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Sleep, Pale Sister

By bodaszilvia
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There's a wonderful little shop in the middle of Budapest selling one of a kind handmade clothes and accessorries... and my jewelry :) They've called me to bring them more of my pieces, 'cause my pieces are the best sellers! :faint:
So i've made this one at the weekend (still in victorian mood :) ) inspired by one of my fav novels, Sleep, Pale Sister by J. Harris.
It was her 2nd novel, 'a powerful, atmospheric and blackly gothic evocation of Victorian artistic life.' It's really different from her other pieces (which i like too), and the 1st book i've read in english :)
If you want to know more about this novel, check the writer's website: [link]

This piece features wonderful labradorite stones, and silver plated wire. I've oxidized and polished the pendant, which hangs on a matching grey silk cord, and ends with a clasp (it's adjustable).
The pendant measures 9 cm (3,5 inches) in length with the hanging briolette in the bottom.

I'll go to the shop on wednesday, so if you want this one, feel free to drop me a note before that day :)

Hope you'll like it!

edit: SOLD
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I would love to have an exchange with You some day, if You would be interested my Dear:)
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That would be great! :dance:
I always wanted a bead embroidered piece, and you make lovely ones! :heart:
Just send me a note if you're ready for an art trade :hug:
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Wow, you do AMAZING work. No wonder your pieces are best sellers. I have just started wirewrapping. I hope to be this good someday! You are truly inspiring!!
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Thankee very much for your lovely compliment, it made my day :heart:
the more you practice, the better you'll be.. that's the only secret ;)
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Ahhh I LOVE this piece!!! Your work is so wonderful!! <3
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Szép! Ötletes a felfogatása, meg tetszik hogy egyszer felületként alkalmazod a drót fonatát, máskor meg vonalként. Meg ugye ez a csepp alak már alapból jó.
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úúúúh! :wow: gyönyörű ékszer. ráadásul olvastad a kedvenc Harris könyvem, és viktoriánus-moodban vagy... szeretlek! :love: imádom ezt a nyakláncot, tényleg idézi valamiben a regény hangulatát. gondolom, már elkelt. :D gratulálok!
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köszi!! :blushes: :heart:
Milyen szerencse, hogy végre kiadták magyarul is!! sajnos azt hiszem, sok minenről lemaradtam a hiányoska angol tudáasom miatt, de most majd tesztelhetem :)
igen, ez a nyaklánc már elkelt, de tudok csinálni nagyopn hasonlót :nod: dobj egy note-ot bármikor, ha érdekel, megbeszéljük :)
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jaj de jó!! érdekelne. nagyon szeretem az efféle ékszereket, főleg ha egy jó történet is beléjük ivódik. :) dobok privit!
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Oh, that's just so beautiful. Again, you've done a fantastic job with the wire knitting and the labradorite is brought out so well!
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thankee a million!! i'm happy you like it!
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You're welcome! It is rather beautiful.
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wow thats insane!!!!!!!!!! love the size, love the intricate detail. fab gem and great cut! awsome!
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:D thankee a lot!! it was hard to say goodbye to it :nod:
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I'm not surprised your work is the best seller either. I'm a guy but would wear it. It channels something...
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thankee a million for the wonderful compliment!! it means a lot to me :nod:
i'm planning to make jewelry for the guys too, but it's a bit hard to find out what i should make since i'm a girl :D
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I just don't know what to's so amazing:)
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it's beautiful :love:
no wonder that your pieces are best-sellers :love:
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thankee dear!!! :hug:
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úgy bele vagyok szerelmesedve a labradoritba... meg tudnád mondani, hol szerezhetnék be ilyen követ? köszi :)
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nekem is az egyik kedvencem.. itthon nem nagyon találtam, max. nyomi chipseket és marokkövet, így az USA-ból rendeltem, ami nekem van.
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This is just incredible!!
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