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Oxidizing jewelry tutorial

my 2nd tutorial :)
if you've missed my wire-wrapping tut, check it : [link]

this one works well with sterling silver, silver plated and copper wire too :nod:
if you have any questions about it, don't hesitate but ask me (in a comment please, so as others would also see it and learn from it)
hope you'll like it!
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does the egg have to be peeled? can't i just cut it in half, shell and all? XD
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I peeled it, but I'm not sure it makes a difference.. give it a try :)
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uh. What exactly happens to the egg afterwards?
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it goes to the trash... naturally :)
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Wow! Thank you so much for such wonderful tutorials :clap: Each one is fantastic, and you're so generous to share your skill and knowledge with us :rose:
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my pleasure! I'm happy you find them useful :aww:
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Wow this looks amazing! Thanks for posting! :D
I have a question: does the egg smell linger on the jewelry?
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most welcome :) 
no, it does not leave any bad smell :)
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That's great news; thank you!
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Very useful technique. Thank you!
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Hello!  I have two questions for you:

1. This is a permanent oxidation, correct?  Meaning, it won't come off with regular wear?

2. Will it harm the stones or minerals used in the piece?

Thank you for your help, and have a beautiful day!

:blackrose: :skullbones: :blackrose:
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If you want to be 100% sure it will not come out, you can use wax or a lacquer, but I never had to use them.
It depends on what you use for oxidizing... if you use eggs, it's perfectly safe for every stones, but liver of sulphur may harm the softer ones (like pearls)
hope it helps :)
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It does indeed.  Thank you!

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Is it possible that the tarnish is caused by sulphur emissions evaporating off the egg? I'm interested in the scientific explanation for this reaction.
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why do you need to oxidize a jewelry?
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I don't need to, but i like to oxidized jewelry not only beause i prefer dark silver, but because it shows the details of wire wrapping :)
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My biggest challenge would be not eating the egg as soon as I peel it. Then again I do love hard boiled eggs.

Cool little tip, I may have to try something like this with some of my chain maille pieces to get some interesting color variations.
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:D I very rarely eat eggs, i did not thought this can be a problem :giggle:

I hope it'll be useful for you :)
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