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The Warlock

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The  Warlock by Bogdan-MRK 
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© 2014 - 2021 Bogdan-MRK
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Crazy magic effect.
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I would be a spammer so i write it just here: your drawings are amazing! Thanks man, keep drawing and I will watch so much I can... :)
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Now that's power
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How did u draw that? It looks so awesome!!!
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Nice work love the fire!
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amazing determined power and stance. superbly done
This is an Excellent image; I truly admire your talent.
As I'm sure you aren't aware, "Warlock" is an offensive term to those who follow the religion of Wicca, as I do. It is an Olde Englishe word meaning "oathbreaker or traitor", brought into common usage by the inquisitors of King James, who was so desperately afraid of witches that his scholars deliberately mis-translated parts of the Bible. (Orignally - "thou shalt not suffer a "poisoner" to live, for instance). Not trolling, honestly - your work is excellent! (Of course, "Political Correctness" is the dictum that you can pick up a cow-flop by the clean part...)
Honest, no trolling!
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Wow. This is great. ;)
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Wow. This is great. ;)
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Awesome as usuall. :)
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Awesome work so far! A lot of motion in this design!
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Considering how badass this version is, I am truly curious for the next version!  I love his design and how it's not just robes but also armor as well, making more intimidating as a warlock.  Great work!
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