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Comment Before You Favourite

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:iconcommentplz: Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN

Comment before you favourite. Comment because you care. And spread the word!

Use the icon by putting :iconcommentplz: in your journal, deviation description or comment.
Use the stamp by putting :thumb43231916: in your journal. Thumbnails do not work in comments and they only work in deviation descriptions if you have Core membership nowadays, or if you are a senior member.

If you're going to comment here or ask a question, read the FAQ first. 90% of people don't, and they look stupid for it.

This stamp was made for livius (journal) and the hundreds of you who agree with them.

If a deviant displays this stamp or icon in their deviation description, they are indicating that they care more about comments than favourites, and will ignore people who fave just to get attention.

Show deviants some courtesy and respect by giving them critique and feedback if they request it. Nobody can force you to comment, but we hope people will read this and consider giving something back to the artists they love. This stamp has influenced and enlightened a lot of people, who say they feel better knowing they've made contact with the artists.

If you are the kind of person that favourites more than 10 things per day, then you're not using the system as it was intended. A favourite means you consider something to be really special, and they should not be overused, or they become worthless.

Favourites should not be a way of seeking attention - this is known as fav-bombing and is not welcomed. Prove that you care by saying what you like about the piece. Critique and praise alike, comments are a form of human social interaction that favourites can never give. That's the kind of active community we want in DA. Which would you rather receive?


Can I use this stamp/icon in my submissions? Yes, you can use it anywhere on deviantART.

Does order matter? Does it matter if I favourite before I comment? Don't be silly; of course not!

What if I'm too busy to comment? Consider coming back and commenting later.

Do short comments like 'Cool' or 'Nice!' count? If the deviant has specified that they wish to receive critique, then no.

What if the artist never replies to comments? Well, it's up to you to decide if you think the artist will appreciate your comment or not.

What if I never know what to say in a comment? See below for some awesome guides on how to write constructive critique.

Why does this stamp have more favourites than comments? Because this is just a typical example of a deviation on DA. At least by having a high number of favourites, it's increasing awareness.

See also:
Read before you Comment - because it saves you time and possible embarrassment.
A Compromise - Can't comment on everything? Read this fantastic comic that received a Daily Deviation.
Good Comment Guide presented by bringbackart describes, as briefly as possible, what you should be looking to give when you comment.
Constructive Critique, a brief note by realitysquared that urges you to question whether your comments are benefiting the artists you frequent.

If you have a suggestion for this list, leave a comment.
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LionGuardKujengaHobbyist Digital Artist


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WildbugWarrior1545Hobbyist General Artist
My art doesn't seem to get a lot of comments. I should use this to fix that!
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Roninwolf1981Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:+fav:ing as I need to add this to the Description Field for my deviations.
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9andNinjaTurtleFan General Artist
I  will use this:D
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LindseyNicole1999Student Traditional Artist
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healed-heartsStudent Photographer
Comments are great and I love them. But, some folks have social awkwardness or even social anxiety; when they have that and fave and run, it's alright. I have complete empathy because I've been there, done that.
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Squinky-DeeStudent Digital Artist
I used the plz ccount on the description of one pic my drawings, and only 5% of the deviants who faved it actually left comments.
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ShuttleStudios67Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adding this to my favorites to keep around.
it'll definitely be useful
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BGMaxieHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for these stamps.
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I just wrote a journal to start off fresh, so that's why I'm putting this stamp on my profile.
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Tanuki88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will surely use it. Wish people gave me way more comments than likes actually. I really appreciate that they like it, but I want to learn as well and favs won't give me that.
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Alondra118Student Digital Artist
Use it
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Varian4evesHobbyist Digital Artist
I think you might need to make this stamp bigger, if possible. Nobody's seeing it even after I put it on my page!

I agree with what you are saying. People should comment more than just faving artwork. I mean, sure faving's nice. But I've been doing a bunch of different art. Also fanfics, yet no one really pays attention to it other than to do a simple favorite or a short comment, or even sometimes trollish comments! It just isn't fair, since half my watchers receive more proper feedback.
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JordanWagenetHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for this. The imbalance between favs and comments is frustrating. It's the same on Wordpress. I have linked back to this deviation on my latest piece, even if I can't use the thumb code!
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SMTheAwkeningHobbyist Filmographer
I hope ill get some comments on my work since i dont get any. Hopefully it'll work
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I've been looking for a stamp to use on my work.A fave is good,but it's great to have a comment once in awhile.
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SpongeBronyPHStudent Traditional Artist
Why I stamp's thumb link can't work oin my art description? Please help.
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BoffinBrainProfessional Interface Designer
They only work in deviation descriptions if you have Core membership nowadays, or if you are a senior member.  I have updated the description to reflect this.
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