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3d print Valkyrie V11

By Bogdanbl4
3d printing from
Model height 7 inches
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1141x900px 388.03 KB
© 2010 - 2021 Bogdanbl4
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What material is that printed in? Is that the "VeroWhite" stuff?
IlRazzo's avatar
Nice Polyjet print. Looks like vero grey from stratasys.
nice print, where did you get it done? looks like an objet print.
zoomzoom's avatar
детально... жалко что домашние принтары так детально не печатают
silverbeam's avatar
nice smooth material! Not bad at detail, could use a little more though. What printer, material, and (if you did) company did you use?
kittygurl521's avatar
Awesome! How much did it cost to get printed?
CustardD-DaemoN's avatar
What do you make these from? It is great!
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Iggy-design's avatar
Wow really cool!

How much did it cost?
I heard the prices are turbo high!
Красава !))
dheth's avatar
Nice, those micro-resin printers are something else.
Duann's avatar
That is amazing.

Nice 3D print
buzz321's avatar
Блин оказцо и по руски можно. А где можно так фигурку распечатать, если не секрет?
ramtin-s's avatar
damn..whats a 3d print? rendering a 3d charachter..and than it can be made into a sculpture by some machiene?
Awesome display of talent! Do you have tutorials? Will follow you for sure on new stuff
Cheve's avatar
Cool! I really love your design and the quality of the 3d print.
DevindraLeonis's avatar
Fantastic! I always loved this model of yours.
Bogdanbl4's avatar
Khantian's avatar
фантастическая детализация! очень круто отпечатали. красить будешь?
Bogdanbl4's avatar
спасибо, очень хотелось бы но для начала придется научиться красить :)
Khantian's avatar
ну, много в сети различных туторов по покраске фигурок. дело занятное)
AOPaul's avatar
Beautiful! This would be a challenging model to cast.
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