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World Flag Emotes

With kind permission from `NyssaB, who did the majority of the hard work here, I wrote a macro that converted her World Flag Stamps into emote-sized icons - 24x13 pixels.

I have touched up a few of them in their new resolution, but if you wish to improve on them or contribute more (in the same size and style), then that would be sweet. I don't have a lot of time these days, so unless dA notifies me of intent to make use of these, I do not intend to add any more flags to this collection, no matter how many suggestions I get.

I don't know how many dA plan to add to the legend (there are a lot of them), but we definitely need more than :flaguk:, :flagus:, :flagcanada: and :flageu:.

Version History
V1.0 2007-10-03 52 flags converted from the stamp set.
V1.1 2007-10-04 Manually touched up every single flag, and added Singapore and Sweden.
V1.11 2007-12-15 Added Mauritius.
V1.12 2007-12-15 Added Turkey.

This submission is for the Emoticon Legend Revamp Project at #EmoticonHQ. See more.
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How did you type those flag emoji in the description?  I would like to make use of those under the following deviation if the site has since created any for more:

Lucky Star: Day of the Beehive by DMXrated
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Where is Türkiye ?
Dorinio's avatar
hey you , can you share me flag vietnam ??
wher is korea?
Thailand & Taiwan!!
LadyChipmunk's avatar
Is Bolivia there?
Deathrich's avatar
thank you for adding philippines :)
Louisa-Flowers's avatar
aawwww how lovely!, but i would love to see a colombian flag! :)
Iceelace's avatar
No Ukraine D:
Thanks !

I used some of them on my Web CV

here : [link]
ZombieKyra27's avatar
:iconchinaplz: haha >:3
---fail ik -.-
MrsAdiee's avatar
I love u :* POLAND <3
CrazyArtist101's avatar
where is palestine? :tears:
PhilosDesign's avatar
where is Turkey :)?
Mardukh's avatar
wheres iraq?????
sneakyPancake's avatar
Where's Estonia? :|
Is Estonia too small to do the Estonian flag? :XD:
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I`ve found Romania!!^^ :heart: :hug:
Wearwolfaa's avatar
Good job, but where is the Bulgarian flag?!:O_o:
BoffinBrain's avatar
Hurrah! Good on you for not joining the EU. It's all a big mistake, most likely.
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Wow I didn't excepted to see austria here ! =D well great job x3
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