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wirewrapped pendant tutorial

Here is the tutorial as i promised :)
This piece is very similar to the iceberg pendant i made a while ago, but a little easier to create: [link]

i hope you'll find it useful!

if you have any questions about it, don't hesitate but ask me (in a comment please, so as others would also see it and learn from it)

if U use it, please give credit and send me a link.. i'm curious! :nod:

million thanks to :heart: :iconwhoisnot: :heart: for the lot of help!!

please, enjoy!
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I'm glad :) thankee
I just joined deviantart and followed a link to you. Thank you so much for sharing. I plan to make this today.
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here was my go at it :)

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This is an excellent tutorial ^^ I had a go at it [link]
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Here is my attempt with this tutorial. Thanks a lot! I can't wait to try another one of your tutorials.
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This is a great tutorial! I just did an adaptation of it. I posted it at [link] :)
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it looks great! I love the colors!
Thank you very much for the link! :floating:
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This is wonderful. BTW - Michaela absolutely loves her ear-wrap that we purchased from you through Etsy. She gets lots of compliments on it. Thank you again!
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Thankee :)
Oh that's awsome, i'm very happy she likes it! :floating:
Thank you again for supporting me and my art :heart:
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This is something I'll definitely have to try some day, thanks for sharing! :)
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i hope you'll enjoy making it :)
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This tutorial was SO helpful!!!! Thank you so much :) Here is what I made: [link] Definitely going to keep practicing!
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i'm very happy you found it useful! :aww:
Yours is really lovely, it's great to see a colorful version!
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well its all thanks to your amazing tutorial ^_^ thanks again!!
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WOW! Thank you for making this!
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look at my version [link]
it`s much more siplified and worked a lot at it
thanks for the tutorial hope you like it :aww:
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it's the thickness of the wire.. in Europe we use mm, not gauge :)
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Thanks for explaining :)

I tried it and failed miserably, I'm just not patient enough :XD:
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No problem :)
Yes, practicing will help for sure :)
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