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December 25, 2009
Snowy by `BoffinbraiN truly amazes me with absolutely brilliant detail and awesome animation to make the perfect wintery emote
Featured by Synfull
Suggested by elicoronel16
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:snowing: Just in time for Christmas. :giggle:

Because of the large amount of white, this emoticon looks best on a dark background.

Oh boy... This took a little longer than I was expecting, but still, given that Baseball Bat Ninja, my first emoticon, of similar complexity, took 2 weeks to make, I've sped up a great deal.

Moving on to the technical details of this: the basic animation of the snow fall is 6 frames long, and loops throughout the scene. Because the snowfall needs to be constant, there are many frames to this, and given that animation over transparency doesn't compress well, this emote falls just short of 30KB.

This submission is for the Emoticon Legend Revamp Project at *EmoticonHQ. See more.
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woah that twirl just makes this :D
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Using on my page. Thank you!!
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How do you do that icon on deviant art?
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uwaaa.... cute.... *drag to my favourite(:
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you have been featured here: [link] :iconchristmasla:
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Looks like me in Montana winter weather!!!!! O_O
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This looks really great.
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Featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing your winter art! :dance:
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:wow: Those snowflakes are mesmerizing me...
Amazing work. You certainly deserved the DD :D Congrats!
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:giggle: I recieved the suggestion for this back in may and has to wait 7 months before featuring it :faint:

This is still one of the most impressive emotes i've seen. The amount of detail you managed to pack into this is truely amazing. It may be 2 years old but you really couldn't tell that.

Congrats on the DD :) glad to see this finally get the attention it deserves
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Oh my... Thanks very much. :) I feel a bit like one of those famous artists... I become famous after I'm dead. :lmao:
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COol! and cold! ;D
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I really love it :huggle: great job!!
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Wow, this is incredibly well made--it's so detailed! :wow: The Daily Deviation is definitely deserved! Congratulations!
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you are most welcome!
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