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A Brief History Of Emoticons
The word "emoticon" quite literally derives from "emotion icon". These small pieces of art are a form of expression for our emotions, feelings or an idea all within a picture. Emoticons, or "emotes" or "smiles" as they are often referred to, are a special type of pixel art, whereby an individual can express themselves without the need for words. A picture tells us a thousand words and that is exactly what an emoticon is designed for.
Scott E. Fahlman claims to be the inventor of the first sideways smiley face. Evidence suggests the first ever ":-)" was used on the 19th of September 1982 in a university forum. The original post was as follows:
19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E  Fahlman
I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:
:iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 191 78
:zip: by GuyFlash :zip: :iconguyflash:GuyFlash 575 167 :matrixfight: resmexified by GuyFlash :matrixfight: resmexified :iconguyflash:GuyFlash 157 44
Get Yourself a CSS Journal Contest (THE WINNERS)
Finally, the Get Yourself a CSS Journal Contest comes to an overwhelming end with over 200 entries being submitted.
There were 5 judges involved in selecting the top 4 winners
thespook, duhcoolies, depthskins, zikes, and janvanlysebettens
:dance: Ok, so with all that said, here are your winners :dance:
drum roll please
:star: 1st place winner with a 24 month subscription winning prize goes to...

:star: 2nd place winner with a 12 month subscription goes to...

:star: 3rd place winner with a 6 month subscription goes to...

:star: 4th place winner with a 3 month subscription and a 8.5x11 print from krash's gallery goes to...

And the 52 runner-up winners (in no particular order) each winning thems
:iconduhcoolies:duhcoolies 77 51
Get Yourself a CSS Journal - Contest
Ok, now i've been hearing alot of non-subscribed deviants of how they're frustrated that they aren't subscribed in order for them to use CSS in their journals. And I can understand their frustration. So just to help ya guyz out am gonna hold this small little (lol?) contest ;)
Contest Details
The contest is open to only non-subcribers and subcribers whose subs are gonna end pretty soon. The subs that are to be given away are for people who intend to use CSS in their journals.
All you have to do is design a CSS journal for yourself in photoshop or other image-editing software (don't worry about the coding/programming part) and send me (duhcoolies) a note titled "CSS contest" with a link to your css design (which should be uploaded to community projects -> contests --> CSS journal contest ). You are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 designs. There'll be more than one winner. Top winners will be chosen and awarded bigger subscriptions ;)
So far 49 runner-ups are eligi
:iconduhcoolies:duhcoolies 203 178
The Kare Factor
Quite literally, millions of people encounter the graphic art of Susan Kare every day. Many more will experience her unusual work in the months ahead. Kare's carefully crafted images have won a place among the cultural symbols of our age, yet few people know her name or where her work can be seen. Only a handful of industry insiders know that Kare is the artist responsible for the graphic appearance of some of the country's best-known computer software.
"I hoped to help counter the stereotypical image of computers as cold and intimidating," says Kare, who is more commonly known as the "Queen of Icons".
Kare is considered one of the most highly respected pixel artists and iconists in the business. Not only is she responsible for many of the original Mac and Windows icons as well as the designing of typefaces such has Chicago and Geneva fonts, Kare has designed for IBM, Intel, Song, Motorola, Nokia and Yahoo!.
Kare began her career in the world of icons at Apple after she received a call
:iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 49 37
I'd Kill That One by ThePpeGFX I'd Kill That One :icontheppegfx:ThePpeGFX 2 6
Icons Contest - Autumn Grand Master Winners!
The contest comes to an end and I'm happy to see a very high level of quality in the entries I've recieved. These prizes are well deserved, and the winners are:
Two 2nd prizes of Stardock Object Desktop go to...
smeetrules for
fadedfutures for
Two 1st prizes of Stardock Object Desktop & Stardock ObjectDock Plus go to...
da-flow for
Gomotes for
Lastly and mostly, the Best in Show Prize of Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords & Design Anarchy by Kalle Lasn goes to...
"A subtle and clean set of icons with great attention to detail, they would make any desktop into an autumn garden."
Well done to all the winners for some brilliant Icons, and thank you very much Stardock Software for donating the great prizes.
:iconrocksicle:rocksicle 11 12
:offtopic: by darkmoon3636 :offtopic: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 1,259 312
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Three
Hello yet again! Welcome to part 3 of Getting the most out of your CSS Journals. If you haven't done so already, check out parts One and Two. In this edition, we'll be dealing with custom journal icon images, using Pasties in your journals, journal features (showcasing some of the top journals around dA) and as an added bonus, a really nifty PHP script you can download to compliment the use of pasties in journals. Onwards we go!
Custom Journal Images
Sure, the little blue book works well with some themes, but it's not always the most gorgeous thing to see. Hiding it isn't always an option. Sometimes you just want to use your own journal icons. Unfortunately dA doesn't have a way to let you take care of this. But CSS does!

.journalbox .journaltop img {
.journalicon {
.journaltop h
:icongrayda:Grayda 208 55
Emoticon Artists: A Call to Arms!
Hey Pixel Freaks and Emoticon Lovers!
Alright. So I have a long awaited update for you. Yes, it's time to start changing this awesome little (well, not so little) Emoticon Legend that we all know and love. We will be giving many of those little smiley guys a facelift. I know there has been much effort from the emoticon community to give a "fixing up" to many current emotes we have right now. I was appointed by spyed and the lolly to help you guys out and make this official. Please note, at this point in time, we are only going to be revising current emoticons. Any additions and deletions of emoticons will have to wait for later revisions. But at least this is a start!
So here's the plan. Get yer pencil and gradient tools ready! We'll make this a contest of sorts....Basically, the general rule of the contest is that if you make a revision of a current emote that, by the judges' standards, is better than the current emote, you win! Here's what you win: Your version of th
:iconmattdanna:mattdanna 89 61
Emoticon Story --fd by fuzzydemon Emoticon Story --fd :iconfuzzydemon:fuzzydemon 59 111
Journal CSS Resources
CSS for subscribers is finally here!! Your local neighbourhood zilla is here to give a few pointers to the novice CSSers who want to give their journals a make over with a few pointers and a list of handy resources.
As a general rule it is better to keep things simple, not just if you are a beginner. Remember the following points when you design your page:
1. Mock it up Try your design in Photoshop first (or which ever app you have) that way you can play with colours and styles without needing to refresh your journal too much.
2. Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should... try to avoid making things like the text size too small. The current journal style works well, so just start simply by changing colours.
3. Contrast is good. Making the colours of your text and links the same, or very close is bad m'kay. Make it easy for people to differentiate between things. Also, making your journal text too dark on a black background or too light on a bright backgro
:iconzilla774:zilla774 1,928 168
What Legends Are Made Of III
The third edition of What Legends Are Made Of is a follow on from the second edition. In this article we focused on emoticons that could be used by deviants, but did not appear on deviantART's official Emoticon Legend.
Since posting that article, it has come to my attention that there are in fact another twenty six emoticons that were not previously mentioned. This takes the current total of "invisible" emoticons to fifty three. Whilst a few of you may already know these exist, the vast majority of deviants would not be aware they can use these emoticons.
These emoticons are:
:1: :2: :3: The Numbers. This includes all ten numbers from 0 to 9. Like the alphabet version, the original artist is unknown. These can be used quite easily, just follow this example:
:8: :9: :0: = :8: :9: :0:
Easter Eggs (Series I) Original artist unknown
:iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 40 33
:meeting: by Lythero :meeting: :iconlythero:Lythero 946 413


time shift by ssilence time shift :iconssilence:ssilence 1,402 326 reprise of fairys tears by ssilence reprise of fairys tears :iconssilence:ssilence 2,451 458 trip into green by ssilence trip into green :iconssilence:ssilence 587 189 living inside PART II by OliverJanoschek living inside PART II :iconoliverjanoschek:OliverJanoschek 1,527 570 living inside PART IV by OliverJanoschek living inside PART IV :iconoliverjanoschek:OliverJanoschek 1,841 798 admission by ssilence admission :iconssilence:ssilence 296 107 oversleep by ssilence oversleep :iconssilence:ssilence 816 231 plugged by ssilence plugged :iconssilence:ssilence 189 150

DeviantTidy was one of the first browser extension projects I ever worked on, and the fact that it's still operational after a decade is something that makes me proud, as well as feel pretty old! That's a third of my life I've spent maintaining it.

DeviantArt itself is still going from strength to strength too, which is very impressive given its age. Not many millennium, internet-bubble businesses can claim that!

There have been no updates to DT since February, but as far as I can see, every feature is still working as intended. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, I'm always happy to hear them.

Thanks to all of you who are still using DT, wherever you are!


BoffinbraiN has started a donation pool!
16 / 1,500
Senior members no longer get the same benefits as premium members, despite the contributions to the community.

If you wish to support me by donating points or subscriptions, I would be grateful, as this would allow me to carry on creating journal CSS and other things for the community. You may also wish to commission me to make a journal skin for you.

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This is one of the best suggestions I've seen in a long time. I hope someone picks this suggestion up and works on it. I especially lik...

by gas13

It's always good to see more pixel art from you. :) This time, it's interesting to see such a popular video game as the subject of your ...



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