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Hey! :)

I haven't been too active on dA since few months now. I just wanted to tell you guys that I now post my pictures on Facebook
You may check out the existing ones here :…
Or you can subscribe me for the updates :) :

Thanks for :+fav: ing my pictures here , would love the same response on facebook!
I (under CBSE board) had these projects and programs which we were to make for our practicals of C++ in 12th standard. Since today my practical was over so I giving links to my own projects :P…
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Ho ho ho !!

Merry Christmas to everybody!!

Take care and be happy , have fun :heart: :heart:
  • Listening to: Jingle Bells - Dave Days version
  • Reading: The crap m typing
  • Watching: My exams coming
  • Playing: iPod
  • Eating: Chocolates!!
  • Drinking: Pepsi!
Thanks a lot for 10,000 page views , its an achievement to me :D

Yes , you read it right , i will be posting a series of awesome wallpaper clicked by me anytime soon! (of course not today :P). Just to anticipate u , these are from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore!
After working since 2 weeks , the Admin of TechYudh has promoted me to a senior writer position where i can write for the site as and when i wish to! That is really great for me.

Thanks to Randydorney for helping us to make our site look better at initial stages. And at last thanks to all my watchers for viewing my page 8 thousand 8 times :D

Happy new year to all of you!
Thanks a lot :)

Happy Birthday Firefox!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 6:23 AM
Firefox has turned 5! Yipee :D

From Phoenix to Firebird and now to Firefox it has been a great experience trying firefox , the browser which brought about a revolution in the history of Open Source softwares... It is the only open source browser , which is used by about 24% of people globally overpowering the dominance of IE6!

I have found this amazing site which will take u to the era of Phoenix and bring you back here!

Although i have been using firefox since 3.0 , but i immensely love firefox. I went back in time and even used Firebird , Phoenix and other older releases just to know how gr8 it was @ that time. And now , i keep on promoting Firefox to all my pals and you guys.

Firefox 3.5.5 Stable
Firefox 3.6 beta 2 (Build 1)
Firefox 3.7 Pre-Alpha

- blur
- reflection (aero strips)
- option to change font weight
- 64 bits version
- new default skin (Seven)

This is really awesome , im trying it now!


     Really great improvement , but still lacks true blur and performance is not so good , its not that its lagging but the update frequency is not so good. Moreover it is enabled only in 'Seven' theme , to enable in rest u need to change Skin.ini .. Just add 'Blur=Yes' in both maximized and minimized. The method to apply reflection setting is still uknown. Aero snap feature still has problems with horizontal snapping , themes get mispositioned.
:peace: U shld try it , but its not a very stable product…

the above link is a mockup of personas in aero mode , obvious of 3.7/4. Alex Faaborg has attached this in some bugzilla forum

BTW this one is looking better than Chrome's themes , hmm . Tell your views here

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 here…
I think this one is the final Beta 1 , for sure , i mean there is a limit of delays . If they do another , then they might win another world record for maximum no. of delays :P ROFL

BTW , have them here

Windows (En-US): Direct Link
Thanks for the special attention you all have given to me :) Yea this is special as in less than one month i got 1k page views , thats really amazing and awesome :D

Other stats
No. of :+fav:s u have given = 171
Comments on deviations =297

Thanks again! :)
This is a list which im maintaining from now onwards , as Personas is coming to 3.6 and there will be a huge demand of such themes :D
So far , i have found these

Firefox 3.5 B
Firefox Trees
Loving you hating me
Subtle Differences
Mac Finish
Autumn Wind
Glossy Fox
Brushed Metal - XP
Brushed Metal - OSX

You can also share your favorites so as to enrich this list :)
Recently i thought of trying Chrome 3 and 4 again. I thought may be the newer version have been updated nicely.

So i started with Chrome 3 , artists themes suck BIG TIME. Only Greyscale and one more theme were bearable! Then i tried some surfing , although it seemed to be faster , but overall i found firefox(clean cache) was bit faster in loading general sites. Chrome's FLASH performance is another drawback. Then i tried scrolling , OMG it took ages to scroll down Aero 7 RC by Intime lol. After that i tried downloading , manager was not properly organized , further it gave me 4~6 KBPs of less speed , while Firefox gave me surplus 3~5 KBPs . Till now i found chrome to be fast in loading and javascript things (orkut). Omnibar looks nice , but i think awesome bar is far more superior for it checks history and if u enter , say "security essentials" then it will directly take u to Microsoft's site for MSE or so-called morro , so u see , this saves time , in chrome i needed to select appropriate site from the google search result and then the page was loaded , bah .

After still being dismal about Chrome 3 , i moved on to Chrome 4 , thinking few of my probs to be fixed . But if u ask me , everything looked same except "sync bookmarks" and "extensions".Seeing extensions , i thought why add few , i add AdSweep , Smooth Scroll and flash block , addons were great , i mean nicely coded , this shows that chrome addons have a brighter future  , but the manager again looked as old as Mosaic! Scrolling prob was still there , and so was the flash problem.

I think chrome needs to become more mature , speed is not everything , that too only Javascript speed. Firefox is still the most used opensource browser ,with escalating share , and it is not the fastest browser , but has nice features like addon and some customization options for the bars.

Im still using Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Build 2 and i would like u all too to use it , its the fastest Firefox with themes and some cute features ;)

Firefox 3.6 beta 1 Build 2 Download Link : Windows , Mac , <a href="…> Linux…

The build has Personas' engine improvement , i.e. now u can just hover on designs to view them
Moreover it is bit faster than the previous builds and is really faster than 3.5.3 , i mean now i can tell the difference. The date is again pushed further , this time to 28th of the month.These delays will lead to delay of the RC , which was supposed to be released by now , and thus will lead to delay of 3.6's release , i think it will release in December now with maximum possible boost to be about 25~28% over  3.5.3.

Anyways , enjoy this build and have fun :) prebeta 2 builds are still found in latest 1.9.2 which means a possible Build 3 can emerge
Neowin Thread
Something better than boring AMD 5xxx vs nVidia 295 :D and i7/i5 vs Phenom 2!…
The benchmark uses latest browsers (even chrome which released last week) and compares performance of latter

According to all the benchmarks ,
Chrome comes 1st (but in functionality its lacks greatly , whatever, thats not the topic)
Firefox and Safari come 2nd and
Opera comes 3rd

This tells how fast browsers are , now let me show u a benchmark which will tell u how cool browsers are.

According to the results of this benchmark (No need to show it :P )

Firefox comes 1st when it comes to functionality , customization , addons and coolness
Opera comes 2nd for it has great features!
IE comes 3rd for it has extensions and
Chrome comes 4th as it has newly added themes (horrible to have)

Benchmark results will change in Late November or Early December as Firefox 3.6 is going to be released giving an estimated 25% Performance boost over 3.5.3. Betas will be out by 21st of October.

Since these tests were done on Windows Platform so talking about Safari is not an good idea .

Why Chrome is the fastest ?
It is fastest as it updates every now and then and has someone who makes engine for it , i.e webkit makers , so whenever a new change is there in the engine , a new version of Chrome appears ,which makes it faster . Google is just giving a product which looks good and uses firefox codes and does some homework to make it function well , rest all is done by webkit makers. :) .

Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Candidates : Windows , Macintosh , Linux
Yea it is again delayed , it was supposed to release by tomorrow . Anyways , the recent nightly builds are 22.8 % faster than 3.5.3 , thats really amazing . Remember ? Chrome 3 was just 26% faster than Chrome 2 , so this is really a great achievement at pre beta stage

This describes the release date of 3.6 Beta 1

For detailed benchmark look forward to this… Safari and Chrome are just 1.6~1.7 times faster than Firefox


Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Candidates : Windows , Macintosh , Linux…

I think this is one of the best i could make , actually think , im liking azure color now :D That glow around the text looks stunning to me , i hope you all too have similar kind of feeling while seeing it
You may be perplexed by the topic's title , but let me explain it...

Firefox 3.6 Pre beta already had Personas embedded into it , but the thing was that Personas' site was not supporting the client inside Firefox 3.6 Pre Beta nightlies... Now it is supporting latest nightlies

I must admit the in-built client is much faster , i mean on my slow internet connection , personas' addon took a lot of time to update to new themes , but this new personas 'inside' 3.6 is a lot more faster! But currently there is no theme or persona manager , so we cant have that nice Personas button on status bar or in menu bar.Thats not a big deal , but its nice that it is a lot more faster! This Picture illustrates the adding of a theme called "Stylish" in the inbuilt personas client. In the picture you can see that "wear this" is coming, earlier it used to say "get Personas" , and you can see my addon manager showing that im not faking you :P

Development of Firefox 3.6 is in righter track now , it needs early release , thats all! Im very much satisfied with the nightly too , its as fast as Chrome (milliseconds do not matter me , earlier the gap of bit vast , now it is not noticeable)

I assure you that you will love the nightly now , have it here and choose desired version. It is faster to launch , faster to load pages , and has few new features