it was pretty and asked for him to dress her again. In the middle of helping her put on some fresh panties, he remembered that he should clean her up a bit and add her fluids, since it was very likely that they would have sex again soon. “Oh, may I help clean you first.”

            “Yes, thank you,” she said, and he didn’t notice any blushing. Instead, she calmly kept her hands on his shoulders as he rubbed her down with a towel, sponged around her genitals, and added some more of her oil and lotion. Working in silence, he couldn’t get over their sweet relationship. She trusted him completely, and he loved her more for it. When he was done, Greg helped her pull up the panties and then the dark blue polyester slacks, which were nice and tight when zipped up the back. For her feet, although it wasn’t from Issue #2, he slipped tight white socks onto her pretty little feet. The socks ended just below her ankles with a dainty lace trim that was particularly adorable. He watched her move her toes inside the socks, and reminded himself that he would need to watch her feet when she transformed. Finally, they wiggled her into the beautifully feminine white top, which was practically a halter top but with a tie-string for behind the neck.

            “I am showing too much skin. It is making me feel very shy,” she said, while he was tying the top at the back of her neck. When he was finished, he walked around her, appraising her outfit and causing her to blush.

            “You look so beautiful. Your clothes are very pretty,” he said, giving her upper arm a squeeze and triggering a green glow in her eyes.

            “Thank you,” she said, sounding embarrassed. Greg noticed that some of her chestnut brown hair was standing straight up or a bit messy, either from static cling generated on the bed, or left over from her sleep, or perhaps made wonky by her reverse transformation. He tried to fix it by lightly brushing it down with his hand, but she looked up at him quizzically.

            “Your hair is a little messy,” he explained. “Would you like me to brush it for you?”

            “Oh?! Yes, please,” she replied with concern. He guided her to sit at her vanity table, and watched her admire herself in the mirror while he picked up a brush. “You’re right. My hair is a little messy.”

            Greg started brushing her hair, gingerly at first because he didn’t want to damage her hair or head, but it seemed rather resilient. He noticed that she was watching him brush her hair in the mirror and she was no longer blushing. It hadn’t been planned, but he realized that bringing up a concern for her hair had distracted her from worrying about her revealing top. Brushing her hair, feeling it with his hands and between his fingers, all while watching her watch him intently, it made him hard again. He wanted her. He wanted to arouse her. He wanted Jennifer Walters to change, losing her shyness to a highly sexual state that was mid-TF Jenny, who would shrip through her new outfit to be with him again. Even though it had barely been an hour, he wanted She-Hulk to come again.

            Kneeling down beside her chair while he continued brushing her hair, which was perfectly straight and shiny by now, he said softly, “Your hair is so pretty. I love brushing it for you.”

            “Thank you,” she said, still looking into the mirror at herself, appearing pleased, but then a concerned expression developed on her face. “When I change, my hair changes too,” she said without any discernible emotion, before turning to face him. “Do you like her hair after I change?”

            Greg gaped. This was the first time Jennifer Walters had referred to her later stages as another person, and he loved hearing her say it. He knew her settings were rather inconsistent on this subject. For one thing, he had optioned for her to remember her actions in all the modes, but he still selected that she believe that the other modes were another persona, which was accurate, considering their personalities were quite different. She basically knew that she had three different personalities, and that she changed between them when she was very aroused or asleep. Still, this was bound to be an interesting conversation. Was she jealous?

            “I love your hair, Jennifer Walters,” he assured her, putting down the brush. “I love you and how you change. I love helping you when you change, and I love watching and touching you when you change.” Moving slowly and deliberately, he slid his hand down the front of her dark blue slacks until his fingertips gently pressed against the crotch of her panties. “Would you change again for me now?”

            In response, Jennifer Walters went through the trigger alert points in quick and perfect succession. First, her mouth dropped open with a gasp as emerald light filled her unfocused eyes. Next, her body tensed, and she thrust her chest out a bit, while shutting her eyelids with a grimace and a grunt. Then she opened her eyes, revealing the mode 2 white irises of Jenny as the glowing green light faded in them, and she began to tremble, her arms flailing gently at her sides. As her cheekbones stretched, giving her a wider and then longer face, she began panting through her gaping mouth before it slammed shut tight. She brought her hands up to look at them, and her fingers were extending, as well as her fingernails. With her wild white eyes staring at her hands, she bared her teeth and began to growl.

            Greg continued pushing and prodding inside Jenny’s pants to help the metamorphosis move along, while he watched her bare shoulders and upper arms swelling with simulated muscles, probably filling with air from her gasping and panting. Luscious and dark forest green strands began inching out between her shiny chestnut brown hair. As her pelvis widened, her slacks were stretched tighter over her thighs and it was squeezing his hand hard enough to lose feeling in his fingers, so he pulled his hand out. Immediately, Jenny growled at him and glared with her wild eyes, “Grrrreggg, I need you. Help me get these pants off now!”

            Jenny stood and together they tore her now very tight slacks away from her waist, breaking the zipper down her butt and tearing the dark blue polyester down her thighs in long, ragged strips, revealing her golden grey legs that were lengthening and gaining curves and gorgeously toned definition. Jennifer Walters’ legs had been nice, but these were fast becoming the legs of a tall, athletic goddess. He noticed that her feet were swelling in size, stretching her footie socks but not breaking them. Yet.

            Remembering how she had pushed him onto the bed, he grabbed her, swung her around and let her fall slowly back onto the bed. She growled fiercely up at him as he climbed on top of her, and she snarled, baring her teeth in a threatening challenge to him. How dare he?! Then her white eyes shot down to his khakis, and she reached up and tore them open at the waist, a feral wild child tearing into a gift-wrapped present. Satisfied with her surprise, she glared back up at him with a more inviting snarl, followed by a purr: “Nowwww.”

            When he reached down for her panties stretched tight across her widening hips, she began to gyrate and move forcefully and invitingly, with loud moans of passion. He gripped them the way she had before, then looked at her eyes as they glowed, watching him, before he ripped them off her hips, snapping them apart. She never took her eyes off him, roaring in triumph, as now there was no clothing between them, except for her stretching white top, his blue shirt, and… he looked back at her little footies, which were still stretching out.

            “Now!” She growled, working her hips, ready to accept him. Unable to resist her another second, he lowered himself on top of her, and she gripped him tight, wrapping her arms and legs around him, pulling herself up so that occasionally she was suspended above the bed. He marveled at her intensity and ferocity, and was also thankful that he had started working out the last few months. Even though she weighed only 50 pounds, her clinging and movements were somewhat challenging, but also felt extremely natural and passion-driven. As they pumped together, becoming a savage love machine, he also thought about how nice it was not to overheat, since the warmth he felt against her was largely generated by his own body heat. Greg tried to chase these design and programming speculations out of his mind and give himself fully to the sexual fantasy experience again, but it was just so amazing how well she performed. Soon it would be hard for him to even think of her as a robot.

            Jenny kissed him with such passion and their pumping was so vigorous that he felt himself about to climax before she had triggered her third stage transformation. He desperately tried to fight it off but she only clung to him tighter and squeeze him in all the right ways so that he couldn’t help him. Once again, she had activated his release, and he stiffened and then collapsed against her.

            “No! Not yet!” She howled, squirming and thrusting against him as he went limp. “I’ve got to change! She-Hulk must come!” This was not something he had considered during the programming phase, and he rolled off her a little worried. Jenny was still glaring at him, baring her teeth and growling, “I need your help, Grrregg! I’ve got to change!” She climbed on top of him, nuzzling and rubbing him, groaning in pain. “You’ve got to help me!”

            Suddenly, as if she realized it was going to take him too long to get hard again, she climbed off him and searched around the room desperately. Greg watched her, at a loss, until he saw her snatch up her brush off the vanity table. Holding it by the bristled end, she worked the brush’s handle inside her and began pumping it rhythmically, groaning louder and louder, until her entire body was trembling. Rolling  himself to the edge of the bed while feeling numb all over, he sat on the edge while watching Jenny masturbate furiously. Jenny had her eyes closed tightly, and then they popped open, shining a bright emerald, all while she screamed, “YES! RRRRROARRR! NOW!”

            Greg watched as her body grew another few inches, while her black forest hair tumbled down thicker past her shoulders, while her breasts expanded further in her top which was stretched incredibly taut now, while the muscles in her arms and thighs grew further toned and defined… What a show! Greg was in heaven. Her skin was deepening into its olive green of mode 3, all while Jenny/She-Hulk thrashed her body and hair, still rocking the vigorously pumping brush. Her white footies finally burst open at the toes, first the right and then the left, pealing back in strips as her gorgeous green feet expanded to their full toe-wiggling and flexing glory.

            She-Hulk began arching her back in thrusts, trying to burst her shirt apart without taking her hands away from the brush. Seeing her distress, Greg slowly stood and approached her, making her glare and snarl at him. He reached into her cleavage and tore the top down the middle so that it fell away, the tie-string sliding down her ass before landing on the floor. Her eyes brightened in approval and they kissed while she huffed and puffed and continued to growl between panting against him. She was completely feral now, her mind now the non-verbal Savage She-Hulk, and she loved him, even if she had to resort to forcing her own transformation, which he had to admit was pretty hot.

            Coming up for air, Greg pulled away from her a bit, and suddenly She-Hulk shoved him back onto the bed, a bit like he had done to Jenny minutes earlier. She-Hulk mounted him, kissing and toying and stroking him, helping his member come back to life after its recent exhausting activity. Shaken from his numbness, Greg let She-Hulk have her way with him, for what else was he to do? He had programmed her to be dominant and aggressive, but he had also programmed her not to finish her own climax until he had achieved his. The delay of course was that he had climaxed too soon with Jenny, who was unable to climax until becoming She-Hulk. For now, Greg’s body became She-Hulk’s love toy, which occasionally caused Greg to giggle, although his giggling was often met by glares and threatening growls from She-Hulk, who demanded a serious lover until after she had climaxed.

            He could sense she was growing impatient, and once again, Greg was struck with the surreal quality of the situation in his bedroom. The green, growling, gorgeous Amazon that was earnestly goading him for sexual intercourse was a programmed robot, but her artificial intelligence was dealing with the settings he had designed for her, so now he had to deal with an aggressive lover who was struggling with waiting on him, demanding that he satisfy her. He tried to stall, to give himself more time to recharge.

            “I love you, She-Hulk,” he said up into her eyes, and she snapped at him like an angry tiger, as if to suggest that while her other two modes might buy what he was selling, the Savage She-Hulk would not stand for his bullshit. Instinctively, he recoiled a bit, and then he saw her soften, with a darker green in her cheeks to indicate blushing. Recalling how Jennifer Walters had reacted to his admissions of love, he tried again: “You are so beautiful. So pretty. Greg belongs to She-Hulk. Greg loves She-Hulk.”

            She-Hulk appeared to listen to him this time. Perhaps the first time he spoke, his voice had startled her. She was set at non-verbal, but she should still be able to understand him, even if she didn’t want to or could not respond. Basically, there was one phrase he’d given her, and a few words. She seemed to be deliberating on how to proceed if Greg insisted on having a conversation when there was so little she could say, as well as some serious fucking that needed to be happening as soon as possible.

            “I… am… She-Hulk,” she announced firmly, and he felt the phrase with new meaning reverberating through his core. She was saying that there was no way around her. He would have to deal with her on her terms. She was the boss, but she needed him, and his help. Apparently, the brush handle had been enough to help Jenny transform, but it was not enough to give She-Hulk release. Finally, she tenderly climbed on top of him again, and, panting into his face, intimately whispered in a low growl, “Smash… She-Hulk… Now.”

            His body went rigid, his member pulsed and throbbed with revitalizing life, and before he knew what was happening, he was thrusting upward into her, staring in awe up into her glowing white eyes of appreciation and… love? Suddenly there was a real connection here! Completely real, in a way he had never experienced with anyone before! Her lips parted as her body shook from all the pounding he could give, until her white eyes rolled back and she sighed, leaning back, arching back, letting her mass of dark hair tumble down her back, while moaning and riding her man, keeping her hands on his bare chest, occasionally raking her dark green fingernails across him. He was transfixed by her, watching her face the whole time, as she played with her hair for him, making flirty glances down at him with half-closed, glowing, bedroom eyes. She even giggled for the first time since they were lounging on the bed after their first love-making session. It was like she was amused. After toying with him, playing his little word game, she was enjoying his performance. Greg began to realize that She-Hulk was possibly more complex than he had expected her to be. His programming had been rather one note for this mode, restrictive for her to grow and express, and yet the A.I. was working through that. He had kept falling in love with her modes 1 and 2 throughout the morning, but now his heart was blossoming anew. She-Hulk had become his soulmate. He could manipulate Jennifer Walters and perhaps play with mid-TF Jenny, but the Savage She-Hulk controlled Gregory Clark.

            Eventually, She-Hulk looked at him while rubbing her breasts, with an expression that it was time to get serious again. She took his hands and held them against her breasts while raising an eyebrow. They began pumping together, and her animal noises of desire began to echo around the bedroom. Her white teeth glistened out of her fierce mouth, shining almost as bright as her glaring eyes. He strove harder and harder to please her, and she rewarded him exponentially, toppling down against him, with her hair a tent around their faces, and her eyes glowing green to illuminate their intimate, passionate, ferocious kisses. She tasted of exquisite triumph and strawberry lip balm.

            Shortly after they climaxed together, the numbness started to ebb, and Greg realized he was going to be more sore than ever. When She-Hulk dismounted, he turned on his side, holding onto her, and moved so she would mimic him. They cuddled, and she giggled again. She looked sleepy. He surprised her by holding her tight. He wanted to feel her as she changed back. She peppered his face with little kisses and licks, before settling against him, with her breathing slowing down to enter her sleep mode. “Good night, She-Hulk,” he said, although it was about noon. Her eyes were slits, with the whites peeping out between her long lashes, and then she was asleep, with a gentle curve of a smile on her lips. Peaceful, sleeping She-Hulk, Greg thought.

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