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April 24, 2014
The Pyramid by Bogdan-MRK is a stunning illustration that utilizes photo-realism in a skilled manner.
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The Pyramid

Illustration I did for a Romanian scriptwriter.

© Florin Danilov

pyramid's interior
The Pyramid interior by Bogdan-MRK 

later edit: WOW!!! Thanks a lot for the DD,... I didn't expect it! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
                 And thank you all for the nice words!!! I'm highly motivated right now!!! Chainsaw  I'm on fire! Strong!

later edit 2: My brother has finally decided to join DA... and since he did some work for this project as well I thought that I should paste a link in here. He made the concept for the main character's room and you can watch it below:
Main character's room by VladMRK

Once again THANK YOU all for the nice comments and faves and support,... and everything! I really appreciate it! :D
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© 2013 - 2021 Bogdan-MRK
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Let me know your thoughts.


This is Michael Doerr speaking. I am not only impressed by that painting of that futuristic city, but I think that you should do another picture: specifically that of a futuristic version of Tenochtitlan. The reason being is that your painting has been used as a compelling thumbnail to Sinueton's "How would Mexico be currently, if it hadn't been conquered?" video. Think of the above suggestion as a good enough tribute to that Youtuber. My other suggestions include futuristic version of the following cities: Venice, Washukanni, Hattusa, Ninevah, Assur, Ur, Uruk, Lagash, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam, Angkor Wat, Meroe, Babylon, Memphis, Cordoba, Vienna, Chandigarh, Alexandria, Akkad, Carthage, Timbuktu, Constantinople, St.Petersburg, Cusco, Lisbon, Amalfi, Shubat-Enlil, Dur-Sharrukin, Iasi, Kalhu

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How interesting this looks. Glad to see such smallest details like glowing cars on the roads. You talented painter. Good luck dude.

Batman6601's avatar

It's a futuristic San Francisco!

spviss's avatar
FlyingFox317's avatar
It kinda reminds me of the Cities of Tomarrow expansion for SimCity 2013. If EA would've done it right that would've been a really good game.
Lyrros's avatar
Impressive future!
Midway2009's avatar
Awesome futuristic city! :eyepopping:
How long did you take to finish your this piece of work?
October-Leaf's avatar
Wow! :O This is simply amazing
prettyonlyone's avatar
Women new Fashion born trend
Gamerbro014's avatar
Wow, this is extremely impressive!  Incredible job on this!

One question: What does this have to do with Phineas and Ferb?
glassocean's avatar
Very beautiful & modern.
This piece has alot going for it.
profutur1971's avatar
Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
obsidianhoax's avatar
This is a very fabulous piece, this place would be awesome in real life
FelidaeMuridae's avatar
Are you sure you didn't visit an alien planet and took this photograph there?? This is so incredibly, unbelievably good!! :D (Big Grin) Waaaah! 
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Incredible piece of work. Congratulations.
PowderBurns's avatar
Alright, now I'm having Shadowrun flashbacks. Nice piece of work.
AnimaePro's avatar
Outstanding work
MMarkov's avatar
thats so blade runner
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