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word nom is just going in my head when they drink the beer...over and over and over XD
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They have...
...found the bottomless mugs!
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Они чудесны!!!
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спасибо Meow :3 
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Oh this is great, you should consider doing this into a lenticular print for christmas or maybe birthday cards, it's brilliant.
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сделало все мои НГ праздники Pinkie Crazy  суперлинг! спасибо ^^ и тебя с чудесными новогодними праздниками, чин-чин!
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эм..с новым годом :O_o: Revamp 
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^^ правда, очень здоровская анимашка.
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I cheer for that :D Happy New Year!
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Lovely~The haughty pose of the owl is so nice xD and I love their expressions the moment
they knock down their drinks. I’m guessing by the way their drinking and the fact they are sitting on the floor
that this isn’t their first cup xD 
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Просто чума как здорова >v<
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урур /)*u*(\
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