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At the time of writing, the new Eclipse site style is being forced upon new users with no way to opt out. I'm unaware of when everyone else will be forced onto it, but I imagine it'll be soon, before the end of the year. At the moment, DeviantTidy isn't yet ready for Eclipse because it's so radically different. Some features are no longer required, such as indent guides (these are included in Eclipse). Which features do you value the most that you want to see ported over? And what aspects of Eclipse annoy you the most, that I might be able to fix?
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Greetings, fellow boffins and old-school veterans of DA! I figured it was time for a new journal after 3 years. Other than a new icon and a tweak to the capitalisation of my name, not a lot's changed, but I do have an account on Twitter, where I am attempting to be more active in the coming new year. If you have any pressing bug reports with things such as DeviantTidy then you're welcome to poke me over there or file an issue on its GitHub project page. In other news, I'm still not a huge fan of DA Eclipse, but at least we can have larger user icons now, I guess. I'm not sure how I feel about the 'Classic green' skin button having a dinosaur icon. Is that being passive-aggressive towards people who still prefer the old DAv7? Couldn't they have used a llama icon instead? Oh well... Not my problem now.
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DeviantTidy was one of the first browser extension projects I ever worked on, and the fact that it's still operational after a decade is something that makes me proud, as well as feel pretty old! That's a third of my life I've spent maintaining it. DeviantArt itself is still going from strength to strength too, which is very impressive given its age. Not many millennium, internet-bubble businesses can claim that! There have been no updates to DT since February, but as far as I can see, every feature is still working as intended. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, I'm always happy to hear them. Thanks to all of you who are sti
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