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I did an interview on 
If you wanted to know more about myself and my art this might be interesting for you!

Go check it out here:…

So happy to have you guys! With your help I am able to enjoy a year with my new premium membership! Thanks to all donors! 

Special thanks to:iconneerlyobsessed: :icondinky-mew: and :iconipgirl: who gave me a whole year of premium membership!
You guys are unreal!
I'm taking commissions again! Just send me a note if you're interested! :)

Hi friends...

Tue Feb 19, 2013, 10:26 AM
thanks for 10,000 views!
and over 400 subs!

alternative text

Hi guys,
I'll start to upload really soon. My apologizies, I've been busy and lazy the other days.
But no worries, stuff coming soon!
Commissions are closed for now, but stay tuned till I got more slots open for you!