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Experiments with letters

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I needed a new layout for my shop. And since I sell books, it seemed only fitting to make books spell out the name.
The font used is Palatino Black. I had to make a punching-, cutting- or sewing-template for almost all the bindings!
Each of the books has a different binding [list below]. I tried to make it all black and white, but off course, I did not find white wood or monochrome straws.
I liked the experimentation these books required but got a little frustrated with the size of the books and the repetition. I'm happy this project is finished. It took much of my time, but I'm very pleased with the results.

B - Bound on raised white chords with wrapped black linnen.
o - Long stitch through limp faux leather /Medieval limp binding.
e - Classic binding with pressure stamp.
k - Classic whole cloth binding with print.
B - Stab binding with print on spine-side.
in - Long stitch trough a slotted spine with woven cover.
d - Long stitch trough a partially open spine.
B - Coptic binding.
oe - My own combination of long stitch and piano hinge.
t - Coptic with printed spine.
i - Classic binding with balsa-wood and root-wood plated inlay
e - Leporello binding
k - Glue-free Belgium binding with sewn covers.

Edit 8-Nov-11 -> My first Daily Deviation!!! I'm so happy :D Thank you FrockTarts for featuring!
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you've been featured ;P
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Your sooo patient and creative... jsut... perfect.
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
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wooow~ this is SO creative!
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
FrockTarts's avatar
This has been featured here [link] :heart:
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
Thank you so much! :D:D:D
dragongirlhellfire's avatar
Wow! This is so inspiring! I've only ever tried classic binding, I just want to have a go at all of these! These are amazing! Also the way you got the letters to align when they were printed in the spines etc. is just so awesome...
:heart: :heart:
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! If you ever need help, just ask! :D
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wow!! amazing work!! :love:
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very cool idea, never would have occurred to me
Avinacode101's avatar
Dear gods, this is amazing!!!!
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
FluffyWulfy's avatar
must've took u long time ; u; good job ; u;
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
It did, but was worth it! Thank you! :)
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